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Ecommerce July 3, 2014

12 Powerful Podcasts for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

If there is one thing every entrepreneur has in common, it’s never having enough hours in a day to accomplish everything. Ecommerce is one of the quickest markets in the business world and staying current with news, competition, and trends is essential to long-term success. Busy schedules don't have to make staying on top of your game impossible; in fact, you may even start to become thankful for your daily commute (or wish you had one if you telecommute).

Podcasts are a great way for busy entrepreneurs to keep up with the Ecommerce industry. The best podcasts offer unique insight, inspiration, and news about their subject matter, and can be consumed in what otherwise would have been idle time (driving, cooking a meal, getting ready for bed, etc).

It's especially difficult to determine the value of a podcast without first listening to it! If you aren't looking to spend hours on a potentially fruitless Podcast series, rest assured that we've done the preliminary research for you.

We've examined and confirmed the quality of these Podcasts so that you can find the information that is most relevant to your business . Here are 12 Podcasts that are perfect for all levels of Ecommerce Entrepreneurs:

1. Tropical MBA Podcast

Tropical MBA Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

The Tropical MBA Podcast is a weekly podcast that is co-hosted by two entrepreneurs, who go by their first names “Dan” and “Ian”. Both are successful entrepreneurs that run location-independent businesses and have worked together for almost a decade. Their podcast focuses primarily on self-funded companies that specialize in “lifestyle businesses”, which they define as any business that has a primary focus on allowing the entrepreneur to live their life the way they want to live it. Both hosts are perpetual travelers, and Dan claims he never lives in one spot for more than a month at a time.

Podcast Focus

  • Help entrepreneurs start and grow businesses through training events, seminars, and other opportunities
  • Create networking opportunities for entrepreneurs through their events and online forums
  • Provide unique and unconventional ways to get businesses off of the ground

One Way It's Unique

The Tropical MBA Podcast is tailored toward entrepreneurs that want to be location-independent. If you are looking to conduct your business from paradise, be it an island or your porch, this Tropical MBA is for you. 

2. Build My Online Store

Build My Online Store Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

Build My Online Store is a podcast that is released every week by Terry Lin. Terry is an Ecommerce entrepreneur that has been buying and selling products online since 2003. Terry’s podcast focuses on interviews with ecommerce store owners. His podcasts provide a unique and rare insight into the types of strategies, processes, and business models that the most successful entrepreneurs have followed. Build My Online Store is a great place to learn from others who are doing what you are doing. You might even be inspired to try a completely different business strategy as a result.

Podcast Focus

  • Ideas and thoughts on what makes an ecommerce idea good or bad
  • Tips and tricks to start a new online business
  • Lessons on how to evaluate your business and whether or not it is time to go in a new direction

One Way It's Unique

Terry Lin has seen almost every challenge an aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur will likely face. He understands that adversity is a part of being an entrepreneur and how frequently there are unexpected roadblocks. He touches on these topics often and has plenty of wisdom to help get you through them.

3. Ecommerce Fuel

Ecommerce Fuel Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

Ecommerce Fuel is a weekly podcast hosted by Andrew Youderian. Andrew has been an entrepreneur for several years, after leaving a lucrative job in Corporate America. He owns several successful businesses, including Right Channel Radios, and has written extensively about the process of starting, managing, and selling businesses. The Ecommerce Fuel podcast specializes in provided advice and insight to “small” Ecommerce teams, which Andrew defines as teams of “less than 50 people”. The podcast also tries to focus on Ecommerce sites that offer “amazing, unique” products.

Podcast Focus

  • How to properly craft website and social media content to be effective
  • Everything you need to think about before selling your business
  • How to properly utilize email marketing

One Way It's Unique

Andrew and his team at Ecommerce Fuel want to provide advice that is in many ways the antithesis to corporate thoughts and strategies. In order to do this, they almost exclusively discuss news and strategies with teams and individuals from companies that hold similar strategic values.

4. Business and Bootstrapping

Business and Bootstrapping Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

Business and Bootstrapping is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Matt Ward. Matt spent a few years in the corporate world before deciding he would be much happier as an entrepreneur. Matt’s first few ventures were based in the Ecommerce startup capital of the world: Silicon Valley. Matt saw firsthand how much money was spent (and wasted!) by Venture and Angel investors, and eventually decided that he would rather self-fund his business ventures. The Business and Bootstrapping podcast aims to help Ecommerce entrepreneurs that have started or want to start a business without outside investment capital.

