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Human Resources Software September 18, 2014

TSheets Review - Time Tracking Software

Do you need an effective time-tracking solution for your business that can handle multiple employees across multiple projects in multiple locations? If so, consider TSheets; its powerful and packed with features. Check out this video overview and get the full scoop by reading the article below.

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TSheets Video Walkthrough

Topics covered in video:

  1. Time Cards
  2. Dial-In Option
  3. Quickbooks
  4. Alternative Invoicing
  5. Reports

Who is TSheets for?

TSheets is an excellent tool for any business with hourly employees or for those that track billable hours. It works for companies of all sizes—from single freelance workers to companies with up to 1,000 employees. Many TSheets clients are small to medium sized businesses. However, the software service is also working for a number of Fortune 500 companies.

The application has so many features that it is useful for all types of industries as well. From services, to consulting, to construction, the system is flexible enough to allow for many types of setups.

Example Usage

TSheets allows you to track billable hours for a particular client and for employees. For example, a law firm with multiple attorneys can track how much time each attorney spends on each case. For firms that make a living on hourly work, this provides a wealth of information.

Alternatively, any business can track services to ensure that they’re profitable. For example, if you charged $250 for a project, but spent $400 in billable hours then you’ll know to increase your pricing next time (or that your employees could be more efficient!).

What's more, employers can easily track regular, overtime, and paid time off (PTO) hours. If your business has a number of hourly employees, then TSheets automates the process of tracking each employee's hours every week through their "Time Card" feature.

One of their clients describes TSheets well.

Karen Rodzen from Level Up Enterprises stated:

“TSheets has been a job saver. The ability to track time at jobs or even to track travel... track anything, is awesome! We even invoice based on the time spent on jobs. Very user friendly for the crew in the field when they have to multi-task. ”

Key Features

Time Card

The Time Card feature allows employees to work on multiple projects throughout the day and accurately record the tasks they completed for specific clients.

Case in point: If your employees travel from city to city, you can track how much time they spend driving. The Time Card shows you how much is spent in transportation costs.

TSheets Time Card - Moblized

Integrates with Intuit

TSheets reports and forms integrate with Intuit. The Time Tracking tool works with Intuit’s financial planning tools so you have a complete picture of your finances readily available.

You can import data employee and client financial data, and then export your approved time sheets to QuickBooks.

TSheets QuickBooks Export - Moblized

Hans from Williams Air Conditioning and Heating said:

“[TSheets] integrated with our QB Pro with remarkable ease and has made keeping track of intricate payroll details a simple and effortless process.”


You can also filter your reports. Color-coded reporting makes it simple to chart your employees’ hours and how much time is spent on certain projects.

TSheets Reporting - Moblized

Jen from RedHill Painting said:

“TSheets not only makes running payroll easier, but we have the information we need always available (how many hours spent so far on a job or task, where are we losing time, etc.)”

Dial-in Add-on

Employees can fill out their TSheet on the go with the "Dial-in" add-on. This works on any phone — no smartphone required -- and it’s super convenient. Employees can document when they start and stop their workday while in the field, perfect for mobile teams that may not arrive at the office before embarking on the days jobs.

With this feature, employees can call into your company’s specific, direct call-in number to report hours. If you have multiple employees, you can require them to enter their employee or personal number. The system keeps a record of phone numbers so it logs employees based on their phone number as well.

TSheets Dialin Add-On - Moblized

Not only can you call in, but employees can send text messages to report hours. Furthermore, the system allows employees to leave voice notes, which are transcribed into TSheets for later review!

Mobile Apps

Android and iPhones apps are available for employees to clock in directly from their smartphones. Moreover, mobile apps have GPS capability so it also notes the location. Employees can also check in from the mobile web page.

TSheets Mobile App - Moblized

The mobile app gives you notifications from time to time when you are clocked in telling you how long have been working.

The mobile app is even useful in deterring theft. One TSheets’ client had their iPad stolen. However, the GPS from TSheets was still active, and the authorities were able to find the thief from the TSheets tracker signal!

How TSheets Fits into Your Workflow

TSheets makes tracking time easier and reporting is a snap. For one, it eliminates the chance for error when manually inputting information from paper to a spreadsheet or software and saves time because calculations are done for you. Remember, TSheets seamlessly integrates with Intuit programs and you can import data directly into QuickBooks.

Debbe Peterson and Jim Robinson from Robinson Paints said:

"TSheets is the Holy Grail of time sheets.”

Customer Service

TSheets has renowned customer support. They offer phone support from 8AM – 5PM MST, Monday–Friday. Whenever you are stuck, you can talk to a representative who can help handle any questions you may have about the software. 

All support staff are based at the company headquarters, so you receive the best service possible from staff who are actually a part of the team. In fact, the longest hold time ever for TSheets was three minutes, and the average hold time is less than a minute.

They also have a support chat feature, so you can get help from the website with just the click of a button. The chat will pop up when you are searching the site to make it more convenient for users with questions.

TSheets Support Chat Popup - Moblized

Final Thoughts

TSheets is an awesome, full-features time tracking and billable hours solution. With mobile apps, robust integrations, and world-class customer support. It's worth investing some time to learn more about TSheets.

What do you think of TSheets? Does it seem simple to use? How can it help your payroll reporting? Please let us know what you think of TSheets or if there's anything you'd like to see added to this review in the comment section below!

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