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Human Resources Software July 30, 2014

7 Smart Survey Tools to Improve Your Business

You know good business.

Think about it; deep down, you have a gut feeling as to what it is without even thinking.

Great business however, is made through strategic, statistically-driven decisions.

But wait...

There are plenty of "non-numeric" things that make for great business:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Intuitive user interfaces and navigation
  • Brand identity
  • A sense of community
  • Smiles (where applicable)

It's tough to define these intangibles:

  • How do you know good customer service?
  • What makes a site usable?
  • What drives brand identity?
  • How many Tweets until someone feels like a part of the community?
  • Is one smile enough? Is 10 too many?

It's easy to look at hard data like sales, revenue, and inventory. While these are the core metrics that may define your operation, the heart of your business is made up of hundreds of human factors.

Why test? Why collect information?

The goal of surveying, testing, and polling is to take your business metrics and apply context. 

You had 1,000 orders last month, awesome! You made $30,000, great!

  • Are they satisfied with the purchase still?
  • Was their shopping experience pleasant? Did they have trouble?
  • What could Improve?
  • Will they remember you in 6 months? A year?
  • Did you smile at them enough?

You can even gain insights into things you had no idea were issues to begin with. Some of the biggest problems with a business, site, or service are uncovered totally by accident and aside from those things you originally wanted to know.

Consider this: unless you ask, you will never know why a visitor abandoned their shopping cart, left your site, or never purchased again. It's easy to get lost in the what's right in front of you (the sales, the positive numbers, the metrics). Great businesses focus on what's missing, what cannot be explained by Google analytics, and the qualitative data that make up customer experiences.

Go from good to great with these 7 Survey Tools for your business.

1. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey Survey Creator Review - Moblized

SurveyMonkey appeals to businesses big and small, and is in use by academic institutions and nonprofit organizations. Millions of people use SurveyMonkey, and somewhat impressively, the SurveyMonkey website claims that their customers include 100% of the Fortune 100 companies.

Clients of SurveyMonkey use Monkey surveys to track everything from customer experience and satisfaction to employee performance evaluations and more. SurveyMonkey provides its customers with 24 hour customer service and more.

3 Key Features

For paying customers, the Key Features of SurveyMonkey’s services include:

  • Survey templates / ease of use
  • Brand matching, customization
  • Security


SurveyMonkey has subscription packages that go from Basic to Platinum, with prices ranging from free to $780 per year.

Basic service includes:

  • 10 questions per survey
  • 100 responses per survey


Like its competitors, SurveyMonkey’s Basic (non-paying) customers are very limited in their capability. While paying customers have the ability to add customizations, HTML formatting, logos and themes, basic customers have none of these options. Basic customers cannot customize their redirect page or thank you pages. Reports cannot be customized, nor can charts, and the results cannot be exported or downloaded.

Although the Basic package may be adequate for customers with few needs, many customers will want to upgrade to the Select or Gold plan, which allows for customizations and easier data collection with Excel exporting and printable PDF options.

What Makes It Different?

SurveyMonkey is a user-friendly tool that can be wielded by even the most inexperienced user with no background in conducting surveys. With basic analytic capabilities and paying customers able to download reports, SurveyMonkey has everything a small business needs to collect critical client feedback.

2. Marketizator

Marketizator 3-in-1 Survey Creator and Web Optimizer Review - MoblizedMarketizator is a marketing optimization tool that offers surveys, A/B testing and web analytics to companies big and small, including startups, e-commerce sites and some well-known companies like Ecco and GarantiBank. Marketizator's audience is any online marketers, growth hackers, SaaS entrepreneurs or ecommerce marketers who want to increase conversions with their established traffic. Having 3 of the best conversion rate optimization tools under the same roof allows you to have a clear vision in a single place, use more features, have a better price and get a faster response time than then from 3 different tools. 

3 Key Features of Survey Tool

  • Branching Logic - design complex paths
  • Capture qualified leads from specific segments
  • Trigger survey at varying times


Marketizator has pricing levels to fit most budgets, and a free-trial period for each level.

The pricing structure for Marketizator looks like this:

  • $19/month - 3,000 tested views/month
  • $99/month – 30,000 tested views/month
  • $349/month – 300,000 tested views/month
  • Custom quote – unlimited views


Marketizator doesn’t have a free subscription option, like many online survey services. However, its most basic package is affordable for most companies and the free trial period doesn’t require a credit card, so companies can try the service for 30 days without commitment. In addition, companies that sign up for a full year or two years will enjoy discounts.

