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Ecommerce October 14, 2014

TargetingMantra Review - Ecommerce Product Recommendations and Targeting


TargetingMantra helps businesses increase conversions and retain clients by analyzing their decisions on your site and creating targeted recommendations as well as email marketing campaigns for each user.

TargetingMantra uses a tracking pixel on your site to track the actions of your website visitors, whose information it then uses to determine their profile. Once the service is integrated with your site, the TargetingMantra team first personalizes your on-site shopping widget to optimize your product recommendations.

TargetingMantra Review - Moblized

After enough data from your visitors habits has been collected, its intelligent recommendations can then accurately learn and then adapt product personalization for each user. The more actions your users take on your site, the more TargetingMantra can create targeted recommendations to help varying segments find the personalized shopping experience they are looking for.

Want to send hyper-targeted and personalized email followups? TargetingMantra helps you recover abandoned carts, encourage repeat purchases, and allows your business to offer the custom, tailored experience that the modern consumer expects from an ecommerce site.

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What do you need to get started?

The basic requirements to use TargetingMantra are and ecommerce store with products to sell and a solid traffic strategy.

Ecommerce Store:

Any ecommerce store using this software should have at least 50 products in their store or they will not likely receive the stellar results that you are hoping for.

Fifty is the minimum number of products to make a service like this effective, but 100–500 products is when companies start to see increases in sales, because of their scale. Beyond that, TargetingMantra is already helping significantly larger companies with thousands to millions of SKUs so it's safe to say that they can scale with your business and handle the volume.

The reason the volume is important to you is that TargetingMantra needs to provide targeted data about website visitors’ choices. If your website doesn’t have enough products or traffic (see below), then the algorithm cannot accurately recommend similar items for purchase.

Which brings up the second item, the site should have a mature traffic strategy.

Traffic Strategy:

Your site should have a mature traffic strategy. TargetingMantra does not directly bring in new website traffic, but optimizes the returns on current visitors to your site.

This means new ecommerce sites should expect greater returns once their traffic scales because TargetingMantra is about optimizing your current flow (and then hopefully allowing you to grow even more).

Using TargetingMantra


The program is simple-to-use once set up. Depending on what type of website platform you use, you might need a developer to help you set up your connections with the API. 

For stores on Shopify or Magento:

Use the TargetingMantra plug-in instead of the API since they integrate directly. This gives you a nice, simple way of sharing product information between TargetingMantra and your ecommerce platform right out of the box.

For other solutions:

There are two initial steps that you take (about 30 minutes):

1. You will insert a pixel onto your site (this is the TargetingMantra insertion code).

2. Then, you must upload your product catalogue.

Once these two steps are completed, TargetingMantra immediately starts collecting user data. After 2 weeks, you then move to step 3, which is to integrate the widgets into your site.

3. Integrate the widget / make API calls (1.5 - 3 days for tweaking the recommendations)

Once complete, you are now able to make up-sells and item recommendations to visitors in the widget areas!

Get a Demo of TargetingMantra


To give you a better sense of how TargetingMantra works, we have a video that walks you through a systematic overview on how to use this software.

Here are the topics / features we cover in the video:

  • Integrate API
  • Catalog
  • Widgets
  • Mobile
  • Analytics

Furthermore, here are a few other excellent features that can really give you a boost that we did not discuss in the video.


Now that you had the opportunity to do a custom search, you will want to create personalized emails based upon demographics and past purchasing preferences. This is where the TargetingMantra Email feature becomes very useful.

Five different email solutions exist to keep tabs on and market to prospects and clients throughout the various phases of the sales process.

The five email solutions are:

  • Personalized Recommendations Emails
  • Purchase Confirmation Recommendations Emails
  • Abandonment Cart Follow-up Emails
  • Product View Follow-up Emails
  • Targeted Campaign Emails

For example, if a company has contact with a consumer who abandoned the cart, they can create a customized email for that particular customer to learn more about why they abandoned the purchase. Over time, this will help increase the percentage of clients who will continue with a purchase.

The email feature enables ecommerce stores owners to have these type of interactions with clients throughout the sales process.

Attribute Search

Above and beyond the analytics on the site, there is an attribute search. Here clients can search for specific products and categories to determine their level of success with each product.

The attribute search helps you with analytics for specific items and categories so you know how to focus your sales efforts in the future.

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Integrations / Add-ons

TargetingMantra has a number of integrations to improve the usability of the product. They even have iOS and Android complete mobile support to ensure that users are able to create mobile products.

As we mentioned above, they have a Shopify and Magento plug-in to help customers integrate the platform with their ecommerce site. 

Instead of using an API, this automates the process. TargetingMantra can integrate with any custom ecommerce system via the API.

They also have a number of additional plug-ins slated to come out over the next few months.

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Customer Support

TargetingMantra provides phone customer support for Medium and Enterprise-level customers. They also have a ticket system for Starter and Small-plan customers.


The pricing model for TargetingMantra uses API calls. Widget impressions help to determine the monthly price you pay for the software. The software has four levels of service: Starter, Small, Medium, and Enterprise. Each level of service comes with lower cost per impressions, as well as increased services and support.

Furthermore, TargetingMantra provides new clients with a 30-day trial of the software to determine the effectiveness on their own site.

Finally, if you want certain features like Email Targeting, you should be looking to sign up under the Medium and Enterprise level plans.

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Final Thoughts

TargetingMantra is an excellent tool for ecommerce stores looking to increase their conversion with their current customers and traffic. The personalized shopper understands what your customers are looking for on the site by interpreting their behavior and makes intelligent recommendations to your customers automatically.

It’s easy to use (once it’s set up) and gives you fairly comprehensive control over the recommendations and upselling of products.

TargetingMantra is based around data, like traffic volume and actions performed, and does not necessarily do well with low traffic. While it is not a direct a traffic-driver, TargetingMantra will lower your CPA (cost per acquisition) because of increased conversions and increase repeat visits and loyalty. These factors will help indirectly sure up your traffic over time, so don't be confused when you see a steady traffic increase from a conversion tool.

So if your site is just starting out, and doesn’t have the most significant numbers, give TargetingMantra a call and get a consultation as to how it will best work for you. They can help let you know when is the right time to go all out with their implementation.

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