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Marketing May 15, 2014

22 Killer Social Media Marketing Resources

Feeling as though your social media skills could use some fine-tuning? Looking for retweets, reposts, and returns on your marketing investments but you are not sure how to get them?

Check out 22 social media marketing resources designed to enhance your social (media) appeal and ensure you get the most fans, followers, and impressions for your efforts!

1. Quora’s Social Media Marketing Forum

“Your Best Source for Knowledge”

Quora is a nifty question-and-answer website that allows users to create, answer, and edit questions on a variety of topics. One of Quora’s many popular forums is Social Media Marketing, which features questions and answers on this hot topic.


Find helpful answers to questions such as:

See what your peers are saying about these and other questions, add your own input, and get ideas for tactics to research further.

2. Razor Social

“Sharp Insights on Social Media Tools and Technology”

In terms of relevant social media marketing blogs to follow, Razor Social is a fantastic option. Every time I'm on this blog I end up spending hours there. Most of the post are written by Ian Cleary, the founder of RazorSocial. 

Some example topics include:

Razor Social’s recommendations for increasing the number of blog comments:

Make it super-easy to comment

Link back to a commenter’s blog post

Have multiple comment options

3. Piktochart

“Making Information Beautiful Has Never Been Easier”


Seeing is believing, making the utility and popularity of infographics pretty self-explanatory. Infographics are also a great way for other sites to link back to your material, helping you to improve your search engine page rankings. Piktochart is an inexpensive option for creating infographics utilizing their pre-defined templates; if you’re looking to improve your share-ability and provide an excellent source of back-links back to your site, Piktochart is an ideal choice.

4. OptinMonster

“Get More Email Subscribers Now”


A WordPress plug-in created to help amass email subscribers, OptinMonster is embeddable in various forms on your website. One of the best forms offered is the popup, which appears when users are going to bounce from your site. OptinMonster knows the person is leaving the site when the mouse is moved outside of the viewable page and draws attention back to your site with either an opt in form (get it, “Optin” Monster) or an offer dialogue. It is easy to install and is a great option for those running a WordPress site.

5. Social Media Examiner

“Your Guide to the Social Media Jungle”

In addition to their own regular blog posts, Social Media Examiner is densely packed with wonderful resources.

Some notable resources include:

Sign up as a subscriber and get posts delivered to your inbox as well as a free Facebook marketing video tutorial. Following this blog is an assured way to receive much-needed social media marketing tools, how-to guides, and other media marketing information.

6. LeadPages

“The Internet’s Easiest ‘Next Generation’ Lead Generation Platform”

Creating high-conversion landing pages for your business’s website can be a challenge. In their introduction video, LeadPages describes their “95% – 5%” rule, which describes how 5% of revenue and conversions come from 5% of your site’s pages. LeadPages seeks to facilitate the creation of those “5% pages”. Through their data-heavy template search feature, you can sort templates by conversion rate for the most successful ones. Then, take these templates to design your own landing pages and generate opt-ins and sales.

This resource makes landing pages easy to set up, allows you to bypass developers and designers, and offers tools and customizations that are excellent for rapid page generation. Would you rather start with a blank page? We didn’t think so!

7. PostAcumen

“Acute Facebook Analytics”

A tool designed specifically for Facebook, PostAcumen is more than an analytics dashboard. It provides you with actionable information on tasks you can perform to improve page visibility.


Other tips include:

  • Types of content to post
  • What types of images work best and why
  • The best times of day to post
  • Competitor / other brands’ post analysis

8. Jon Loomer Digital

“For Advanced Facebook Marketers”

Interested in one-on-one coaching or training courses on social media marketing? Book a session with Jon Loomer, a self-professed “computer nerd” who has been working with social media since its beginnings. As a blogger and community manager for, Loomer ran the league’s first-ever Facebook group, as groups existed before fan pages. With over five years’ Facebook experience from a “business point of view”, Loomer helps with brand awareness, revenue, conversion and just about anything else related to the social media giant.

9. Brand24

“Keep track of your brand online.”


Brand24 is an excellent tool for tracking mentions of your brand and keywords on social media. Relatively inexpensive and utilized by big names such as Panasonic, Intel, and IKEA, their service allows a filterable view of mentions on Facebook, assorted forums, websites, blogs, and Twitter all in one dashboard.

10. Topsy

“Search and Analyze the Social Web.”


If you are looking for content ideas, or something to repost on your social media outlets, consider Topsy to research what’s trending. Write more marketable posts by searching their database and filtering content for certain keywords. Type in the terms you are considering, check out related content and how well it performs, and begin gathering resources for your own post. Best of all, it’s free!

11. Little Bird

“Influencer Discovery & Engagement”

Interested in identifying key influencers within your business’ niche? Little Bird can help. Based on the concept of any given person having a “score” based on how influential this person is within your niche on social media. The higher the influencer score, the more influence their retweets and reposted content is likely to have for your business. The idea is to build your influence by having as many highly influential people follow you as possible. Interact with them, connect with others, and build your marketing power through links (the same way that a website builds credibility and authority based on quality connections).