What Makes It Different?

Beside the email capturing and branching logic, every survey comes with a very detailed reporting system. In a survey’s report, you can see great insights ( surveys view, response rate, numbers of respondents, lead rate, leads number, the average duration, etc.) that will help you analyze data and make connections between responses for a better understanding of every phenomenon.

Get more information on Marketizator in our Marketplace.

3. Polldaddy

Polldaddt Survey Generation Service Review - MoblizedPolldaddy offers standard feedback software that gives customers a range of response types, including free form, rankings, telephone, multiple choice, contact information and more. Surveys from Polldaddy also come with a variety of useful functions like skip logic, automatic close dates and Captcha verification.

Potential customers for Polldaddy include a range of small businesses and large companies. Polldaddy offers an iPad app, which allows users to send surveys and capture responses and qualitative data, all while on the go (provided that there is Internet connectivity). People who frequent trade shows and travel for business will find Polldaddy very useful.

As an added benefit to WordPress users, Polldaddy's WordPress plugin allows users to manage a poll from their WordPress dashboard. Polls can be embedded into posts and other pages.

3 Key Features

  • Mobile iOS & iPad App (free)
  • Surveys may be uploaded to social media sites
  • WordPress Plugin


Polldaddy does offer a free user account option. With 19 types of questions, the ability to brand the free surveys with a logo and 1,000 email invites per month, the free package offered by Polldaddy is similar to other free packages offered by Polldaddy’s competitors. Customers with a free account are not given priority support.

Polldaddy’s Pro and Corporate accounts both offer a 30-day money back guarantee and 24x7 priority email support. Small businesses may be happy with the Pro package, while larger companies may prefer the Corporate package, which allows for 10 individual accounts and gives clients the option of using their own domain name.


Corporate pricing package is higher than some of its competitors.

What Makes It Different?

Polldaddy’s WordPress plugin is especially useful for small businesses and individuals operating blogs with a large readership.

4. WuFoo

WuFoo Survey Creator Review - MoblizedWhile WuFoo’s online forms may be used as surveys for businesses and organizations collecting information from online users, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With the capability to collect payment information, and a flexible and intuitive interface, WuFoo’s page building capabilities extend far beyond basic survey services. WuFoo forms may be used to organize data, collect files and attachments and register participants for upcoming events.

Businesses that sell products online, host events and collect data from their users will find WuFoo’s one-stop capabilities refreshing and convenient.

3 Key Features

  • Online forms may be used for more than surveys
  • WuFoo forms accept payment information
  • Easy to use interface


WuFoo’s free subscription is called the “Gratis Account.” With a Gratis Account, a single user is given three forms, 3 reports and 10 fields, with up to 100 entries per month. Users are allowed to use their own logos and will get real-time notifications of activity.

In addition to the free account, WuFoo offers 4 paid subscription levels, ranging from $14.95 per month (1 user, 10 forms, 500 entries) to $199.95 per month (60 users, unlimited forms, 100,000 entries). Customers that pay annually get three months free.


WuFoo’s free account is ad supported, meaning that advertisements for WuFoo will appear on the forms. Users who don’t like this feature can remove the ads by upgrading to a paid subscription.

What Makes It Different?

WuFoo is a horse of a different color when compared to standard survey services. With flexible formatting for online forms, the ability to accept payment information and an easy to use interface, WuFoo allows users to create forms for any purpose, whether that’s organizing trouble tickets, collecting customer feedback or coordinating sales data.

5. Qualaroo

Qualaroo Qualitative Insights and Survey Creator Review - Moblized

Qualaroo is a solid service with many features, including A/B Testing, mobile web options, seamless integration with live chat solutions, web analytics and more. Many companies appreciate the natively branded, unobtrusive look and feel of Qualaroo surveys. Many users don’t even realize they’ve begun using an outside service when taking Qualaroo surveys. Qualaroo appeals to companies of all types, from small to large, startup to seasoned, e-commerce to publishers. Qualaroo also helps businesses use SEO best practices to generate more leads and sales.

