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Research May 26, 2015

New Software This Week - Volume 5

New software this week!

Lots of updates to app information and some great new vendors have been approved. Here are 23 of the newest apps added to the Moblized directory to help run your business better, faster, and more easily. 

Learn more about each by viewing their profile.

Resource Guru

Category: Collaboration > Project Management

"The fast, simple way to schedule people, equipment and other resources online."

Resource Guru Employee Management Screenshot

Resource Guru is a scheduling solution for team, agency, and project asset management. One advantage over similar solutions is the incredible visibility your PMs get from the high-level resource overviews and calendars. The flexibility of the scheduling is one of their key selling points as well. 

Everything about Resource Guru's solution is geared towards eliminating those hours in spreadsheets managing your staff and man-hours.

See Resource Guru's Profile


Category: Point of Sale > POS Systems

"Point Of Sale Software for the World's Best Stores"

Kounta Point of Sale Screenshot

Kounta is a super-flexible, browser-based Point of Sale solution for retail, food, and hospitality. Functioning with your existing hardware, their platform-agnostic set of business management features give you inventory management, a CRM, analytics, loyalty / rewards, and more.

Simple, powerful, and with a beautiful interface & branding, Kounta is a partner in your success as much as it is a suite of sales / management tools.

See Kounta's Profile


Category: Sales > Quotes, Contracts & Proposals

"Interactive One Web-Page Business Proposals That Win Your Clients"

Proposalist Online Project Proposal Creator Screenshot

Proposalist gives you a web-based tool for creating interactive, professional online proposals. Great for freelancers who want to win-over a prospective job and an excellent tool for agencies putting together quotes for their new / existing clientele. Completely web-based and filled with customization options, you can create your proposal in minutes, gather user feedback, and track actions on the document.

If you're in a project-based / bid-based vertical, Proposalist could be the advantage you need to secure those contracts.

See Proposalist's Profile

Vision Helpdesk

Category: Customer Engagement > Help Desk

"Best Help Desk, Satellite Desk and Service Desk Software by Vision Helpdesk"

Vision Helpdesk Ticketing & Support Solution Screenshot

Vision Helpdesk offers 3 support products for your tech-oriented business: A ticketing / support Help Desk, a multi-business "satellite" version of this help desk, and a Service Desk that follows ITIL / ITSM standards for complete IT release, problem, and asset management. Vision Helpdesk is packed with features, from time-tracking and billing to gamification and a developer API, and they offer tiers of feature extension for any-sized business.

If you're offering an information technology solution, software, or are managing multiple companies that handle volumes of tickets and a large support staff, Vision Helpdesk is an excellent solution.

See Vision Helpdesk's Profile


Category: Collaboration > Task Management for Teams

"The most intuitive task management tool on the web"

MeisterTask Project Management Solution Screenshot

MeisterTask is a completely customizable project and task management solution for teams. It looks like a Kanban board on steroids, but the feature set blows similar solutions out of the water. With checklists, task assignment, instant chat, automations, and integration with their MindMapping tool (MindMeister) you can go from Idea to Implementation and execution in no time.

MeisterTask is a forward-thinking, modern project management solution for agile teams that has a lot of powerful features behind it's deceivingly simple UI.

See MeisterTask's Profile


Category: Social Media > Social Monitoring

"Keep track of your brand online"

Brand24 Social Media and Brand Monitoring Platform Screenshot

 Brand24 is an enterprise-quality social media monitoring and brand management suite that is affordable for any-sized business. Used by some of the world's biggest brands (like IKEA, H&M, and Intel), Brand24 gives you a full set of analytics, monitoring, and engagement tools. 

With a friendly, easy-to-use user interface and data visualization tools with advanced queries, you can quickly visualize and understand your social / web presence and take action.

See Brand24's Profile


Category: Website Optimization > Content Personalization

"An entirely new way to connect with your customers"

Intercom Customer Engagement and Messaging Platform Screenshot

Intercom is a combination CRM, live chat, and user-onboarding solution. The goal is to reduce churn, encourage user interaction, and give you a quick, personal way to engage with your customers. The most powerful aspect of Intercom is the ability to target and personalize the content that you show your users. 

From product announcements to feature tours to feedback, the possibilities for how your brand can benefit from this type of 1-to-1 interaction are endless.

See Intercom's Profile


Category: Customer Engagement > Live Chat

"Customizable Live Chat Software for Any Workflow"

SnapEngage Live Chat Software Screenshot

SnapEngage gives you a persistent Live Chat solution that integrations with your existing CRM, Ticketing, or PM solution and works anywhere on your site. With real-time activity monitoring, agent transfer solutions, and co-browsing functionality, your site and support staff can provide quick, complete on-site service right out of the box. 

