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21 Cutting-Edge Hair Salon Resources

Do you want more volume in your sales? Is marketing your salon giving you split ends? Whether you're blonde, brunette, or little-mermaid red, you'll be seeing green after implementing some of these cutting-edge tools. Here is a stylish list of excellent resources to upgrade your salon to the 21st century. 

1. Vagaro

Vagaro Salon Management Software Overview - Moblized

Vagaro is a popular solution for the hair salon industry. Its backend is a one-stop solution for salon owners to manage their appointments, employees, marketing, and other business automation. The website also acts as a salon search engine for users to find salons and spas in their local market and make an online appointment.


  • It is complete salon management software - that enables owners to handle everything from appointment scheduling, payroll, inventory, customer management, and online marketing.
  • Vagaro also features email reminders, text message reminders etc. to ensure that owners don’t forget assigned tasks.
  • automatically adds member salons to their online Salon listing – making your salon instantly visible to thousands of viewers – plus you can showcase your styles and stylists

2. Brand Your Own Product Line is a service that helps salon owners manufacture their own line of hair care products. Salon owners can create their unique, customized products, and receive professional quality, branded merchandise. This gives your salon a wonderful opportunity to offer your client an extensive range of eco-friendly and innovative products. Plus it has your name on it!

3. Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth Customer Loyalty and Rewards Overview - Moblized

With haircuts and styling being one of the universal constants, it’s in your best interest to create customer loyalty. Reward your faithful clients for purchases, social sharing and referrals with Sweet Tooth. You can offer coupons and discounts for repeat visits and watch your repeat and referral foot traffic increase.


  • Enables salon owners to manage customer history to create and manage reward programs.
  • It has a very simple and powerful interface – compatible with PC, laptop or tablet.

4. Online Business Branding Course

Driving repeat customers to your salon is equal parts awesome service and connecting with your customers. Learn how to brand your salon with this intuitive Udemy e-learning course: How to brand yourself and your business. It features expert advice from industry leaders in an easy-to-digest online format.


  • Cost-effective online course with a series of short videos that salon owners can see anytime, anywhere, on the go, or in the lull between Clients.
  • Professional advice on branding and marketing strategies that are proven to work.

5. Insight

This salon and spa software solution has been designed especially for managing a Salon. Insight is being used by thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs to handle everything from a single computer to hundreds of connected computers across their network. Untangle your hair salon management with this comprehensive system.


  • Intuitive appointment scheduling, credit card processing, payments, POS, customer management and retention tools
  • It also handles employee management, payroll and more.
  • Available as a smart phone and tablet app, Insight can be accessed from anywhere, even on the go while salon owners tend to clients.
  • Each device can be set to view it’s own schedule. Meaning, that it can be set up for each employee, to help manage his or her individual schedules and clients.

6. CardSpring

CardSpring Customer Loyalty and Rewards Overview - Moblized

CardSpring is an ideal platform that can be used to increase your business growth through purchase-linked promotions. Customers can see your promotion on several 3 rd party sites, enabling them to become a part of the promotion by entering their credit card details. To redeem, they need to visit your salon and use the card.


  • CardSpring helps salon owners run promotional campaigns – giving them a direct measure of the relationship between promotions and actual purchase at your salon.
  • It enables owners reach out to millions of customers by automatically distributing their promotions through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • CardSpring integrates seamlessly with the salon’s existing POS system and needs no new set-up or hardware.

7. Zellebook

Zellebook Salon Management Software Overview - Moblized

Zellebook offers complete business management solutions targeted towards salons. It’s a one-stop shop to setup and manage a salon business with perfect ease.


  • Complete business management solution from booking and managing appointments, customer engagement and management, POS, inventory tracking, employee payroll and even website
  • Data stored in the cloud – accessible anywhere
  • Convenient way to track and manage guest visits, appointment history, product history, purchases, loyalty programs etc enabling salon owners to truly customize the guest experience to make it special for returning customers
  • Provides detailed reports covering products sales, client services, inventory, and employee utilization enabling salon owners to have fine grained data for various aspects of their business, all in one place.

8. BeautySalonMarketing360

Salon owners can now have their business website fully developed with BeautySalonMarketing360! BeautySalonMarketing360 provides the entire range of web creative and marketing services from logo design to building your website. Follow this up with marketing and SEO, a blog, plus online ads and other services.


  • All website designs are responsive, meaning your salon website will be easily accessible on smartphones, tablets or PCs.
  • They provide domain name services, domain hosting and email hosting along with website creation.
  • It helps salon owners create and manage their online presence in one place – with turnkey as well as custom services for logo and website design.
  • They integrate SEO, online ad placement, and content like blogs to ensure your salon has a better chance of being ranked highly on results pages

9. Salonite

Salonite is one of the most advanced salon appointment scheduling system that is designed specifically for the beauty and wellness industry. It is a cloud-optimized solution that provides robust scheduling for salons around the world.


  • Built-in SMS and Email
  • Smart scheduling feature details the work of each staff member - what appointments they perform, at what duration, and at what price.
  • Reduce no-shows (and loss of payment) and improve customer experience
  • Accessible from anywhere, stylists and management are always “in the loop”

10. is a resource for owners and stylists to hone their craft. It has numerous videos to show case the latest and most creative hairdressing styles plus there are hundreds of videos in easy to understand steps. Categories like color, hairstyle, length, and look make these videos easily searchable – find and add styles to your business offerings.

