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Infographics March 16, 2015

The Business Owner's Guide to iBeacons [Infographic]

If it hasn't already permeated your neighborhood, low-energy Bluetooth geo-fencing is right around the corner.

Your customers' physical presence allows for some unique marketing opportunities, loyalty and rewards solutions, as well as a way to help quantify those difficult-to-measure customer traffic patterns and analytics.

If you haven't yet considered the power of beacons for your business, now's a great time to get caught up. 

One alternative to traditional, battery-powered or plug-in beacons is to eliminate the batteries and plugs all together. The Smarter Socket (a wall-embedded, low-energy beacon technology for businesses) takes the place of your current socket and has beacon technology embedded inside!

This infographic will quickly bring you up to speed on your iBeacon lingo, some compatible devices, and some pros and cons regarding beacon use. It will also show you how the Smarter Socket can eliminate many of the cons associated with many traditional beacon units.

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