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Research August 1, 2014

New Software This Week - Volume 2

Volume 2

Every day we approve only the best software for our marketplace. These are the vendors who have met our strict quality standards over the past 7 days. This week in Software...

1. Swiftype

Swiftype Site Search Solution - Moblized

Swiftype offers a plug-and-play search solution for any website. It allows you to control not only the appearance of the search, but also the results themselves. This allows an integrated search function to fit perfectly with your existing design and visual layout. 

It's a product that will be particularly useful for ecommerce startups, site developers, and businesses of all types who have complex data structuring that requires a robust search solution.

Main Features

  • Swiftype is a cloud-based, hosted solution. This means that you don't need to provide your own hardware resources to run it and don't have to spend money maintaining it.
  • Swiftype allows you to customize the information that appears in search results to include only relevant pieces of information like prices, product images, detailed product descriptions and more.
  • Swiftype offers extensive typo protection, which means that your customers will be able to find the exact product that they're looking for even if they happen to spell it wrong during the initial search.

Noteworthy Functionality

If you want to reorganize the product search on your site to make sure that customers are immediately greeted with detailed information and accurate pricing regarding the products that they're searching for without ever needing to leave the page they're already on, Swiftype can do all that for you and more.

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2. Weekdone

Weekdone Team Collaboration Management - Moblized

Weekdone is a dedicated team management app that allows for the easy sharing of information, making sure that your managers are always up to date about not only what needs to be done but with regards to what has already been accomplished. 

It's an ideal team management application for startups, small businesses, midsize businesses and more. It is also naturally compatible with all of the hottest mobile devices today, meaning that your managers can take it with them while they're on the go.

Main Features

  • Weekdone sends both members of a team and team managers automated summaries, making sure that everyone is always aware of what has been previously accomplished and what still needs to be done in the days, weeks and months ahead.
  • The frequency of updates that team members and team managers receive can be adjusted based on your own preferences. You can choose to receive updates as infrequently as once a week or as frequently as in real time on a daily basis.
  • Information in Weekdone is organized in an inherently visual way through graphs, colors and more. The "Weekscore" shows you how close you are to completing your goals for the week at any given moment.

Noteworthy Functionality

One of the best parts about Weekdone is that it breaks down a summary of tasks based on the team members that they have been assigned to. You can always make sure that people are being as productive as possible and can reassign tasks to those who have already completed their previous goals.

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3. Gem Accounts

Gem Accounts Cloud-Based Accounting - Moblized

Gem Accounts is a fully featured online cloud based accounting application that is designed to make sure that you always have access to the most up to date and accurate financial information, even when you aren't anywhere near your office. Thanks to the cloud, you can check financial records, print out invoices and perform other types of tasks while you're at work or on your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry or Android while you're out and about without ever missing a step. 

If you're on vacation and you suddenly remember that you need to send a particular client a pressing invoice, you can even do that right from the application interface. Gem Accounts is an ideal solution for developers, businesses of all sizes, non profit organizations and more.

Main Features

  • Gem Accounts utilizes cloud based technology, meaning that you'll always have access to the same accurate and up to date information regardless of the device you happen to be accessing your account on at any given moment.
  • Thanks to the cloud, you'll never need to worry about backing up your business' important financial information again. Gem Accounts will do all of that for you automatically each and every time you make an adjustment to the information you've already been keeping track of.
  • The "Summary" page outlines all changes that have been made to your business' financial information since the last time you logged in, making sure that you always know what has been going on and that you always have an accurate idea of where you stand with regards to your business' finances.

Noteworthy Functionality

Entering financial information and making changes to your records is something that takes time. If you know you have a busy week in front of your accounting software ahead of you but can't make it into the office, don't worry - you can log onto the Gem Accounts application using your home Web browser or even your cell phone and catch up on all of your work without ever setting foot in the office.

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4. BillQuick

BillQuick Online Cloud Project Management - Moblized

BillQuick is a Web based project management, time tracking and billing software suite all rolled into one easy to use package. BillQuick operates using cloud based technology, which means that you don't have to install a new copy of the software on every computer or device that you want to be able to use it on. Any computer or device that has both a Web browser and an Internet connection will be able to enjoy the full functionality that BillQuick has to offer. 

If you're nowhere near the office but need to make a few important adjustments to your financial billing statements, for example, all you need to do is log into the application, make the necessary changes and go about your business. It really is that simple to use and that important. The application is designed with small businesses, midsize businesses and enterprise business users in mind.

