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Human Resources Software May 28, 2015

13 Time Tracking Solutions Your Small Business Can't Afford to Miss

Whether your employees are under one roof, spread out across town or half way around the globe, you need to keep track of their timesheets, billable hours, and schedules.

These are the fundamentals of maintaining a successful (and profitable) business... they shouldn't be difficult, right?

You know that they need to be accomplished one way or another, the question is how and at what cost to your time and energy. 

These 13 cloud-based employee time tracking and project management solutions will help you reduce time spent (by both you and your employees) on logging hours, schedules, punches, and invoicing.

If you've been managing schedules, time sheets, or hours in an excel spreadsheet, then ANY of the following solutions can be a huge improvement over your current process.


"Complete cloud-based time tracking solution. Biometric time clocks, mobile app."

FingerCheck Time Clock Solution Screenshot

FingerCheck is a web-based time attendance software that is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses in need of a streamlined time-tracking solution for their in-office or remote workforce. With web and mobile management, employees and admins have the ability to manage clocks, notes, payroll, and more from wherever they are.

Key Features:

  • Seamless web / mobile experience and loads of features
  • Employee portal for timesheet approvals, notes, hour tracking, and PTO requests
  • Accounting, Payroll, and Invoicing Integration

Administrators have access to an unprecedented number of workforce management tools that allow them to remotely punch in for employees, review, decline, and approve timesheets, and check and generate schedules for employees.

One area that FingerCheck shines is for businesses that have employees who clock in from a remote job site. With the app, employees can see their schedule, clock in and out while capturing their GPS location in real time, view and approve their timesheets.

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"Time tracking your employees will love"

TSheets Employee Time Tracking Software

TSheets is collaborative software that lets companies track their employees' time, automatically sync it with QuickBooks, and take care of their billing management in a single process. They really push the idea that your employees will "love" managing their logged time with TSheets. If you check out the testimonials, it becomes pretty clear as to why. 

Key Features:

  • Track payroll online, eliminate paper time cards, and sync with QuickBooks
  • Tracking apps that work with any device
  • See who is working on what project in real time - anywhere

One of the most immediate benefits of TSheets is that it eliminates the need for paper time sheets, which often get lost, late, or misunderstood. Plus, it automatically logs time - making it easy for employees to specify exactly what they are working on and smoothes out billing at the end of each pay period.

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"Record and Track exactly where your employees' time is spent."

Time Doctor tracks users’ activities during their work time. When excessive amounts of time on Youtube, Facebook, or other personal web browsing are detected, Time Doctor will give users a nudge to ensure that they are still working.

By silently recording applications and Internet usage for all users during work time, you can help ensure productivity and get detailed insights on how you spend your time so you know where your weaknesses are and can improve them.

Key Features:

  • Easy time tracking and invoicing online or via the desktop app
  • Monitor web and app usage / get analytics
  • Integrates with multiple Project Management tools and has an API

Managers receive a weekly report which includes time spent on emails, chat, and a breakdown of websites and applications that were used. Individual users receive the same report outlining their own time usage stats.


"Spend less time tracking and more time doing."

Harvest Time Tracking Software - Moblized

Harvest gives companies the tools to track their projects and their employees’ time to make sure that everyone stays on track and on budget. Harvest makes it exceptionally easy to stay on top of employee time tracking. With the capacity to track tie through the cloud, mobile, desktop widgets, or even Twitter, Gmail and Zendesk, there has never been more options for tracking time.

Key Features:

  • Easily create and track invoicing with apps that make it easy to record time, snap pictures of receipts, and more
  • Create and send invoices entirely online while also accepting payments through online systems such as Paypal or Stripe
  • Use real-time access to monitor projects to keep the on time and on budget  

Harvest is a pretty complete time tracking + project management platform. It has over 50 business apps available in the suite that are designed to simplify the workflow in every stage, from project management to accounting. One notable feature (for those of you with forgetful employees) is automatic reminders for employees to submit timesheets.

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"Web-based time tracking, project management, billing."

BillQuick Employee Tracking Software - Moblized

BillQuick offers several different packages to make it easy for companies to select the program that will work best for their company. The platform easily records time and expenses used for particular projects, and can use that information to develop easy-to-view reports and profiles for clients and activities. The information can also be used to generate invoices and bill clients. BillQuick can work on PCs, Macs, and Smartphones through apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Key Features

  • Monitor projects instantly to see if any are overspending or going over budget
  • Track employee resources and time while also remaining fully DCAA compliant
  • Develop invoices and bills and automatically follow standard billing rules to send invoices to clients with just a single click

BillQuick makes it easy to process invoices for different clients thanks to the number of different billing options available. There are over 150 different templates and invoice types available, and the system will automatically keep the organization compliant with standard billing rules while also printing pre-billing reports. Billing has never been simpler.

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"Insanely simple time tracking. Toggl kills timesheets."

Toggl Employee Time Tracking Software - Moblized

Toggl makes it easy to track time and projects for everyone in the office. Employees can designate projects they need to tackle and simply click to start and stop tracking. Each entry can be tagged with a different client, project, and task as well as whether or not it is billable. 

Key Features:

  • Runs on desktop or mobile for easy on-the-go or in office time tracking
  • Offers real time sync, and can even work offline, syncing to the cloud one the device is reconnected
  • Automatically remembers computer usage, making it easy to see what programs were used in case a user forgets to start or stop a timer

Toggl can be used online or offline and will give the user an instant breakdown of where their day goes in a number of different user friendly charts that are easy to view.


