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Billing Software January 23, 2014

Tools to Start Accepting Donations Like a Pro

Whether a charity is looking to raise money for a cause or a single person is looking to start up a project, people are always using donations to help with growth. With cloud based technology taking the forefront of digital storage, digital donations are a great option for anyone. They are easy to manage, they are quicker than mailing in checks, and they can be accessed across the entire globe. The only challenge is finding high quality and reliable software that can get the job done right. Here are the best ways to accept donations.

Commit Change

Commit Change App Review

Building intuitive and helpful donation software for Non-Profits is the goal of Commit Change. Commit Change provides users with cloud based software—so there are no downloads and the accounts can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Donators will see Commit Change as an add-on to your app or website. When the donation button is clicked, it opens an easy to understand menu allowing the person to choose their amount and payment source (as well as set up a recurring donation).

Commit Change lays everything out in a fluid environment for administrators. They provide a list of all the donators, the amount they gave, and graphs showing visual representations of the money being brought in. It is super easy to get started with, and oh yeah, they give you 100 percent of the profits. That way all the money goes to the right cause.

Crowd Tilt

Crowd Tilt App Review

If you are in the market for crowd funding help, look no further than Crowd Tilt. Crowd funding is quickly becoming one of the best ways to get lots of people to throw money into a single pot that can be used to accomplish any task. Anything from raising money for a local neighborhood project, making a large donation to charity, or simply pulling enough money together for that group vacation you've been dreaming about.

Crowd Tilt couldn't be simpler: first a person creates a new fund raising post and accompanies it with an optional description or video. Posts can be private, so if you are using Crowd Tilt to get friends or family to pitch in on say, that spring break trip, only they can see the post and only they can give money. Once the goal amount is reached all the donators credit cards will be charged, giving no reason to stress over refunds if the project goal is not met. However, the donations are not limited to the goal.

The Crowd Tilt iPhone app allows for all this to happen on the go, a pretty nice feature to nag that friend who hasn't donated yet. No longer do they have the excuse to wait until they go home to their computer, they can quickly pull out their phone and give their share right there on the spot.


Rallybound App Review

Like Commit Change, RallyBound is focused on Non-Profits. They are similar products that offer great features. Both have the same intuitive styled designs, and the ability to embed their software on your own personal site. RallyBound, however, helps track physical donations. If someone writes you a check or hands you cash, they account for this. The software easily lets you add physical donations to show up in the reports afterwards, ensuring no worries that someone's donation doesn't get accounted for.

As for the money itself, RallyBound works as a direct source to sites like PayPal. They don't work as middle man holding the money for any prolonged period of time, which makes it even easier to trust that the money is being used accordingly.

The great part about RallyBound is all this is already optimized to be mobile. Whether a donator is using the software on their desktop or on their phone, the donation form is easy to use and easy to understand.

These are some of the best tools for accepting donations. Whether its for Non-Profit or personal use, there is an app out there that fits the bill. Got any suggestions on better tools for accepting donations? Feel free to mention them in the comments below.

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