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Research August 19, 2014

New Software This Week - Volume 3

Volume 3

Every day we approve only the best software for our marketplace. These are the vendors who have met our strict quality standards over the past 7 days. This week's new Software are...

1. UserJoy

UserJoy Customer Engagement Solution - Moblized

UserJoy is an invaluable tool for businesses of all types that allows them to both increase trial conversions and decrease churn. UserJoy is an effective utility for increasing conversions by identifying customers who may be stuck in your onboarding process. The service can be used to identify trial users who are serious about making a purchase, for example; this information that can then be used to improve engagement and grow revenue across the board.


  • UserJoy can be used to identify users who are trapped in the sales funnel and reach out to them through targeted help messages.
  • The service can also be used to identify the current health of customers and to therefore automated messages to drive engagement.
  • UserJoy can also be used to identify those customers who are most likely to want to participate in testimonials, case studies and more for revenue growth.

Using the customer information obtained through UserJoy, the marketing, sales and even support teams at any particular business can reach out to customers in a much more engaging and meaningful way than ever before. This makes every customer an ideal sales opportunity thanks to the information that your teams will be armed with. Employees can easily identify specific issues a customer may be experiencing and can even use customer information for unique up-sell opportunities.

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2. Journyx

Journyx SaaS Timesheet Solution - Moblized

Journyx is a software as a service, web based expense and time tracking software that can completely revolutionize the way that small and medium sized businesses handle project accounting. By giving businesses a more detailed look at exactly how much time and money is being spend on any one particular project, they can make more informed decisions with regards to how to proceed. Certain issues that may be causing a delay in productivity can also be quickly identified, eliminating downtime and making for a much more logical allocation of resources.


  • Journyx offers full QuickBooks integration, meaning that you won't have to re-enter all pertinent information manually.
  • Journyx offers detailed expense reporting, allowing businesses to keep track of every last dollar that is being spent.
  • Journyx also offers payroll capabilities, allowing for more accurate payments to employees for the time they've put into the project in question.

Because Journyx is a web based solution, all information that is entered into the application (and therefore all associated features) are available from any mobile device or computer with an active Internet connection. You may take a periodic vacation, but your ability to actively track time and financial resources doesn't have to.

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3. Casual

Casual Visual Project Management - Moblized

Casual is a visual project management utility that allows small to medium sized businesses the unique ability to organize projects as workflows, allowing them to get a much better idea about current productivity levels, resource allocations and more. Team collaboration can therefore be built around accurate and up to date information thanks to the data that is being displayed at any given time. Casual also offers project plan templates that will allow businesses to cut down on the learning curve and get to work using the service for the benefit of the organization as quickly as possible.


  • Casual allows you to draw a project plan as a basic flow of tasks.
  • Casual allows for automated task prioritization, which will always let you know which activities are the most pertinent and which ones can wait.
  • Casual allows for simple knowledge sharing, making sure that your employees always have the information they need to make the most informed decisions possible.

Once created, project plans can be adjusted in a variety of different ways depending on the needs of the project in question. Casual dependencies can be assigned, for example, and deadlines and executors can be added in seconds. This allows businesses to completely change the way they manage tasks on an ongoing basis for the better almost instantly.

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4. ProSel

ProSel Inventory and Sales App - Moblized

ProSel is a great tool for small to medium sized businesses in the order entry and catalog management space. The goal of ProSel is to completely revolutionize a business' online sales channel in a variety of ways, including putting more content in front of users and providing a single system to manage custom content across both the e-commerce and website levels.


  • ProSel offers full, high level integration of website, portal and e-commerce channels.
  • ProSel is a responsive system, which means that it will always be properly formatted for the device that it is being used on.
  • ProSel gives users the ability to increase the level of content that is being placed in front of their online users, which in turn will go a long way towards increasing sales.

One of the major benefits of ProSel is its responsive design. With the vast majority of Internet users accessing the web on portable devices instead of traditional desktop solutions, ProSel will make sure that the content they're viewing is always readable and easy to use on the device that they're actually engaging with.

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5. ShipStation

ShipStation Shipping Label Solution - Moblized

ShipStation is e-commerce software with a simple goal: it provides small to medium sized businesses with the ability to create shipping labels as quickly and as easily as possible, regardless of the destination or the shipping company that is being used. Not only can a business use ShipStation and still ship with their favorite carrier, the information within the system can be customized based on certain shipping rules that may be in place. ShipStation also represents and excellent opportunity to save money, as discounted rates are always being offered regardless of the shipper.


  • ShipStation allows businesses to automate decision making through the creation of customized and automated shipping rules.
  • ShipStation offers a wide variety of reporting including pick lists, packing slips and more.
  • Once orders are imported, tracking information and order status updates can be sent to customers with a click of a button.