SnapEngage has too many features to list - and they're all useful. It's the type of solution where you run down their product tour and are consistently excited by everything that you read. If you want to improve your support and get real customer feedback, SnapEngage is a great option.

See SnapEngage's Profile


Category: Content > Content Curation

"Discover the most engaging content to share with your audience on social media."

Swayy Content Curation and Publishing Solution Screenshot

Swayy offers a personalized, automated content discovery platform for your content curation efforts. Choose your topics or let their auto-tagging / recommendations guide your sharing based on your previous shares, engagement, and preferences.

Swayy also offers a set of publishing tools including scheduling, auto-tag and @mention recommendations, plus share / engagement analytics. If you're looking for a curation tool, Swayy is a continuously-improving free option.

See Swayy's Profile


Category: Advertising > Ad Management

"Easily Optimize your Facebook Ads"

AdEspresso Facebook Ad Management and Optimization Screenshot

AdEspresso is a Facebook Ad A/B testing and optimization platform. From audience templating to variant-selection and asset management, their tools help find the perfect combination of audience / copy and help save you money by automatically pushing the ads that work to the people who convert. One of the best parts of AdEspresso is that the optimizations are re-usable and it helps you apply those settings to your next campaigns.

With customizable dashboards and deep campaign analysis, AdEspresso is a solid ad management platform for the professional Facebook Advertiser.

See AdEspresso's Profile


Category: Loyalty & Rewards > Loyalty Programs

"Recognize, Retain and Reward your users with Gamification."

BigDoor Customer Loyalty and Rewards Campaigns Screenshot

BigDoor is an enterprise-quality white-label rewards and loyalty solution for modern businesses. One of their key features is that the help you reward customers for more than just purchases - offering a flexible way to pair the rewards your customers want with the actions you'd like them to perform (like referrals, shares, and participation in events).

If your business is serious about taking your loyalty and rewards to the next level, BigDoor is one of the biggest names in the field.

See BigDoor's Profile


Category: Content > Content Promotion

"Social content cross-promotion for creators."

CoPromote Content Cross-Promotion Network Screenshot

CoPromote is a share-for-share network of artists, musicians, and creatives who help each other reach new and expanded networks via cross-promotion. Because the shares are coming from real users with their own legitimate followings and networks, your events, deals, and services gain exponential exposure beyond what may have been possible through your own channels alone. 

With targeting by demographic, location, and analytics to gauge success, CoPromote is a measurable, modern twist on traditional promoting tactics.

See CoPromote's Profile


Category: Collaboration > Project Management

"Big Picture Project Management Tool"

10000ft Big-Picture Project Management Screenshot

10000ft is a project management tool that helps you know who is working on what in real-time and see when team members become available. It also helps keep track of project budgets, time spent, and gives you holistic project analytics. The scheduling tool is styled like a super-charged Gantt chart, with easy-to-use drag and drop functionality to adjust resources on the fly.

If you're looking for a high-level PM solution, 10000ft gives you a complete, flexible solution for managing resources, time spend, and budgeting.

See 10000ft's Profile


Category: Accounting > Budgeting & Expenses

"The simple way to picture revenue, profit and cash flow scenarios."

Dryrun Budget, Expense, and Revenue Forcasting and Reporting Screenshot

Dryrun is a data visualization tool focused on your cash flow. Giving you the ability to quickly create charts based on your numbers, forecasts, and custom scenarios, you can keep investors, key players, and team members in "the know" regarding your in-flows, out-flows, and future projections.

If you've been looking for a better way to manage your revenue and expense data, this is it. With some great integrations on the way (Harvest, QuickBooks, Zapier, and more) Dryrun will help bring your budgeting and expenses out of the spreadsheet and into your existing cloud workflow.

See Dryrun's Profile


Category: Analytics > Data Visualization

"An app store for reports. One-click install for marketers, operations and sales."

DataDash Data Visualization Solution Screenshot

DataDash takes our obssession with big, beautiful data and merges it with the metrics that matter most to your business, proposal, or research. With one-click solutions and source customization, you can get a data-rich, professional report in minutes and publish it for one or many users online. 

If you're looking for a way to combine data sources and present them in a meaningful way, DataDash offers a simple, effective visualization solution.

See DataDash's Profile


Category: Loyalty & Rewards > Gameification

"Funny way to collect leads and decrease bounce rate."

OllyBee Content Gameification App Screenshot

OllyBee lets publishers gameify their content and offer rewards for user engagement on your site. The concept draws directly from the idea of "easter eggs" placed in movies, games, and other media - where an object is hidden and must be found. By setting a number of objects to be found on the page (or across pages) you can prompt engagement in return for a designated reward.

