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Billing Software October 22, 2014

Recurly Review - Subscription and Recurring Billing


Recurly provides enterprise-class recurring billing management for thousands of subscription-based SaaS, Web 2.0, Mobile, content and publishing businesses worldwide. 

Businesses like GigaOm, Groupon, JibJab Media, Hubspot,, LinkedIn and DISH Digital depend on Recurly’s ability to deliver recurring billing automation.

Recurly Accounts Screenshot - Recurly Review - Moblized

Setup is as easy as 1-2-3, integrations are quick, and the service scales with the needs of your business. Recurly can help your businesses process payments across multiple gateways with enhanced support and security in a matter of days, not weeks.

Recurly designs all of their services around generating recurring revenue for your business. Recurly is a thoughtful, thorough solution for managing subscriptions. The interface on this program is very user-friendly. The dashboard area has a clear menu that makes it easy to navigate through the system and the feature set is rich and useful.

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What do you need to get started?

To get started with Recurly, you should have a payment gateway like, Chase Paymentech, PayPal, or Stripe. If you are not sure about which gateway you use, or if you need a gateway, check out their compatible gateways page

You can even sign up with the Recurly gateway, which offers discounted rates and is free when you use Recurly. If you want to go the Recurly payment route, you might need a developer to help walk you through the Recurly.JS installation. You can be sure that they will offer you top notch tech support on this though, as you will be a paying customer at that point.

Below is the 1-2-3 setup process for using Recurly.

This video covers:

  • Payment Gateway
  • Website Integration
  • Sign Up

Setup Video

Overall, the setup process is really, really simple and can happen in a matter of minutes if you have your gateway and other account information on-hand.

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In the following video, I discuss some of the main features you will come in contact with when using Recurly.

In this video I'll cover:

  • Accounts
  • Manual Invoice (no credit card)
  • Reporting
  • Currency
  • Integration

Features Video

Other features worth mentioning are Recurly's industry-standard security, coupons, and how they handle taxes.


Furthermore, the service is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant and has strong authorization protocols to protect confidential information. With all of the credit card fraud occurring recently, Recurly understands the importance of strong security protocols for their system and employees. That is why all employees have complete background checks before they start working for Recurly.


Another cool feature is the addition of coupons to give out to prospective customers. Coupons have lured people into stores for generations. Coupons can help get more prospects in the door. You can use them to sign up for a subscription plan for a specific period, or for the life of the account.

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It is your choice how you set up the coupons, and what constraints you put on them as well.


With Recurly, you can automatically collect local, federal, and state taxes. You can also apply the European Value Added Tax (VAT).

Tax - Recurly Review - Moblized

There are many more awesome features; to check them out, visit the Recurly Profile in the marketplace.

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Integrations / Add-ons

Recurly has two main integrations to help users integrate with their current payment processing and record-keeping solution: Salesforce and MailChimp.

Integrations - Recurly Review - Moblized

All other integrations are available through an API, which may be a powerful solution for your business.

Daniel Bretoi, a Software Engineer for Qualaroo said, 

“We evaluated several options but Recurly had the APIs and documentation to make this solution for us as it required the least effort on our part. It was easy-to-understand and simple to implement.”

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, you can embed the Recurly payment gateway on your website with their Recurly.js javascript library.

Finally, if you need a simple solution without the hassle, then you can also use the hosted payment pages that live on a subdomain. What this means is that without having any technical know-how, you can create a simple page for your clients to sign up for your subscription plan and it's hosted by Recurly.

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Customer Support

Recurly has a number of customer support features: 

  1. First, they have an app with live chat. 
  2. Second, the majority of their support is done through email. 

Phone support may be limited, but expect quality support through email. They have 24/7 technician support over email. Larger clients have a dedicated account management resource that they can speak to in order to address any problems they might be facing.

Customer Support - Recurly Review - Moblized

One of the coolest things they do for clients is help them recover failed payments. 

On average between 10-15% of all transactions fail, which can translate into huge amounts of revenue. The account updater feature helps clients recover a portion of failed payments. Some banks allow Recurly to use the tracking software that finds the updated accounts, while others do not.

With over 60 different codes used to determine why there is a credit card failure, Recurly having this feature is tremendously helpful for automatically addressing whatever may happen to cause the failure; reducing the headache for you and your customers.


Recurly has Small and Enterprise-level plans. 

The Small Business plan is for those processing credit cards only. If you want invoicing as well, you will need to sign up for the enterprise plan.

The Enterprise plan is a more comprehensive plan for business owners who process payments frequently and work with multiple currencies. Additionally, the Enterprise plan allows businesses to connect with Salesforce and invoice customers without using credit cards.

Both plans have a fixed charge on transactions plus a percentage of revenue.

You will also incur normal payment gateway fees from your payment gateway provider (unless you are using the Recurly payment gateway, which is FREE!).

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Final Thoughts

Recurly makes it easy to use the payment gateways you already trust, helps you to recover failed transaction revenue, and is a complete subscription and billing management solution

Recurly really is built for recurring billing (it's practically in the name!). With a feature set that rivals, and often tops, any peer, it is a solid solution for managing subscriptions. 

With a Free Trial and such an easy setup process, you can only gain by giving it a test run.

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