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Sales October 2, 2014

Sellsy Review - Project Management Suite

Sellsy is the all-in-one sales and project management solution for small business owners. This enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool can do everything.

Sellsy is a suite that encompasses:

Sellsy Video Walkthrough

Features Covered in Video:

  1. CRM pipelines
  2. Invoicing
  3. Project Creation
  4. Time Tracking
  5. Accounting

Who Can Benefit from Using Sellsy?

Sellsy senior sales manager Nick Claquin says, 

“Sellsy condenses your favorite features from your software programs into one simple, seamless solution that you access with a single login.”

In fact, the average Sellsy client has 4 – 5 users on each instance of the platform while the largest company using Sellsy has 100 users.

If you're looking for a complete solution to consolidate and streamline your business management, then Sellsy is for you!

Key Features

While Sellsy has many add-ons to their ERP, we chose the most dynamic features to show you the power of this versatile suite.


We have to start with the Contact Relationship Manager (CRM) tool, because this is the heart of Sellsy. From the CRM, you can create new opportunities and track the progress of all your deals. 

For example, the standard pipeline on Sellsy goes from Opportunity to Done Deal with six total steps tracking the progress along the way. This is great if you have multiple deals, and want to know which ones are closest to closing.

Sellsy CRM Opportunities - Review - Moblized

You can also create new contacts in the CRM as well. The benefits of managing a full pipeline are that you never have to worry about new prospects slipping through the cracks.

Convert Prospects to Clients

Sellsy - Prospect to Client - MoblizedWith Sellsy, it’s easy to convert prospects to new clients. This is why Sellsy is an effective CRM and project management solution.

Once prospects send you their first payment, you can convert them into clients by going into the Contact Information section. It takes only 30 seconds to complete, and will allow you to work on project management, time tracking, and a host of other aspects for your client.

Being able to categorize prospects from clients saves you time and clarifies your sales and project management roles. Instead of spending money needlessly on clients, your project managers know that they cannot work on a client project until they are switched over to a client. 

Conversely, transforming a prospect to a client is a great transition point between an account manager and sales manager transferring the account.

Estimates and Invoicing

The great thing about Sellsy is that not only can you track your leads in the system, but you can also create estimates for prospects.

Sellsy Estimates and Invoicing - Moblized

Keep in mind that estimates are used for prospects and invoices are for clients. This makes it easy for you to bill your clients during your sales process.

Project Management

Once your prospects have paid you, you can start the work. After you’ve converted your prospect to a client, you can manage projects for your clients

Sellsy Project Management - Review - Moblized

Time Tracking

The next feature is time tracking. If you have a few employees, this is a very useful tool. Imagine tracking your employees time via Sellsy, so you know how much to pay them and how much profit you receive from each deal.

Sellsy Time Tracking - Moblized


Although it’s not a true accounting management system like QuickBooks or Peachtree, Sellsy sorts your sales and expenses into financial categories. Your financial management software or bookkeeper can use this information to clearly categorize your income and expenses.

If you have ever had to track your sales and expenses manually, then you will understand the value of having the accounting feature. It is a massive time saver for any business.

Sellsy Accounting Review - Moblized

How Sellsy Fits into Your Workflow

Sellsy helps you organize your sales and project management processes from start to finish. The ability to add numerous features through the Sellsy add-ons is why many companies use this across different departments.

This platform is great for your marketing, accounting, sales, customer service, and fulfillment departments. Because it reaches across multiple functions, Sellsy creates a unified workflow that allows everyone in your company to work in harmony.

Customer Service

I called their customer service line around 4 in the afternoon on a Thursday to see how quickly they answer. It was about 20 seconds for them to pick up the phone. The speed was phenomenal!

Furthermore, they have a great help center to answer questions, so you might not even need a phone call!

Sellsy Customer Service - Review - Moblized

Final Thoughts

Sellsy is an excellent all-around program to help create a standard process for every aspect of your business, whether it’s sales, accounting, project management, human resources, or customer service.

The Sellsy platform has everything a small business owner needs to manage their business, from sales to project management. 

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