There's a lot of potential here for publishers that make their revenue off of ad impressions, time on site, and other engagement-based businesses. It's a fun, light-hearted way to give your content a more interactive, personal feel while offering rewards and value to your visitors.

See OllyBee's Profile


Category: Productivity > Task Management

"Automatic time tracking software: time tracking, billing & invoicing."

TimeCamp Time Tracking and Task Management Screenshot

TimeCamp is a powerful time-tracking and project management solution for teams. With simple, one-click tracking, a powerful desktop solution, and a mobile app, your team will never have to break their flow to register their tasks and time spent. There are some really unique features to TimeCamp (their automated, keyword / filename-based tracking is just one) and their solution works seamlessly with many other web-based project management apps.

If you need a time-tracking tool that your team will actually use, TimeCamp is worth a try.

See TimeCamp's Profile


Category: Content > Outsourcing

"Professional translation and web content in just a few clicks."

TextMaster Content Translation Service Screenshot

 TextMaster is a freelance content translation service for translation projects of any size. Because it's accessible via bulk CSV upload, API, and direct integrations with WordPress, Magento, and Microsoft Office, your translation jobs don't have to take you away from creating your content. 

With an average 24hr turn-around time and native translators in over 30 languages, TextMaster can easily become a go-to for your international / multi-lingual content needs.

See TextMaster's Profile


Category: Productivity > Task Management

"Project status pages maintain project momentum with less work."

ProjectPulse Project Status Reports Screenshot

ProjectPulse is for agencies, freelancers, and team's working on projects that require updates / visibility. The goal is to reduce the frequency of emails to stakeholders and keep everyone in-the-loop and current as to the project's status. One of ProjectPulse's key points is sharing milestones rather than to-do list completion. You create a status page, describe each milestone, and the entire project's outline, completed sections, and current status are visible to everyone via a shared link with privacy settings.

If you've ever struggled to convey "where you're at" with a project, task, or piece of freelance work, ProjectPulse is a great way to maintain transparency and keep organized without the confusing back-and-forth of traditional updates.

See ProjectPulse's Profile


Category: Content > Live Streaming

"Local Broadcasting for Small Business"

Station Live Streaming App Screenshots

Station is a location-based media sharing solution for businesses and user's looking to discover / share content. In a world of hyper-networked, social content, Station connects the multimedia experience with a physical location, business, or event - allowing you to offer local, targeted content, deals, and more to prospective patrons in your area (while still gaining the benefit of your wider, socially-networked audience and their own networks).

If you're in the business of restauranting, food trucks, retail locations, or event venues and want to get in on the live-streaming revolution, Station offers an accessible, business-oriented spin on this growing distribution and marketing channel.

See Station's Profile


Category: Human Resources > Employee Scheduling

"HR Software. Simplified."

CakeHR Employee Management System Screenshot

CakeHR makes managing your human resources procedures a... well, "piece of cake". By offering an employee self-service portal for time off, calendars, and more, you are free to continue growing your business - rather than constantly dealing with scheduling approvals and requests. CakeHR also combines data / document storage for all of your employees' important contracts, contact, and payment info. With complete Google Apps integration, you can integrate CakeHR with many of the tools and calendars you already use.

If you need an easy, self-service way to manage your company schedule, time off, and important employee documents, CakeHR is built for the task.

See CakeHR's Profile


Category: Marketing > Contests & Promotions

"Do-it-yourself app builder for Facebook Fan Pages"

iFrapp Facebook, Landing Page, and Promotion Builder Screenshot

iFrapp is a DIY Facebook fanpage and web / mobile landing page builder for capturing leads, promoting content, and creating interactive apps. With their pre-made templates, you can be up and running in minutes or, if you have your own design / are comfortable coding, you can upload your own interactive design and customize it after. Create sweepstakes, photo galleries, deals, coupons, and more for your campaign and distribute them on any device.

iFrapp is a quick, easy, and beautiful way to spend less time creating your marketing / promotion material and more time growing and actually marketing your campaigns.

See iFrapp's Profile


Category: Niche > Legal

"Create Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions."

TermsFeed Terms of Service Generator Screenshot

TermsFeed gives the average user the power to create the legal terms and service agreements that your business site, software, or app needs to protect itself and your users. By following a simple setup wizard / questionnaire, your ToS are automatically generated for you as you need them and you can then export or download them to place on your site. In addition to the ability to generate your personalized Terms of Service on their site, TermsFeed also contains a wealth of knowledge and documents surrounding website ToS and legal documents.

If you're running any sort of business with an online component (and I bet you are!) then TermsFeed is worth the (free) setup and download.

See TermsFeed's Profile

Have you used any of these solutions? What was your experience? Leave your comments in the section below!

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