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Ecommerce April 16, 2014

Yovigo Review & Founder Interview

Yovigo is an eCommerce solution and web storefront builder founded and maintained by a talented team of three in Santa Barbara, California.

First impressions

Yovigo offers very basic features for a very basic shopping cart experience.

Once your store account is set up, the Dashboard is simple with an initial checklist for new users. PCI compliant payment processors available are Stripe and PayPal. One of these processors must be configured in order to the put store into production.

Yovigo App Screenshots - Moblized

The left-hand navigation is easy to understand with categories and subcategories for setting up the store. The top navigation is used for your account with notifications, cart monitor, and item count quick data. All in all, the site is easy to maneuver.

Pricing & Availability

Yovigo is a Web-based system with no mobile options available that I could find. There are five plans to choose from according to number of products and stores, support options, and other features.

All four paid plans each come with a free 14-day free trial and the listed features:

  • Basic - Free, 10 Products, 2% Transaction Fee, Yovigo Subdomain. 
  • Deluxe - $9 / month, 100 Products, Email Support
  • Premium - $19 / month, 5,000 Products, Priority Support, Up to 5 Stores
  • Professional - $49 / month, Unlimited Products, "Hands-off" Support, Up to 10 Stores
  • Executive - $249 / month, Unlimited Products & Stores, "Hands-off" Support, Custom Theme

No credit card is required for the free plan; however, a credit card must be added to the store’s account in order to upgrade.

What it does well

Yovigo has the basic features one would expect in a storefront builder. Options for either setting up or importing products, marketing tools such as promotion codes, and settings for shipping and taxes are all expected and work fine.

The Products area is easy to use with an option to import products from Shopify, Etsy, or a .csv file. Creating products is just as simple with the description WYSIWYG editor, product details, image upload area, and tags. Once the details for the product have been set up, Variants are available for different product attributes such as sizes or colors. 

Yovigo App Screenshots - Moblized

One detail of the Variant Options that I struggled with was the Compare Price field. This is a required field for a Variant, yet I did not quite understand why. Described in the screen tip as the “price to compare your price to”, this did not offer any value that I could immediately see on the front end or backend, especially as a required field.

Note: I did not see a way to reorder the Variants for display in the store. This would be helpful if you would like to order your sizes, for example, as Small then Medium then Large. It appears that the Variants currently display according to the order they were created.

The Marketing area is where you set up the Facebook App information and Promos. Promotional codes can be created, edited, or deleted here. Creating a code is quite simple and you can choose to have a code generated or type in your own. You can select how many times it can be used, a discount amount or free shipping, and the start and end dates in which the code can be used. The main Promo Codes screen shows a nice at-a-glance view of the number of redemptions and dates redeemed.

Yovigo App Screenshots - Moblized

The Orders area houses the Orders, Customers, and Analytics information. Graphs with counts and dates are on the main screens for Orders and Analytics. The Customers area shows basic name, address, phone, and email for customers along with how many and which items are in their cart.

The Website area is where the storefront is configured. You can create a link group for navigation or use the default Main Menu in which pages that you created can be added easily. The Pages area allows you to edit existing or create new pages with a simple WYSIWYG editor. You can even select a menu to display on that particular page. 

Yovigo POS Web Screenshots - Moblized

The Theme area lets you choose from one of the seven existing templates. The Theme Settings area is where the bulk of the storefront is set up with subcategories including Navigation, Look & Feel, Thank You Page, and a Custom CSS. Each of the areas offers very, very minimal configuration options. Finally, there is a Blog area where you can create, edit, and delete posts in case you would like to link to the Blog in your navigation.

Note: I created a Thank You page in the Pages area. I then went to the Theme Settings which is where you can designate which page displays for the Thank You Page by selecting it from the drop-down. Unfortunately, each time I tried to select the page I created and click Save, it did not accept the change and there was no error message to explain. The Theme Setting simply kept reverting back to the default.

The Apps area allows you to install applications such as YouTube, Google Analytics, and Add This. There are nine different apps available.

