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PocketSuite Review

With tons of pressure on an individual to succeed on a day-to-day basis, being an entrepreneur is no easy task.  PocketSuite aims to make life just a little bit easier for entrepreneurs and alleviate the stress that comes with complex transactions that many need to hire bookkeepers for. The app allows smooth, frictionless transactions between independent business owners and their clients while also helping you manage appointments and all financial information including pending payments and current income.

It allows entrepreneurs to be mobile, to access important information about their business and clients from anywhere in the world through the use of their mobile phone. Many independent business owners are limited by the need of their desktop computer where as with  PocketSuite, entrepreneurs can feel more in control and more flexible.

The other aspect of the app is that it gives entrepreneurs and regular everyday working people the ability to hire freelance workers. Whether you need a DJ for your party, someone to cater your wedding, someone to walk your dog, or a graphic designer for your new project—PocketSuite allows you to not only find these freelance workers but also provides a platform to communicate with, book, and pay these workers with one single app. 

First impressions

The way you can search for businesses and freelancers by proximity to your location, as well as the availability of the freelancer, makes it very convenient and enjoyable experience for the user. 

PocketSuite Review Screenshot Dashboard

What makes this app so special is the ability to search for businesses that your friends have used and loved. You ever feel like you can’t trust ratings and reviews on Yelp? The problem with consumer reviews is that anyone can write them and they may not be accurate. PocketSuite eliminates the issue of mistrust because you can see the businesses that people that you personally trust have vouched for. No need to call your friends and say, “hey, know any good plumbers?” Everything is right there on the app for you. Just invite your friends to join your PocketSuite and you literally see a community begin to build of friends and service professionals. 

PocketSuite Review Screenshot Search

Pricing & Availability

The app is completely free but at this time is only available for iOS. The app is currently listed in the App Store which can be searched using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch device. The app requires iOS 7.0 or higher and although the app can be used on the iPhone 4 models, it is optimized for iPhone 5 models. 

What it does well

The process is simple. You search for a particular type of service provider. Service providers are ranked with the people you’ve used in the past that you rated highly and ones that your friends have used and rated highly are ranked above the service providers rated by strangers. Once you’ve found the service provider that you want and they’ve completed their task, you can pay them via the app. While paying them, you can rate the service and write a short review. One cool aspect is the ability to take a picture and attach it to the review. For instance, you can take a picture of the set up that a wedding planner put together or the work a landscaper has done on your yard. It gives even more validation to your review. What makes PocketSuite more trustworthy than other consumer reviews is that only verified paying customers can leave a review which eliminates any false or made up reviews.

PocketSuite Interview Screenshot Profile

The UX is simplistic, clear, and easy to pick up. With what they call the “Mobile Executive Dashboard,” you can see all of your upcoming appointments with clients, how much money is owed to you, and how much money you’ve made so far. The dashboard isn’t overly complicated or gives you an overabundance of information that overwhelms you, it sticks to the key metrics that an entrepreneur needs to know and allows you to be mobile. Not to mention financially, this gives small business owners the ability to have an executive dashboard that is usually reserved for bigger businesses who tend to have the finances to afford it. PocketSuite gives this type of technology away for free showing that above anything, they value customer service to the user unlike some apps which try to monetize every little feature.

Other cool features include the ability to automatically sync your PocketSuite appointments with your local calendar on your phone and user profiles which gives the app a more “social media” type of environment. You can enter a short bio and description of yourself that’s available to the public. It gives the app and the hiring process a more personal feel. 

What we would like to see in future updates

This app is more helpful the more available it is to the masses, with that being said - we hope to see the app compatible with Android devices in the future. Currently as mentioned before, its limited to only users of Apple devices but with the inclusion of Android devices it will allow your community on the app to grow immensely and will make for an even more enjoyable experience. The more people who can use the app, the more useful and credible the app becomes. It creates a trustworthy network of friends, independent business owners, and reviews which will make the app more than just software but a necessity.

We would also to like to see the ability to include business website links and social media integration. To go along with the review, it would be nice to be able to have the website (if available) for the person you are working with as well as their Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. PocketSuite has certain features already that gives it the personal feel of a social media account, it would take it a step further with social media integration.

The Verdict

The app is still in its early stages and the community isn’t huge yet but there’s no questioning how helpful this app can be. The onus is really on the users to take charge and spread the word to their friends to make this app worthwhile. But for small business owners, it gets no better. To have an app that allows to have a free executive dashboard and connect with all types of new potential customers, the sky is the limit. With its easy-to-use user interface, a fun and interactive style, a business structure built on trust, and two founders who’ve put customer service as a top priority - there’s no reason to doubt that this app is on the verge of greatness. 