This may all sound rather expected given Qualaroo’s competition, but Qualaroo has an impressive list of well-known corporate customers like Groupon, U.S. News and World Report, Putman Media, Yahoo, Vimeo and Intuit.

3 Key Features

  • Excellent targeting options
  • Integration with live chat solutions
  • A/B testing


Qualaroo’s pricing packages are on the high end:

  • Small Business Package: $63/month
  • Professional Package: $199/month
  • Enterprise & Agency Package: $499/month

These prices are billed annually. Prices go up for quarterly billing, and down for two-year billing. There is no free package with Qualaroo, but new customers just trying it out may try to the 14-day free trial before committing to a regular subscription.


Many fledgling businesses may find Qualaroo’s prices to be more than they’re willing or able to pay. Qualaroo’s business is solid and their service is excellent, but they’ve aimed their prices at established businesses.

What Makes It Different?

Qualaroo’s sophisticated mobile surveys are designed to limit distractions and, like their non-mobile surveys, are natively branded, so that users don’t know they’re taking a survey with an outside company.

Qualaroo also gives businesses the ability to manipulate their surveys from the dashboard. Once the code has been inserted into the company website, changes can be made without help from a coder or programmer.

6. SurveyGizmo

SurveyGizmo Survey Creator Review - Moblized

SurveyGizmo's solutions are designed with intelligent skip logic and page jumping. This also includes advanced survey logic and branching options such as: question randomization, auto-close dates, browser redirect functions, scripting control, A/B Split testing, and question piping. SurveyGizmo has excellent analytical tools and reporting functionality.

SurveyGizmo will appeal to business owners with little experience creating surveys, but behind the easy-to-use interface there is a solid developer toolkit for advanced users as well.

3 Key Features

  • Free accounts offer unlimited surveys
  • Logic tools help users create smart surveys
  • Developer toolkit allows advanced users flexibility


SurveyGizmo includes a free account option that allows users to send surveys and collect a maximum of 50 responses. Surveys on the free account can ask unlimited questions and feature unlimited pages.

For-fee packages range from $15 per month to $199 per month. Each annual plan includes a 14-day trial. Annual subscribers enjoy a 10% discount, while month-to-month users pay the full amount.

Non-profit organizations and educators enjoy a 25% discount on any annual plan, while students have access to any plan for 50% off.


Some users may find that the survey logic and piping require extra explanation or training. While SurveyGizmo offers customer assistance through online webinars, phone support and how-to articles, the learning curve may be steeper than other solutions.

What Makes It Different?

Not many companies offer unlimited survey creation for their free account, which helps SurveyGizmo stand out among the competition. This feature probably draws in a variety of customers to SurveyGizmo. However, there is a cap of 50 responses per survey—which may entice many users to upgrade.

7. Checkbox

Checkbox Survey Creation Service Review - Moblized

Checkbox survey software allows users to create and style surveys with numerous question types and fully-integrated branding. Clients of Checkbox can run professional reports and export data between your team, as you can adjust users' permissions to share surveys and results with other members. For advanced users, Checkbox offers a Developer Tools section that allows for seamless integration with existing systems.

Typical users for Checkbox include large companies, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and public administration. With a powerful tool set that includes skip logic, branding options, personal customizations, hidden items, text merging, and reporting and export functions, Checkbox has most everything you'd need to collect data from customers.

3 Key Features

  • Text Merging
  • Reporting & Data Export
  • Social Media Sharing


Checkbox has pricing plans that range from Basic ($45/month or $450 per year) to Team ($345 per month or $3450 per year), with a free trial only offered for the Basic package.

This is a little pricier than some comparable services. However, with the special Academic/Non-Profit packages, Checkbox has snagged customers like Susan G. Komen, Ohio State University, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.


Like some of the other more expensive survey tools, the package pricing may make Checkbox an unobtainable asset for some small businesses and startup companies. That said, Checkbox has managed to catch the attention of some very large, reputable non-profit organizations with its special non-profit package.

What Makes It Different?

Checkbox survey allows customers to create their own question libraries of frequently asked questions, in order to minimize repetitive data and keep the data consistent across multiple surveys. This type of economizing is an example of how Checkbox reduces the amount of time that users must spend creating new surveys, while allowing the Checkbox system to run more efficiently.

Have you used any of these solutions? Share your thoughts and experience with the community in the comments section below!

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