Podcast Focus

  • Which podcasts (in addition to Business and Bootstrapping) are worth listening to
  • Suggestions on how to make entrepreneurialism fun day in and day out
  • The importance and interesting facts about branding your business online

One Way It's Unique

Business and Bootstrapping is a podcast for entrepreneurs who want to learn what it takes to build a business on their own, organically, and without the support of angel or venture investors. If you're strapped for cash (or just like to build things yourself) this is a great Podcast for you.

5. The Brand Engine

The Brand Engine Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

The Brand Engine is a relatively new podcast that is released every week. It has three hosts: Barry Moore, Gerald Pauschmann, and Nikki Fogden-Moore. Barry is an aviator and former executive at a technology company, who today runs several Ecommerce businesses. Gerald Pauschmann is a public speaker, and Nikki Fogden-Moore is the Founder and CEO of a few different businesses. The Brand Engine focuses on helping Ecommerce entrepreneurs build up a marketing and branding strategy, particularly for new businesses. The podcast also discusses social media and how it can be integrated into an overall branding and marketing strategy.

Podcast Focus

  • How to use and effectively analyze Google analytics on your website
  • Everything you need to know about web hosting and how it effects your company’s SEO and user experience
  • Which website platforms (such as WordPress) to use, and which Ecommerce plugins are best

One Way It's Unique

The Brand Engine is great for new businesses that need help and expert advice with building their branded company experience as well as getting the attention of their specific target audiences. The podcast features entrepreneurs that have proven themselves in this specific arena and who have a range of experience that encompasses marketing, branding, and more.

6. Marketing Optimization

Marketing Optimization Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

Marketing Optimization is a weekly podcast hosted by Alex Harris. Alex is an experience online marketer who has worked as the Creative Director of from 2000 until 2011. Since leaving that company, Alex has become an industry leader in SEO, affiliate and email marketing, and creating effective landing pages. His podcast typically features a different expert every week who is interviewed by Alex for the benefit of his audience. The Marketing Optimization podcast emphasizes the importance of marketing strategies, and is great for any aspiring Ecommerce entrepreneur who needs to build their brand.

Podcast Focus

  • Creating effective and engaging website content
  • Website optimization
  • Conversion optimization

One Way It's Unique

Marketing Optimization is unique in that you get the benefit of so many different marketing experts in one place. Every week, Alex Harris is able to discuss, in detail, the intricacies and difficulties of marketing on the internet with the best in their fields. If you absorb even a small portion of the wisdom each week, you will be in very good shape.

7. Ecommerce Influence

Ecommerce Influence Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

Ecommerce Influence is a fairly new podcast that is released about twice a week. The podcast is hosted by three individuals: Austin Brawner, Chad Vanags, and Tom Wang. Austin has experience working in Macau, China as an entrepreneur, and led the Make a Difference Asia Initiative, which led a group of “brilliant entrepreneurs” through the process of starting their own businesses. Chad is a Master-Level Certified digital marketing analyst that is experienced at everything to do with Internet analytics. Tom has experience in both the United States and China, and has worked for solar companies in China for years. Ecommerce Influence is focused on increasing conversion rates for Ecommerce websites, and figuring out what you are doing right and wrong with your website.

Podcast Focus

  • Identifying and plugging inefficiencies in your website
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Learning the tools necessary to gauge the success of a marketing initiative

One Way It's Unique

Ecommerce Influence is focused almost entirely on increasing conversion rates, which is, of course, an absolutely essential part of the sales process. They discuss a number of strategies to achieve increased conversion rates, including: referral programs, lead capture, and recovering abandoned shopping carts.

8. My Wife Quit Her Job

My Wife Quit Her Job Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

My Wife Quit Her Job is a podcast hosted by Steve Chou with a unique angle. Steve and his wife got sick of living a life where they could never get ahead and felt completely unfulfilled by their work, so they took a risk, put everything on the line, and started an Ecommerce store that sold wedding linens. Eight years later, they are successful entrepreneurs who want to help other struggling couples and families achieve job satisfaction through entrepreneurialism. Their podcast primarily focuses on introducing successful entrepreneurs and letting them tell their story.