Check out PocketSuite in our Marketplace for more detailed information!

Interview with PocketSuite:

Q. What moved you to pursue to build PocketSuite? What does it do different than other products?

About a year ago I needed to hire a dog trainer, and I ran into 2 problems.

(1) I was sick of Yelp reviews on anything other than restaurants mainly because I didn’t know which reviews to trust. I just wanted to know who of my extended friends & family had a good dog trainer to hire. I didn’t want to call random people, or broadcast questions to a bunch of social media sites and wait around for a response. I wished I there was a more efficient way to find & hire a dog trainer in a quick and TRUSTED way.

(2) All the random professionals I was constantly hiring whether through work or home life (a new dog trainer, caterers for parties, painters/plumbers for my home, photographers for events, etc.), I was sick of keeping track of upcoming hires (like this dog trainer), how much I owed whomever, and when I should get cash from the bank or have spare checks lying around. I just wanted something to simplify all the (let’s be honest) annoying parts of life and organize it all into one app or one easily accessible location.

After speaking to a bunch of independent professionals, we realized that they were having similar problems. A lot of them complained about the review-type platforms out there right now, about how they were getting bogus reviews about their businesses, and how they had no idea how effective other sites were in terms of driving new business. Also, so many of these professionals were on their smartphones all day, it made sense to us to supply them a promotional and management business tool on their phone.

And so…PocketSuite was born!

PocketSuite is a new way for friends to hire and refer professionals.

PocketSuite is the first-ever app allowing users to search & hire professionals based on who their friends have booked in the past and love. We bring the “personal referral” step back to the process of hiring a professional, and we make it super easy and fun. We’re strictly mobile, and the beauty of that is our users can book, communicate and then pay their professionals all over text (via the app). We keep this part of your life separate and contained within the app, and we eliminate the frustrating parts (e.g., scheduling or playing phone tag or writing checks) of the hiring process.

For professionals, we give them a free platform to market their businesses and grow through trusted referrals. Professionals and businesses have detailed profiles and client networks they can actively manage and build. Through these networks, professionals will be able to find new customers, as well as get referred by current clients. Essentially we put the marketing of your business in your clients’ hands! 

Q. What has been the most challenging experience in building PocketSuite?

The most challenge experience in building PocketSuite is communicating how important it is for businesses to build their PocketSuite network.

Professionals these days are so used to just setting up profiles on Yelp or Angie’s List or any other directory website, and waiting/hoping for new business. In PocketSuite, we give businesses tools to go actively promote their businesses…for free!

Professionals can actively build up their network by inviting their contacts, friends and clients. Through these connections, businesses will have a large audience to broadcast promotions or announcements or other deals they are offering. Equally important, their contacts will also have friends & connections who can see which professionals their friends have booked and have reviewed and have loved (or hated).

Getting this message across to potential users is something that’s challenging, as this is something that never existed before, so it’s completely new and fresh! But this PocketSuite network-potential is SO powerful, that we just want to scream it from a mountain top for all to hear. It’s free, it’s powerful, and it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before. 

Q. Who is this app for?

This app is for both professionals and regular consumers.

Professionals use PocketSuite to build a community, promote their business, grow clients, and simplify their scheduling and billing.

Consumers use PocketSuite to find trusted & referred professionals to hire, and to simplify and keep track of their payments. 

Q. Who would be a better spokesperson for PocketSuite: Superman, Batman, or Spiderman?

Without a doubt Superman would be our #1 spokesman, mainly because he doesn’t wear a mask! You see him for who he is, he’s not really hidden in any way, and he does it all – run, jump, fly, practically invincible.

PocketSuite is an open and completely transparent platform. You build your professional network for all to see, you get reviewed strictly by real clients (actual trusted reviews), and we help you with all parts of the transaction – booking, scheduling, billing, and payments.

Just like Superman, we’re open, honest, and we do it all. And not to mention our goal is to help everyone in their daily lives – both individuals and businesses. 

Q. What is in store for the future for PocketSuite?

There is so much potential for PocketSuite down the road, I can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are. A huge trend we’re seeing in the world right now is a broad-based shift to mobile. Now, as that relates to consumers and businesses, that means a transition to mobile payments, mobile advertising/promoting, mobile bookings & transactions, and mobile business organization.

We are quite aware of these trends, which is another reason why we built PocketSuite in the first place. Building a business around these secular themes opens the door for so many different features to add to an app like PocketSuite. We can’t disclose too much, but all we can say is keep your eyes on us, as we’re going to continue to release some pretty awesome features & functionalities over the coming weeks and months.

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