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Ecommerce April 6, 2015

Lumiary Review: Retailer CRM and Marketing Platform for Ecommerce

Tracking clients across multiple platforms throughout marketing and purchasing funnels is one of the biggest challenges for online retailers. Each platform you use has its own way of siloing valuable interaction data, making it difficult to recognize multi-channel conversations, profiles, and interaction histories across your various ecommerce assets.

Lumiary has developed a Retailer CRM for just this type of customer intelligence.

For example, imagine trying to combine:

  • Customers on multiple ecommerce platforms 
  • Email marketing lists
  • Web analytics data
  • Support / Help Desks
  • Marketing and engagement on social channels

This type of complete business overview is nearly impossible without a centralized integration hub to make all of the necessary connections and combine the data. 

That is why solutions like Lumiary are so valuable to online retailers. 

Through this type of integrated platform, you can track all of these channels and metrics in one place and make better segmentation, marketing, and optimization decisions.

With Lumiary, you are able to:

  1. Create a singular, unified database of all your customers.
  2. Get a detailed profile and activity timeline for each customer.
  3. Segment to create targeted customer lists.
  4. Gain insights and recommendations tailored to your store.
  5. Monitor your business metrics in one, unified dashboard.

Lumiary Features

1. Customer Segmentation

Because your customer purchase and profile data is all centralized through Lumiary, you have the power to do more advanced targeting than if you had your systems separated.

The nice thing about Lumiary is that it doesn't force you to do the advanced thinking to setup these segments. With their "Popular Segments" category, you can quickly select a grouping or easily create your own filters based on other purchase data.

Segmentation data points include:

  • Days since last order
  • Purchase date range
  • What product was purchased
  • How much was spent
  • How many orders they've made with you
  • Geographical location

Lumiary Customer Segmentation

So you have segments, now you want to email them, right? Lumiary makes it easy to template your emails so that you can standardize your promotional material across spans of time or differentiate based on each segment.

Lumiary Email Templates

2. Timeline of Customers' Activity

The timeline is a review of the entire order process for specific clients and your sales funnel. It goes through each step and breaks down the information pulled from various pieces of their engagement with your store, brand, and marketing efforts.

This is probably one of the coolest features of Lumiary. Where the Dashboard shows you a synopsis, the Timeline gives you each significant action for every customer.

Lumiary Customer Action Timeline

It's a highly visual way to create a logical order of events for each visitor and to help better understand breakdowns, successes, and give you the ability to personalize follow-ups based on their interaction with your brand.

What separates the Lumiary Timeline from most other aggregated solutions is that:

  • It's super visual and makes analytics / funnel information human-legible
  • The information is significant events so it doesn't get cluttered with information that is too granular
  • You have the customer profile (social accounts, history, purchases, etc) directly accessible and on the same interface

3. Business Dashboard

The dashboard brings all customer data, insights, and recommended actions in one location. It pulls your store's sales data, site traffic, and social network stats all together in one place for quick digestion and action.

Lumiary Sales Channel Analytics

You will get your hard numbers, top buyers / products, and social engagement numbers in a tabbed interface. They forego typical analytics graphings in favor of a visual, widget-like display.

Lumiary Buyer and Order Metrics

You can filter by date to see (for example) how yesterday's marketing efforts resulted in X visits, Y Dollars, and Z new followers.

It's a nice way to get that high-level data you want without being forced to run a bunch of queries, set up filters, and jump between solutions.

This dashboard gives you the ability to baseline and benchmark between days, weeks, and months to see how you're performing at a glance. 

Lumiary Quick Glance Metrics

5. Actions and Recommendations

This is the list of all of your recommendations, separated from your sales data. The Action Panel helps you decide how to proceed in your marketing, segmentation, etc and why each action is important.

Lumiary Actions and Recommendations

These recommendations are based on Lumiary reviewing and analyzing top-performing brands to decode their marketing strategies. Recommendations are given based on those successes for you to either act on, or dismiss. 

Before you decide to ignore a piece of advice, you can see what rationale is given for the suggestion by "flipping" the card with a click. Recommended actions are also set on a schedule that reduces duplication of marketing efforts and prevents you from sending the same customer too many different messages or too often.

What I find useful about this is that you will be constantly reminded of actions you should be taking (if not the exact action they recommend, then at least of a channel you should be engaging on). You'll notice calls to action (CTAs) underneath each recommendation.

Examples include:

  • "Say Thanks" to repeat buyers via email
  • "Post a Tweet" using hashtags that are trending for your audience
  • "Read More" - typically leads you to a Lumiary educational piece

When you click any of these CTAs it will take you to the action in their composer directly - the email composer for anything email related, and the social composer for your Twitter or Facebook posts.

Overall Experience

Once your accounts are connected, using Lumiary is a quick, easy, and enjoyable experience. One of the best parts about it is that everything feels like it's integrated; it's not like some other "integration" dashboards that try to smash your data together like a square peg in a round hole.

As one Lumiary user put it:

I'm a small business owner with limited time and I use Lumiary on a daily basis. Not only does it aggregate analytics from social media, google searches and my website, more importantly it puts it in an easy to read, user friendly format that allows me to see what is really going on with my business.

The thing I really empathized with from the above is "user-friendly". My review of the user experience has really come back to that phrase every time I've thought about it. In addition to being friendly to look at, all of the data and dashboards tie in with each other in one way or another. 

Another plus is that Lumiary avoids walling-off data from your sources and makes sure that if you've connected a channel, you will see data or recommendations for it. If you connect a channel that doesn't get a lot of activity, you'll instead get recommendations on how to improve it. So really, no matter what you will feel like all of your connected assets are producing value and contributing to the success of your funnel.

If you're looking for an extremely user-friendly Retailer CRM and marketing hub for your ecommerce assets, Lumiary is an excellent choice.

What You Need to Get Started

You can start using Lumiary immediately with their 14-day free trial. Just choose the plan that fits your needs.

Lumiary has three different plans that are based on order volume. Regardless of your plan, you will have full access to all of Lumiary's tools and dashboards. Nothing is gated or premium, so everything you read about above is something you'll get with any plan.

Once you've signed up and logged in, getting started is simply a matter of connecting your channels.

Lumiary Integrations

Lumiary currently supports:

  • Ecommerce: Shopify, Bigcommerce, Etsy, Magento, Lightspeed POS
  • Social: Facebook and Twitter
  • Images: Tumblr and Instagram
  • Analytics: Google Analytics
  • Email: Mailchimp

If your preferred channels aren't available, the Lumiary team has a standing offer to do custom work on an integration for you. This will help you get your ideal workflow in place and is helping Lumiary build a more robust solution at the same time - a win-win.

Want to See More?

Check out Lumiary's Profile in our App Directory for screenshots and more information.

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