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Research July 11, 2014

New Software This Week - Volume 1

Volume 1

Every day we approve only the best software for our marketplace. These are the vendors who have met our strict quality standards over the past 7 days. This week in Software...

1. HappyFox

HappyFox Help Desk Support Software - Moblized

Do you offer help desk support to your customers? Are you being overrun with out of control emails from customer support requests that aren’t always tracked and handled as best they can? HappyFox is a cloud-based help desk support system that can totally manage your support queue. 

With mundane tasks, HappyFox offers canned responses, so support personnel can focus on the bigger issues. While with the more complex tasks, you’ll get integrated CRM access so agents will have all the contextual information needed to get customer problems solved more quickly.

Main Features

  • Centralized ticketing system
  • Live chat and social media integration
  • Dedicated iOS and Android applications

Core Usage

HappyFox will automatically redirect inbound support requests to the right personnel, getting customer issues resolve more quickly. From a single app, HappyFox, your employees can manage requests received from all channels, including email, live chat, Facebook, and Twitter.

Learn more about HappyFox

2. Yotpo

Yotpo Ecommerce Product Reviews - MoblizedAre you in the ecommerce business? If you’re selling a product from your website, you can integrate the Yotpo reviews widget into your site and automate the process of requesting reviews from your customer with their Mail After Purchase element.

With the newly left reviews, new browsers will more easily turn into new customers, increasing sales and building a community. Reviews then are indexable by search engines, increasing the likelihood of more people finding your products.

Main Features

  • Get More Product Reviews
  • Integrated Google Seller Ratings
  • Helps Increase Sales

Core Usage

Use the Yotpo reviews widget to get more reviews for your products. Google will then index the reviews and show review stars in their search results thanks to the Google Seller Ratings integration.

Learn more about Yotpo

3. Bannerflow

Bannerflow Campaign Graphics Management Tool - MoblizedThe Bannerflow tool is meant to shorten the time of creating new ad banners from idea to graphic from days or weeks to minutes if not just seconds. Meant more for the layman or marketer than graphic designer, the tool helps users fix problems and respond more quickly to real-time needs. 

Remove the bottleneck and customize your marketing campaigns by region with ease, you can even easily convert existing ad campaigns to new ad sizes without needing to go back to a graphics designer.

Main Features

  • Reduce turnaround of banner production
  • Drag & Drop HTML5 banner ad designer
  • Connects to existing advertising tools

Core Usage

Stop depending upon expensive graphic designers to create your ad banners or to just fix mundane problems like typos. With Bannerflow, respond to real-time opportunities with real-time marketing campaigns. Even internationalize your banners with ease.

Learn more about Bannerflow

4. Bindo POS

Bindo POS Software and App - MoblizedBindo POS (point of sale) is for those companies that sell both online and in brick and mortar locations (offline). You are provided with a POS system providing integrated inventory management, time tracking, CRM, and mobile payments, along with many other features, all from an iPad driven system. Your data is kept securely in the cloud while your sales team worries about selling rather than maintaining the IT system and making daily backups. 

The customer management aspect allows retail associates to capture customer contact information as well as their sales history, allowing added value activities like recommendations, coupons, or loyalty bonuses.

Main Features

  • Single inventory management system for offline / online sales
  • Integrated CRM for customer loyalty programs
  • Multiple store support

Core Usage

Let’s say you own a wine and cheese shop and a customer comes in and wants to buy a bottle of wine. With Bindo POS, you’ll be able to see how frequently they’ve purchased the wine, recommend some cheeses they purchased the last time they bought that wine, and even recommend other wines they might like based on their entire purchase history.

Learn more about Bindo POS

5. Vendevor

Vendevor Ecommerce Shopping Cart and Payment Processing - MoblizedQuite simply, Vendevor is an online shopping cart and payment processor. It offers quite a bit more than that, but it all boils down to the shopping cart. The rest are bells and whistles in addition to the sales. If you have an online web site, you can easily integrate Vendevor into the site such that you can sell your products. 

Once integrated, you can then take advantage of its inventory management or email marketing features. Don’t have a place to sell yet, they’ll give you a subdomain on their system. Provides multiple levels of security from 256-bit SSL encryption, to the necessary PCI compliance, and advanced fraud detection.

Main Features

  • Add an online store to an existing website, blog, or Facebook fan page
  • Offers discount codes and coupon engine
  • No third party payment processing tools required

Core Usage

Imagine a company that started from an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. While they may have “sales” from the campaign, once they finish the product and ship those initial units, they have to start selling their product themselves. Vendevor will integrate quickly into your site to initiate sales once the product is ready.

Learn more about Vendevor

6. Marketizator

Marketizator Conversion Optimization Suite - MoblizedMarketizator is a 3-in-1 conversion suite that offers integrated A/B testing, surveys, and personalization to help you improve customer conversion rates. Instead of using a separate tool for each, the trio of tools provides a single interface and helps you convert visitors into buyers. Basically, it offers conversion rate optimization so you can improve your online marketing strategies. 

No single strategy works best for all, but with the help of the three part suite, you are helped to find what works best for your audience. While throwing more dollars into the mix will typically improve conversion rates, Marketizator will help you convert more for less dollars, as long as you pay for their monthly subscription.

Main Features

  • Single dashboard for A/B testing, surveys, and personalization
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Offers WordPress Plugin for bloggers

Core Usage

With Marketizator, you’re able to segment your audience to identify what makes people tick, or at least to keep them interacting with your web site and not leaving. Through personalization, surveys, and A/B testing, with analysis, you discover the hidden reasons on what is holding people back from buying, if at least it is the web site that is the reason.

Learn more about Marketizator

7. ClinchPad

ClinchPad Lead Tracking Tool and CRM - Moblized

ClinchPad is a lead tracking tool that allows you to get away from the spreadsheets for managing the sales pipeline. They target the small sales team and help distribute leads across the whole team so no one person is overburdened. 

The tool provides more of a visual representation of the sales process, and focuses more on deals instead of individual contacts that a more traditional CRM system might do. Just drag and drop the prospect along each step of the sales process. The product originated in New Delhi, India and is being pushed by a local incubator to help it go global.

Main Features

  • No more spreadsheets for the sales team
  • Built for small teams
  • Visually manage your sales pipeline

Core Usage

With small companies, what typically happens is each individual salesperson will manage their leads in a separate spreadsheet, or on separate tabs of a commonly used spreadsheet. With ClinchPad, leads get distributed so no one person has too many, while providing a common tool to see where in the sales channel all leads are currently at.

Learn more about ClinchPad

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