11. Groupon Works

The world-famous daily deal website, Groupon can help salon owners reach out to a much larger audience. Everyone knows Groupon and deals highlighted on Groupon have a much better chance of taking off! Creating a deal on Groupon is an effective marketing tactic, especially when you are launching a new product or salon. It can help you directly reach out to and engage the people who are actively searching for salons in your area. Entice new users to experience your services just once and they are far more likely to turn into regular clients.

12. Salon Iris

Salon Iris Salon Management Solution Overview - Moblized

Salon Iris is another all-in-one solution that’s flexible enough to scale along with your company. This is reliable software that is backed by an excellent support team, which makes it the most trusted solution by the salon community across the globe.


  • Optimized for small salons, with easy-to-use functionalities.
  • With Salon Iris, business owners can easily manage their employees, inventory, schedule the appointments, and sell products.
  • Numerous options for reports help business owners track what’s working and what’s not, to make better business decisions.

13. Salon Marketing Tips

Learn all about effective marketing directly from a salon owner who has been in your shoes! This site offers insights into what it takes to market you business, the common fears and problems stylists face when opening their own salon, and how to get the business going. The special, inspirational quotes add an extra zing. Some select examples:

If you don’t have a passion for the art and business of hairdressing, then you’re just cutting hair.

Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude.

Many of you ask “how can I increase salon retail sales?” Meanwhile, you cringe at the word “selling,” and repeatedly tell yourself, “I’m not a salesperson.”

14. Shortcuts

This hair salon software allows you to manage your day and navigate future appointments with a stylish appointment book based on a touch screen.


  • Online booking, automated marketing, client feedback management, business performance calculator and many more functions.
  • Multiple kinds of reports that can be accessed easily make calculated business decisions.
  • Shortcuts gives salon owners a way to communicate with your clients quickly to let them know about special offers and updates.
  • The online booking system accepts bookings around the clock.

15. SproutSocial

SproutSocial Customer Engagement Platform Overview - Moblized

SproutSocial provides a platform to engage with your audience and manage social media accounts and campaigns. Create an exceptional, curated brand experience across all of your media accounts, collaborate with other members of your salon team, and get online social engagement analytics.


  • Unlimited analytics and reporting across all your business accounts.
  • Monitoring feature allows you to discover what people are saying about your business.
  • Schedule social media posts for set times throughout the day to put your customer engagement on autopilot
  • Monitor customers talking about your brand across all of your networks and reply to them instantly - keep tabs on customer conversations online and engage them effectively all the times.
  • Queue your own posts for set times throughout the day / week or use an RSS feed to automatically pull content and post it to your followers

16. Salon Guru

In a crowded landscape, it can be tough to engage with customers and get them to appreciate your unique offerings. If you are looking for marketing tips, then Salon Guru is the perfect platform for you. The blogs & newsletter are designed to help salon owners with their online marketing. This site also has free eBooks that detail how to make use of social media marketing. Salon owners can also sign up for a free website audit to get a report on how well their website conveys their brand and engages customers.


This site started as a blog and now tracks the journey of how one stylist opened her own salon and found her niche. It’s an inspiring story, full of insights that could be valuable to an aspiring salon owner. The best part is that she has distilled the lessons into clear, actionable steps that are now in her eBook “How To Start Your Own Online Hair Salon Business, In Under 2 Weeks”. There is also a video course “All you needed to know about online salon marketing”.

18. MindBody

MindBody Salon Management Software Overview - Moblized

This online booking system allows your clients to book their next visit whenever it’s convenient and available. Business owners can link their MindBody schedule on their website to give clients and prospects an indication of free slots in real time.


  • MindBody helps salon owners acquire new clients as well as keep in touch with the existing ones.
  • Offer discounts and promotions to targeted clients.
  • Send appointment confirmations to the clients directly via text message or email when they book.
  • The staff resource feature helps the salon owner track and enhance the productivity of employees - keep the schedules all in one place and link them to their payroll.

19. Iconosquare

Iconosquare Social Media Management Overview - Moblized

Iconosquare helps business owners engage with their audience via photos or video contests. It is an ideal tool to improve the brand awareness and grab the attention of potential customers through social media. All the salon owners need to do is set up, promote, monitor and publish reports.


  • The photos and videos can be easily shared on Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • It provides a variety of informational and fun facts about your accounts such as filter usage; most liked photos & videos, hash tag cloud etc, so that you know what’s working and who’s engaging with your posts.
  • Promote to and engage your customers where they are likely already searching for styles

20. TouchSuite

TouchSuite Salon is an all-in-one touch screen terminal that includes an integrated credit card swiper with additional software.


  • Everything for point of sale: a bar-code scanner, receipt printer, cash drawer, keyboard and other functions. Extra add-ons include a debit pin pad and gift card module.
  • TouchSuite can be used to book appointments, checkout clients, manage staff, manage clients etc.
  • The product management feature tracks retail inventory

21. SalonToday

SalonToday highlights resources on the latest salon products and information on salon business management and marketing techniques. SalonToday has many categories including: blogs, news, photos, videos, products, events and more.

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