One of the best features available in ShipStation gives users the ability to ship in batch status. Instead of creating labels individually, large volumes of labels can be created all at once to consolidate the printing process and save both money and human resources.

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6. Sqrl

Sqrl Client Engagement and Data Acquisition - Moblized

Sqrl is a client engagement and collaboration software that allows businesses of all types and sizes with a much easier way to manage their client workflow than they've been using in the past. As a result, the total amount of time that it normally takes to process client requests is dramatically reduced, cutting costs in the process. Sqrl allows for an unlimited number of requests to be created. All information can be stored indefinitely thanks to the unlimited storage capabilities of the utility. Businesses can also create branded request forms, making sure that every document sent to clients is always a customized solution.


  • Sqrl offers cloud storage integration, making sure that all information is always available at a moment's notice from any device with an Internet connection.
  • Sqrl provides auto-reminders, making sure that a client request never falls through the cracks regardless of its age.
  • Sqrl allows for document storage, which will dramatically increase the ability of your clients and your employees to collaborate and share information.

The major benefit of Sqrl is one of consolidation. Instead of trying to organize client information that is spread out across sources like emails, various web portals and spreadsheets, all of that information can be condensed into one easy to use interface thanks to Sqrl for maximum productivity.

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7. OrderShark

OrderShark Inventory Management App - Moblized

OrderShark is an order entry application that is designed for mobile platforms like Apple's iOS and the Android operating system. Designed with small retail businesses in mind, OrderShark features barcode scanning that utilizes the camera on any tablet or smart phone for the purposes of data entry. OrderShark also offers UPC looking, order entry, sales automation and ERP integration features that make it a wholly unique and valuable solution for many different types of businesses.


  • OrderShark is compatible with Bluetooth barcode scanners, which can be a viable alternative for individuals who don't wish to use the camera on a phone for data entry.
  • OrderShark is compatible with both iOS and Android, allowing it to work equally well on nearly any mobile device on the planet - including ones that your employees probably already own.
  • OrderShark gives you the ability to copy, email and save orders right from the app, promoting an easy sharing of information with both employees and clients.

One of the most valuable features of OrderShark gives users the ability to add comments to orders under various conditions. Those comments will be attached to the order when it is sent to its final destination, allowing for an easier way to share information between the retailer and its supplier.

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8. TSheets

TSheets Time Tracking Software - Moblized

TSheets is a human resources application that gives small to medium-sized businesses the ability to track employee time information easier than ever before. Time can be tracked in real-time from any mobile device with an active Internet connection. Even if employees are clocking in and out on a desktop computer, that information can still be tracked instantly back to the TSheets service. Whether the employees are using manual time entry or punch card time entry, it doesn't matter. All employee time information can be tracked down to the second, giving businesses a much better indication of who is performing what types of actions - and where.


  • TSheets includes a unique feature that allows employers to track the amount of paid time off an employee is taking by way of vacation days, sick days and more.
  • TSheets offers GPS reporting capabilities, giving employers a much easier way to track both time and location information for employees who are using a variety of different mobile devices.
  • TSheets offers timesheet approval capabilities, which allows employers to both review and approve employee time information in a matter of seconds.

One of the most valuable and unique features of TSheets comes by way of its open API. This gives businesses the ability to fully customize TSheets to better meet the needs of their own personal organization. This also allows TSheets to be fully integrated with any existing human resources software that a business is using, allowing the two to work in sync.

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9. GoPago POS

GoPago POS solution - Moblized

GoPago POS is an ideal point of sale software solution for small and medium sized retailers that can be customized and adjusted as your business continues to grow and evolve. GoPago POS has all of the high quality features that you would expect from a point of sale solution, including the ability to process transactions and giving your employees the ability to work anywhere by way of a dedicated mobile application. GoPago POS is also cloud based, which means that any device with an Internet connection can be quickly turned into a fully integrated point of sale solution in a matter of seconds.


  • GoPago POS can process transactions, allowing employees complete control over the sale process from any type of device that they happen to be using.
  • The GoPago POS mobile app can be installed on both iOS and Android devices, making it both compatible with hardware that you likely already own and compatible with any future upgrades that you may make.
  • GoPago POS is a cloud based point of sale solution, which means that employees will always have access to all pertinent order and product information regardless of the device. Nothing needs to be updated manually because all catalog, product and even customer information is always available thanks to the cloud.

One of the most significant features of GoPago POS gives you the ability to create a custom loyalty program to reward frequent shoppers for your business. The loyalty program can be scaled to meet the demands of your specific organization, which is a proven method for turning "one and done" customers into repeat customers and increasing sales in the long term.

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