"Hassle free time tracking"

Replicon Time Tracking Software - Moblized

Replicon is a fairly large player in the Human Resources and business budget / expenses space. Their timetracking solution allows users to track time, resources, and project data with lots of features. 

Key Features:

  • Track all billable time from clients while efficiently managing resources
  • Gain more accurate insights into time and costs associated with projects for better forecasting of future tasks
  • Make it easy to track employee time and attendance to remain in compliance with all applicable regulations

One of the things to note about Replicon is their focus on "compliance". They are always looking for ways to make each of their features help you maintain consistency and compliance with applicable regulations. Because of this, one of the ways you can expect to benefit from this solution is a reduction in the overhead costs that are associated with a lack of either.


"Easy online employee attendance tracking."

TrackSmart Employee Time Tracking Software - Moblized

TrackSmart allows companies to easily track their employees’ time and attendance through intuitive, virtual timesheets. Time off can be requested directly through the program, with the approval process being simple and straightforward. 

The program will also create a single calendar that companies can use to display all time off as well as important days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and business events to help keep everyone on the same page.

Key Features:

  • Get intelligent reporting about time off for each employee, including how much they have taken and how much they have left
  • Easily request and approve time off
  • Track all attendance records and customize the program to meet the needs of the organization

Companies who sign up to use TrackSmart get more than just an attendance tracker, they also gain access to the unique community and support area where they can interact with other professionals using the program as well as the TrackSmart team.


"Timesheets and project management for creative companies"

TimeFox Timesheets and Time Tracking Software - Moblized

TimeFox is an easy-to-use timesheet and project tracking system that can be used by any size company. There is nothing to install, as it's a web app, so it's accessible to your employees anywhere. 

Key Features:

  • Get instant updates and unlimited, free support to make sure the program works well
  • Work with no contracts or upfront fees, companies have the freedom to cancel at any time and get money back if they were not satisfied
  • Select the right package and price to fit the needs of the company

The program is geared slightly towards creative, agency, and project-based work as the team developed the solution originally for their design agency's needs. Because of this, their features cater slightly more to the needs of this type of business (but it's a powerful project tracking solution for any type!).


"Simple and intuitive platform makes reporting payroll and managing employees a breeze."

CaptainClock Employee Time Tracking Software - Moblized

CaptainClock makes it easy for organizations to track employees and their progress from just about anywhere. Employers can assign tasks or communicate with workers intuitively and seamlessly while employees can clock their time and projects.

Key Features:

  • Eliminate the waste and frustration associated with inaccurate employee time reporting
  • Assign tasks to employees with no effort and communicate with them remotely
  • Reduce the time, energy, and resources spent doing payroll each month

One of the nice things about CaptainClock is that it is not burdened by bells and whistles. You get all of the basic features you need to take your business out of the spreadsheet and into a mobile, web-based timetracking solution.


"Transform the way you optimize your workforce"

NimbleSchedule Time Tracking Software - Moblized

NimbleSchedule works to provide customers with time saving and cost saving software that can be used for everything from basic schedule to complex tasks. It promises to reduce scheduling errors, improve communication and engagement, and eliminate headaches associated with timing reports. With mobile applications and built in communication tools, employers and can communicate with employees, manage schedules, view and approve scheduling trades and requests, and unify the workforce within a single system.

Key Features:

  • Easily sync the platform with Google Calendar and MS Outlook to help keep everyone on the same page
  • Improve employee morale by encouraging them to be involved in the scheduling process and increasing communication
  • Manage organization results with customized customer reports on statistics, hours, costs, and performance to gain improved insight

The intuitive platform is designed to be easy to use regardless of how technologically proficient the user is. With drag-and-drop as well as point-and-click features, the platform keeps everyone working well together.

Intuit Payroll

"Accurate. Error free. Time saving."

Intuit Payroll Employee Time Tracking Software - Moblized

Intuit Payroll is time tracking software designed to fully integrate with Intuit Online Payroll, which makes it easy for the accounting office to generate paychecks directly from the information input into the system. The time clock authentication process along with the intuitive and secure platforms prevents employee abuse and double entry while also helping companies stay fully compliant with state and federal regulatory guidelines.

Key Features:

  • Customize data form depending upon organizational needs
  • Reduce time and resources spent calculating and checking payroll
  • Easily integrate information with Intuit Online Payroll

Intuit Payroll offers organizations two timing options: an online timesheet or an online time clock. With the timesheet, employees enter their hours online at any time on a password-protected platform. With the time clock, employees’ punch in and out and the system tracks their working hours. The two options make it easy for organizations to choose the system that works best for them.


"Manage your time and expenses in the cloud."

ClickTime Employee Time Tracking Software - Moblized

ClickTime makes it easy to track the time and projects of both in office and distance workers. The timesheets are easy to use and allow employers to track who is working on what projects at various times. This makes it easy to allocate resources and to verify that employees are working on the right projects at the right time. The cloud-based solution makes it easy for local and remote workers to log their time and expenses, while employers can monitor it, wherever they might be.

Key Features:

  • Cut costs without worrying about a server, database, or needing extra support staff
  • Use the system seamlessly regardless of how many users are needed
  • Stay up to date with easy to read displays of employee projects and time management

It is easy to customize reports that can be used again and again. Clients can use the Report Builder to design exactly what they want to track and save the report to be used again. ClickTime makes it easy to keep track of projects and budgets to keep the organization on track.

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