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Rewards and Loyalty March 11, 2014

The New Loyalty and Reward Apps

Loyalty and reward apps are those that reward people with discounts, freebies and other deals for being excellent customers. Awesome customer behavior usually comes in the form of frequent purchases, though sharing company products/services through social media, making frequent store stops and referring friends are also possibilities. Loyalty apps foster better relationships between businesses and customers, resulting in happy peeps patronizing said businesses. In short, such apps are total win-wins. Let’s check out a few of these apps and what makes them so cool:

Perka: “You’ve Been Perked”

Perka App Review

The folks at Perka love them some small businesses. This free app allows customers to check in at a business, which notifies said business at the same time. Once a purchase is made, the customer receives a “loyalty reward” for the business, such as a free frozen yogurt, sandwich, haircut or toy for a furry friend. Merchants can include multiple product or service freebies if desired.

Cardspring: Say Buh-Bye To Gift Cards and Paper Receipts

Cardspring App Review

The days of hauling plastic gift cards around may be over. Cardspring is a nifty app that allows merchants to create card-linked applications in mere minutes. For example, if you’re a frequent flyer who uses an airline’s loyalty program to rack up miles/points, you can use Cardspring to link the loyalty account to a credit card, thus eliminating the need for separate cards. The app also lets you receive digital receipts, meaning the days of stuffing your wallet with paper receipts may be over as well. Nice!

Sweet Tooth: It’s Sweet and Stuff


Are you a business owner with a  Magento ecommerce store? You’ll probably love Sweet Tooth as much as you love, um, other sweet stuff. Celebrated as Magento’s “most flexible rewards system,” Sweet Tooth makes it easy for business owners to offer unique rewards programs that keep customers satisfied. The app provides owners with complete control over these programs, such as rewards for birthdays, liking a business on Facebook, writing reviews, referring a friend, etc. How many points customers receive depends on the program, and business owners can choose to offer products available for purchase with points only. Now that’s pretty sweet.

eGood: Supporting “Good” Businesses

eGood App Review

If you’re a business owner who firmly believes in giving back and otherwise helping people/the environment/assorted animals whenever possible, you’ll probably want to get on eGood. It’s a way for businesses to “add purpose to profit,” expand brand awareness, and otherwise do cool stuff. Here’s how it works: customers use either the app or in-store iPad to check in at a participating business, make one or more purchases, and the business donates 3, 5 or 10% of the total purchase to a selected cause. If “choosing good” is important to you and your business associates, this app is ideal.

BigDoor: “Go Deep” With Loyalty Programs

BigDoor App Review

The creators of BigDoor boast impressive resumes: they’ve helped global brands such as Starbucks and Microsoft build loyalty programs, and have served some 75 million users already. Choose two options, the Loyalty Campaign and the Loyalty Program, each of which offers different features designed to help businesses create positive relationships with their clients and increase business. The Loyalty Campaign works for businesses looking to “go deeper” with existing loyalty programs, do the rewards thing minus redeemable points, and otherwise get a program up and running, like, yesterday. The Loyalty Program, in comparison, offers programs based on points and coins and “entices” customers via game mechanics such as tasks, quests and more. Awesome.

LoyalBlocks: Turn Your Business Into a “Loyalty Zone”

LoyalBlocks App Review

Advertised as an “all-in-one marketing solution,” LoyalBlocks is designed to encourage more walk-in business, make “slow days” non-existent and increase social media presence. You simply set up your LoyalBlocks app online, place the LoyalBlocks “base-station” in your store, and poof! Customers receive rewards upon entry. LoyalBlocks transforms businesses into “loyalty zones” by allowing owners to send rewards to customers simply for walking in and sniffing around. How’s that for a neat-o way to connect with customers and maintain long-term business-client relationships??

SparkBase: Pick Your Favorite Loyalty Program

SparkBase App Review

SparkBase is all about connecting customers with businesses in real time. You can pick “spend,” “tiered,” “visit” and “touch” programs depending on your preference. For example, the “spend” program makes it easy to credit customers with the amount they spent at your business, either at your actual store or through the online version. “Visit” programs reward customers based on how often they patronize your business, website or other brand asset, while the “punch” program offers “loyalty punches” for purchasing specific products, either in-store on online. And these are just some of the options SparkBase offers!

Belly: Digital Connections that Strengthen Loyalty

Customers download the Belly mobile app or pick up a physical card with a QR code, and then scan it on an in-store iPad — which Belly provides to merchants — to earn points each time they arrive. Merchants are able to access data about each customer who checks-in using the service, including email addresses that can be used for subsequent email marketing campaigns you can run through the Belly merchant dashboard. This app also integrates with Facebook and Twitter, plus comes with a dedicated account manager than can assist you in getting the most out of the service.

These are merely a few examples of the many way-cool loyalty apps in existence. Find one that works for your business and see if you don’t have happier customers who can’t wait to share what you’re offering with everyone they know! 

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