Main Features

  • If you want to get a quick overview of recent changes that have been made to the financial records for your business or just want to get a quick overview on things like accounts and payroll, you can do so using the "Summary" screen and the huge number of different graphs and charts that are available to you.
  • You can create detailed files dedicated to specific clients, projects, bills and more. As a result, you can keep track of the current activities with these projects and even run time tracking features for your entire business right from the same easy to use graphical user interface.
  • You can generate invoices and send them to clients right from the website. The clients will receive an electronic invoice and can remit payment immediately upon receipt.

Noteworthy Functionality

After creating profiles for all of your expenses, clients, projects and other important categories, you can keep track of all activities for your organization remotely. Whether you're on the desktop computer that you keep in your office at work or you're on your iPhone while you're traveling with the family on vacation, you'll have access to all of the same information right from the same screen.

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5. Moltin

Moltin Ecommerce API - Moblized

Moltin is a dedicated cross platform eCommerce API designed with Web developers in mind. Whether you're a small business, a large business or fall somewhere squarely in the middle, Moltin is the key to creating a customized experience and managing your store on the Internet. Moltin offers over 44 different payment gateways, store management capabilities and more, all wrapped up in an easy to use and responsive interface.

Main Features

  • Moltin is inherently scalable by design, which means that the way that you use the application will grow as your business does. If your website is seeing an increased level of traffic due to a hugely successful Facebook campaign, for example, you can still keep all information within the same interface.
  • Moltin allows users to add to the inventory on a site even while Web developers are still working on their website. As new information is added within Moltin, those Web developers will have immediate access to it and can adjust the site's inventory accordingly.
  • Moltin also acts as an eCommerce point of sale solution, allowing customers to pay online with a credit card, debit card, PayPal account and more based on your preferences.

Noteworthy Functionality

Because Moltin is a cloud based solution, it's always up to date. You don't have to worry about patching issues that you've been having or making sure that you've installed the latest version, as you should always do with something so important as an integrated eCommerce API. Thanks to the cloud, you are always using the most recent version of Moltin with all of the latest and greatest features.

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6. Okanjo

Okanjo Online Storefront Solution - Moblized

Okanjo is an application that allows you to take any type of website and turn it into an online storefront almost instantly. Even if you already have an existing website that doesn't have a digital storefront integrated, configuring Okanjo to meet your specifications will allow you to immediately begin selling items and taking. Okanjo is designed with small businesses, web developers and other types of users firmly in mind.

Main Features

  • Okanjo features an embeddable storefront, which means that you aren't just adding a digital storefront to your website - your website becomes the storefront, creating a much more natural and intuitive experience for customers everywhere.
  • Okanjo features a mobile friendly design, which means that you aren't leaving users on popular mobile devices like the iPad or iPhone out in the cold. Users on mobile devices will find your digital storefront just as easy to navigate as those on desktop computers do.
  • Okanjo features unlimited free product listings, which means that you can continue to add items to your inventory for sale on your website as your business continues to grow and evolve.

Noteworthy Functionality

One of the best features about Okanjo that businesses will find incredibly valueable comes in the form of search engine optimized listings. As certain types of products gain notoriety and become more popular, they will increase their position in searches as a result. This will always allow your customers to quickly find the exact product that they're looking for.

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7. Team on the Run

Team on the Run Remote Collaboration Messenger - Moblized

Team on the Run is a private mobile messenger that is designed to effectively connect members of a team better than ever before. Because employees and team members will be able to easily share information with one another and communicate with each other at a moment's notice, your company's productivity and efficiency will skyrocket as a result. 

Users can share a huge variety of different types of files with one another using the application, from images to audio to PDF files and everything in between. Team on the Run is an application designed with all types of business users in mind, from small businesses to large enterprises and everyone in between.

Main Features

  • One of the best features of Team on the Run involves its ability to allow for easy file sharing. If two or more members of a team are all collaborating on the same project, they can quickly pass the file back and forth between one another using the application.
  • Team on the Run operates very similarly in concept to the traditional SMS messaging system on a cell phone, meaning that employees who are out in the field can enjoy all of the same communication benefits that those who are still in the office can enjoy.
  • Team on the Run uses state of the art encryption technology to help make sure that all of the important and private business information that is being passed between customers stays that way.

Noteworthy Functionality

If a particular employee is out in the field and you need to quickly get a message to them about an upcoming job, you can do so using Team on the Run just as easily as you could when sending an SMS text message to a loved one on a cell phone. In the event that a particular message isn't delivered for whatever reason, you'll get a detailed error message letting you know what the problem is and what you need to do to fix it.

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