12. LeadSocial

“Presentation-ready Facebook reporting”

Facebook-specific reporting that creates “Presentation-ready” Facebook reports. LeadSocial is dedicated to finding ways of tracking and optimizing return on investment (ROI) through Facebook. Lists of fans who interact with your fan page the most is one of the tool’s most helpful options, as fans who like, comment on and share your posts are more likely to support your business in a monetary way.

Some key features include:

  • Custom measurable goals
  • Actionable statistics and reports
  • Competition monitoring
  • Consistent reports and insights
  • Post performance and recommendations

13. Open Site Explorer

“Inbound marketing is complicated. Moz’s software makes it easy.”


Open Site Explorer from Moz is a tool that allows you to check your domain and page authority, see where links are coming from, and help to make adjustments to your linking, relationships, and content intelligently. As blogging is an integral part of social media, you will want to write content that consistently receives a high ranking on Google. This can be partially achieved through being shared and receiving backlinks from reputable and high-authority sites.

Moz also has other useful research and analytics tools such as:

  • Keyword difficulty and search volumes
  • Page grading and recommendations for SEO fixes
  • Brand / search term mentions reporting as well as sources

14. Warrior Forum

“The #1 Internet Marketing Forum Since 1997”

Warrior Forum is a seasoned social media marketing forum that provides countless threads on social media topics.

Get insider information on:

  • Increasing YouTube views
  • Getting Facebook likes
  • Tips for Instagram marketing
  • Finding the best social bookmarking sites

As with any forum, it can be difficult to find things at times but you may find answers to some of those far-out and specific questions that you can’t find answers to anywhere else!

15. Viewbix

“Drive Leads From Your Videos”

Based around customizing video players, you can add opt-in email subscription forms at the beginning, middle or end of the video as well as generate additional functionality for otherwise ordinary videos.

Primarily a conversion tool, Viewbix makes it easy to:

  • Personalize and augment default video players
  • Capture and convert leads
  • Analyze the effectiveness of videos with analytics
  • Create email forms and videos
  • Design effective landing pages

If you’re looking to improve click through and signups, this is certainly a solid way to do it.

16. BuzzStream

“Manage Influencers Painlessly“


BuzzStream is a wonderful tool that helps marketers promote products, services and content using social media. You can significantly reduce time spent finding and prioritizing outreach opportunities. The service includes a CRM so you can manage relationships with influencers, segment them into lists, communicate with them through personalized email. 

Some other features include:

  • Use influencer ratings to focus your research efforts
  • Bulk search information for multiple contacts
  • Import important metrics easily such as unique visitors, PageRank and more

17. Simply Measured

“Social Media Analytics Designed for Serious Marketers”

Another super-helpful analytics tool, Simply Measured offers highly detailed reporting on a range of social media platforms. A more expensive resource on this list, it is recommended for larger businesses that have the funds and traffic to take advantage of it. However, Simply Measured also offers free social media reports, allowing you to analyze your brand’s impact on Facebook, G+, or Twitter and get a glimpse of the types of metrics and reporting that you may need in the near future.

18. Post Planner

“Triple Your Engagement in 10 Minutes a Day”

A Facebook management application with an array of features, Post Planner is a wondrous tool for those looking to engage fans. One of the best features is arguably the ‘content discovery engine,’ as it allows for keyword-centric web searches that find the most viral photos and articles to use to drive traffic to your site.

Their principal selling points:

  • Find the most viral content
  • “Laser Targeting”, target your ideal demographic
  • Real-time post analytics
  • Get proven, pre-written ideas for status updates
  • Functions within Facebook, no need to leave the page


The #1 Marketing Community for Inbound Marketers, is HackerNews for inbound marketers. You will find the best new content covering social media marketing and just about every other category included under the umbrella of inbound marketing. The community on the site shares and upvotes the content which ensures only the best content rises to the top.

If you like reading articles about marketing, and I assume you do since you've read this far. is the site for you.

20. Crowdbooster

“Measure and optimize your social media marketing”

If Twitter and Facebook are your two most essential social media outlets, you’ll benefit from Crowdbooster. This tool provides instant updates on the number of impressions, likes, retweets and comments your pages receive.

Crowdbooster allows you to:

  • Get instant, visual feedback
  • Track the growth of your audience
  • Connect with your biggest fans
  • Receive intelligent alerts and recommendations
  • Manage multiple accounts

Big-name clients include Ben&Jerry’s, the Los Angeles Times, and JetBlue.

21. Buffer

“Take your social sharing to the next level. It's magical.”

Buffer is a social media management tool lets you queue and schedule posts for the best possible times, and even offers content “suggestions” for when you just can’t think of what to post!

Use Buffer to:

  • Manage multiple accounts from one place
  • Analytics on your posts at a glance
  • Create custom scheduling
  • Integrate with 50+ apps and extras

22. SocialMouths

“I help entrepreneurs and small businesses turn their vanilla web presence into a profit powerhouse.”


SocialMouths is another great blog you should follow to learn anything and everything about social media from self-made marketing guru, Francisco Rosales (founder and author).

Featured posts include:

  • 8 Facebook Audiences to Help You Make More Sales
  • Here is Your Next Move For More Facebook Engagement
  • Stop Trying to Get Your Blog Posts Shared and Do This Instead

Looking for more Social Media Tools?

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