Podcast Focus

  • The steps you need to take to go from employee to entrepreneur
  • Inspiring stories about successful entrepreneurs
  • Bootstrapping a business

One Way It's Unique

My Wife Quit Her Job is all about starting a business without outside help as a means to get to and improve on your family's desired lifestyle. Through a combination of practical tips, inspiring stories, and first-hand knowledge, Steve and his wife are able to motivate and encourage their audience to succeed in ways they may have never dreamed of.

9. Forever Jobless

Forever Jobless Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

Forever Jobless is a weekly podcast hosted by Billy Murphy that is primarily concerned with creating business that generate passive income. Billy has an unconventional history, ranging from selling baseball cards as a child and playing poker professionally (and starting an online poker website) before finally starting an Ecommerce empire in 2011. Billy’s website and podcast are designed to show aspiring entrepreneurs what it takes to automate a business and generate as much income from passive sources as possible.

Podcast Focus

  • How to generate passive income
  • The difference between entrepreneurs that work 100 hour weeks and those that work 4 hour weeks
  • How to network with the “right” people

One Way It's Unique

Forever Jobless has a perspective that could only come from someone that played poker for a living (like Billy). He helps his audience think differently about money and the best ways to get it without working themselves to the bone. If you feel overworked, and never seem to have enough time in your day, Forever Jobless might be able to help you find that extra bit of free time you've been craving.

10. The Fizzle Show

The Fizzle Show Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

The Fizzle Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves, and Caleb Wojcik. Barr is a strategic entrepreneur who has built a number of subscriber-based businesses. Chase is a creative director who has helped develop and grow several successful entrepreneurial websites, and Caleb is great with DIY guides. The Fizzle Show is designed to help inspire entrepreneurs that need help with their creativity or making their business run successfully.

Podcast Focus

  • Some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make, and how to avoid them
  • How to improve your focus and get more done in the day
  • How to think outside the box when what you are doing isn’t working

One Way It's Unique

The Fizzle Show is all about being creative and finding ways to engage and attract audiences to your Ecommerce or blogging website. Expect out-of-the-box suggestions and methodologies.

11. Duct Tape Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

Duct Tape Marketing is a weekly blog that is hosted by John Jantsch. John is an experience marketing consultant, speaker, and author who has written a number of business and entrepreneurial books. His blog has been recognized by Forbes as one of the best on iTunes for small to medium-sized business owners. The podcast typically deals with high-level concepts that every successful entrepreneur should know and think about on a regular basis.

Podcast Focus

  • How to build out a comprehensive Internet presence
  • The best way to get referral business
  • How to device an online marketing strategy that compliments and enhances an offline strategy

One Way It's Unique

Duct Tape Marketing relies on the significant expertise of John and his team to provide insights from experts who really know what they are talking about. If you are interested in finding additional resources, Duct Tape Marketing offers a number of free e-books, as well as seminars, white papers, and more.

12. Ecommerce Pulse

Ecommerce Pulse Ecommerce Podcast Review - Moblized

Ecommerce Pulse is a podcast that is released about once a week by host Leighton Taylor. Leighton is an ex-MBA student who left the corporate world to try and build a business of his own. Ecommerce Pulse is designed specifically to help those who know very little about what it takes to start a successful Ecommerce business, instead of assuming the audience already has an intermediate or advanced level of knowledge. In addition, Ecommerce Pulse helps guide the audience through the specific pitfalls to avoid when bootstrapping an Ecommerce business on a shoestring budget. Leighton provides resources on how to get products to sell when you don’t have any of your own, and how to build a website that people trust enough to make purchases from.

Podcast Focus

  • Where to find products to drop ship
  • How to build an Ecommerce website without spending any money
  • Finding a niche and focusing on selling within it

One Way It's Unique

Ecommerce Pulse is a great place to start if you want to be an entrepreneur but don’t have any idea what the first step is. Leighton offers a thorough guide that is great for learning what it takes to be successful while avoiding many of the pitfalls that failed entrepreneurs find themselves in all too often.

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