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Infographics July 1, 2014

How Product Reviews Generate Most Valuable Traffic [Infographic]


Your eCommerce business is growing. You have an exceptional storefront and site experience and are promoting high-quality products and services but you still aren’t seeing the amount of conversions and order value that you are looking for. You’ve likely heard (and been sold) on the idea that paid marketing channels alone will increase traffic and target the right users, the most valuable users. 

But think about your ideal users...

Does the audience targeting offered by many paid solutions often seem a bit restricted and incomplete? Can you target users that feel a certain way about your product?

The ambiguity and indifference of some paid marketing channels towards the fine details of your audience can skew how you interpret the success of your campaigns. When we base success on low cost per mille and high click-through, we forget about the second and most important half of the equation, converting this traffic. 

So how do we improve conversions? We could start switching up banners, tweaking keywords, and driving more of the low-converting traffic. Alternatively and more simply, we could start bringing in BETTER traffic and increase the flow of your Most Valuable Traffic (MVT).

Bring in your MVT - The types of users who:

  • Spend more than 50% additional time on your site than your next highest traffic source.
  • Have a 15% less bounce than your Facebook traffic and 10% less than your Google traffic.
  • Visit more pages than any other type of traffic you generate.

Who are these users?

Real, engaged people. These are the types of users that actively search, read reviews, investigate, and are interested in purchasing from vetted, trust-worthy merchants. Your MVT will vary based on your KPIs, but think of them this way: these are your conversion "bread and butter" - the absolutely most willing traffic you will ever get. These users want to be sold to, are committed to the search, and need only be pointed in the right direction.

Where do I get them?

Yotpo is a plug and play “social review” solution based out of Tel Aviv. This new addition to our marketplace helps bring your eCommerce business the types of quality customers whose value stretch far beyond single purchases. They specialize in generating your MVT through from your previous most valuable customers.

What’s a social review?

A Social Review is a review with the added depth of the searcher’s social graph. It takes into consideration the social relationship of your prospective clients to the author of the review (showing degrees of separation) and giving a face, personality, and review history to what could have otherwise been a faceless, shady reviewer.

How do Yotpo reviews increase my value?

We’ve all been there, grinding through the SERPs for information that can confirm or mitigate our lingering doubts. We crave the reassurance that we are making the right decision. At this point, whether searching for shoes, car parts, or electronics, we are already committed to the search; we are someone's Most Valuable Traffic waiting to be pointed in the right direction.

In the crowded eCommerce space, your company is likely selling the same product as a competitor. You can bet that the company gives their Most Valuable Traffic the information they desire will have a significantly higher chance of closing the deal.

Yotpo’s reviews fill this gap, giving your users varying opinions that will confirm their own predispositions but more likely polarize them towards purchasing. With Yotpo, you are not only allowing reviews to be posted on your products, you are actively seeking, promoting, and moderating them through your email and social channels. You can even place them site-wide with their widgets.

What 710 million page views says about Yotpo and Social Reviews

Yotpo has produced this infographic demonstrating why quality users can be far more valuable than higher quantities of lower quality traffic. They did this by analyzing 710 million page views on 31,000 online stores between January and March of 2014.

Infographic statistics at a glance:

  • Top traffic generator was Google while Yotpo had the 5th highest volume generation
  • Of single-page visits, Yotpo had a 6.1% bounce rate while Google had a 22.6% bounce rate
  • Users visited 5.94 pages/visit from Yotpo traffic vs 4.69 pages/visit from Google traffic
  • Average time on site was 6:25 for Yotpo traffic vs 3:42 for Google traffic

Analyzing the results

Yotpo traffic was the most engaged in the entire list and was very much more committed to the product search than Google traffic. They had the Most Valuable Traffic (MVT), with users navigating the furthest into the site when visiting through the social review channel and they also visited more pages on the site than if they had come through any other source.

Check out their infographic below and don’t forget to check out the Yotpo profile in our marketplace.

Yotpo Infographic - Online Store Traffic Trends - Why Traffic Quality Matters - Moblized

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