One nice Yovigo feature that is worth pointing out is the Cart Monitor. By clicking the shopping cart icon on the top navigation, you are taken to the Cart Graveyard. This area displays abandoned carts which are placed here after one hour of non-order completion through the site. The Cart Monitor button on that screen brings you to a real-time view of what items are in customers’ cart at that moment. 

Yovigo App Screenshots - Moblized

You then have the option of emailing the customer if they have created an account providing an email address. If the customer is a guest then you can only see what they have added to their cart, but obviously cannot email them or see their name.

Although the option for API integration is in the works, it is currently not open to developers. However, there is a convenient option to enter your email address to be notified about early access.

What we would like to see in future updates

There are two main things that would be great to see in the future for Yovigo. First, is a working demo of the product. Although a trial is nice, you cannot view the whole picture as either a user or a cart customer. For example, until a payment processor has been added to the store’s account a test order from the customer point of view cannot be placed. Therefore, testing an order from start to finish is not an option. Additionally, reviewing the analytical offerings is not possible. With an actual product demo, potential users would be able to test the features from start to finish, front-end and backend.

The second item we would like to see in the future is a mobile app. If I were using this storefront on the go or even on vacation, I would love to be able to check in and see how many orders I have received, how many abandoned carts I have so that I could email customers, or even set up a quick promotional code for the weekend. A convenient, mobile app would be a great update.

The Verdict

Yovigo is, as I said, a very basic eCommerce storefront builder. It has the features necessary to set up a quick shopping cart for your customers. There are not a lot of bells and whistles, but with that there are not a lot of complications either. This tool is perfect for those eCommerce companies who do not have a Web Developer on staff, do not desire a ton of customization, and look for simplicity.

Check out Yovigo in our Marketplace for more detailed information!

Interview with Yovigo Co-founder and CTO, Brandon Swift:

Q. What moved you to pursue and build Yovigo? What does it do differently than other products?

The internet can mean big business for small companies. After years of seeing clients who had “hacked” together web solutions that weren’t quite what they wanted, gone through a new “web guy” every month and taken months and sometimes years to prove a concept, Ryan and I recognized that we were picking up the pieces left behind by a broken system. We wanted to create a way for regular people to create websites for their ideas, products and businesses that they could control. Yovigo attempts to bridge the gap between people and their presence online.

Q. What has been the most challenging experience in building Yovigo?

Scheduling and prioritizing tasks. We have so many awesome ideas and features in the works now its difficult to decide where to go first. We use some pretty nifty tools to help us keep ourselves focused and working cohesively as a team. It’s a learning process, but we’re getting better every day.

Q. What has been a major influence for the design behind Yovigo?

Coming from smaller “web shop” backgrounds, Ryan and I have spent years working with clients on different CMS platforms while listening to their complaints and praises. Our customer feedback is paramount when it comes to designing new features for Yovigo.

Q. Who is this app for?

If I had to pick one demographic, I’d say “business owners”, but the platform itself is pretty malleable. We have customers who are in bands, own clothing companies, therapists and bloggers. By mixing and matching our apps, our customers can create something new, that hasn’t been done before, without programming a single line of code.

Q. Who would be a better spokesperson for Yovigo: Superman, Batman, or Spiderman and why?

I think Spiderman would be the ideal spokesperson for Yovigo. Spiderman is all about innovation and being different – which is, of course, what almost all startups want to achieve. At Yovigo, we recognize the value of innovation and constantly try new things. Sometimes it works out, sometimes not, but the overwhelming majority of our experiments have turned out working well for us.

Q. What is in store for the future for Yovigo?

We have big plans in 2014. We’re gearing up to release a new marketplace with more apps and themes than we’ve offered in the past. Users will be able to rate and review apps and themes and share what they’ve learned with one another. In addition, we have a couple of projects we’re still drawing up that are really cool and, let’s suffice it to say, our early adopters will be the largest beneficiaries and the first to know when we release them.

Check out Yovigo in our Marketplace for more detailed information!

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