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Customer Engagement Software August 12, 2014

How to Email the RIGHT Way [Infographic]

See the infographic below for the full story.

You’ve been sending emails for a long time.

By now, you’ve got it down, right? Why is it then, that some of the most professional businesspeople have some pretty awful email prowess, forcing chains of correspondence that stretch on for days?  Sqrl, a hosted data retrieval and engagement solution, lets you communicate with your clients through their email. They have outlined some of the common mistakes that make for the worst emails.

Are you guilty of these email mistakes?

  • Useless subject lines
  • Informal greetings with new contacts
  • Using the incorrect moniker
  • Writing a novel with no breaks in the text
  • Being too formal (literally, too much like a form)
  • No clear call to action or options
  • Closing your message with curt farewells

“That’s not me!” you say? Perhaps you’re one of the good ones, but you’ve dealt with any number of people (especially outside of your organization) who were just terrible at communicating effectively via email. You may be a professional email-er, but unless you guide your clients to use a certain communications protocol, you are bound to run into the above issues from their end (not to mention the miscommunication, lost time, and disorganized threads).

In the infographic below developed by the folks at Sqrl, you’ll get to know the art of email correspondence and how to become better at requesting information from clients.

How emailing the “right way” affects your productivity

You want information, or vice versa, information is requested of you. It can get messy and fast, especially with first time communication with a client or other businessperson.

An incomplete, convoluted request sends you both into a virtual game of telephone, with clarification emails delaying real action for hours or potentially days. It’s easy to shoot off the first thing that pops into your head without consciously thinking about how your recipient will interpret it.

Do your emails:

  • Address the main points (who, what, when, where, why)?
  • Give alternative options if your request cannot be met?
  • Specify a follow up date / time in case of no response?

And all of this should fit within just a few lines, as 2/3 of email is read on a mobile device. Beyond these purely informational aspects, you need to wrap it within a friendly, approachable opening and closing. Emails with personalization received 137% higher open rate than those without.

How Sqrl can help

Sqrl does a number of things to make email-based tasking, information requests, and delivery as smooth as possible for your clients. The point is to reduce friction and increase response rate, time, and accuracy.

Some of the pain points their app addresses include:

  • Ability to “Check off” tasks as complete within email correspondence
  • Automatically following up on required documents.
  • Being able to re-open tasks (restarting the reminders) with a single click
  • Saving conversations within relevant groupings becomes easy
  • Doesn’t require client to install or learn a new solution

The infographic that they have put together details some of the reasons why a solution like  Sqrl is essential. Taking this research and applying it to their design of their solution has yielded an app that combines beautiful design, ease of use, templating capabilities, personalization, and task management into a SaaS solution for businesses of all sizes.

How do you match up?

See if you are meeting the criteria for sending emails “the right way”. Then consider how much time you could save through an expert email communications solution like Sqrl.

Check out the infographic below to see how your email skills match Sqrl's professional email advice!

Sqrl Infographic - Email the Right way - Moblized

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