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9 Great Apps for Wedding Planners

This one’s going out to all the Wedding Planners out there. You’re the ones making the magic happen year round for all the lovely people out there ready to say “I do” thereby ending all sense of personal privacy, self identity, and in some cases the very will to live. Oh I kid, I kid. Marriage is a beautiful thing and I have great admiration for all those that find that one person they cannot live without and seal that commitment with an oath before family and friends. However, behind every good man that liked it so much he put a ring on it, there is a wedding planner!

As a Wedding Planner you have to manage everything; guest lists, invitations, seating charts, decorations — you are asked to manage countless details, the kind of stuff people don’t want to deal with so they hired you. Luckily, there are apps out there that will help you get the job done in absolutely fab style. Whether you’re helping the bride find that perfect dress or helping to keep your clients on budget, these easy-to-use apps make the planning process much, much easier. From in-depth checklists to creative inspiration boards, here are ten must have apps for any Wedding Planner worth their weight in Unity Candles.

1. myPantone Wedding & Events ($5)

Not since Snoop and Dre has their been a more perfect pairing than the teaming up of the Pantone color experts and the wedding style specialists at The Dessy Group. Together they created myPantone Wedding & Events. This app will help you and your bride coordinate colors, apparel, and accessories for their big day. For styleboards, the app includes thousands of images to choose from, but you can also upload your own to create customized inspiration collages.

2. Wedding Budget (Free)

Some Wedding Planners take on the responsibility of assisting with keeping track of all the odds and ends expenditures so their clients stay either on, or as little over budget, as possible. Because we all know nobody is getting married under budget. I don’t care if you budget $100 for your wedding, you’re going to end up spending at least $101. Being a Wedding Planner that helps your clients stay mindful of their budget is actually a pretty shrewd business tactic because you’re adding value to the relationship you have with your clients. You’re not just another vendor to these people, you’re part of the family here. The Wedding Budget app offers plenty of tools to make making the wedding day budget easy to manage. Simple steps allow you to set up a budget, monitor expenses, and get a quick glimpse of your overall spending with a graphic depiction of the dollars and cents.

3. PhoneSwipe (Free)

I speak to a lot of Wedding Planners and they are some of the most mobile business people out there. Whether it’s meeting clients at cafes for a planning meeting, testing cakes with the bride and groom and a bakery, or visiting locations like churches and reception halls, Wedding Planners are always on the move. PhoneSwipe, is a Wedding Planner’s best friend when it comes to processing mobile payments via your iPhone or Android device. Instead of waiting for invoices to be processed and checks to clear, take your clients payments from your mobile device! If you have questions about PhoneSwipe and how it can change the way you take payments as a Wedding Planner, check out home page

4. iBridal Gown ($4)

The almost complete and total inability of woman to find the perfect wedding dress has turned TLC into a billion dollar company. Seriously, you have Randy to the Rescue, Say Yes To The Dress, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta, Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids, The Real Wedding Dresses of Orange County, okay I made the last one up but you get the idea: finding a wedding dress is often the most torturous decision a bride makes. So important is this decision to women that if they applied the same amount of care and presence of mind to choose a groom as they do a wedding dress, we might not see so many troubled marriages in this country, but I digress. The iBridal Gown app helps you and your bride-to-be search and sort all the options. A side-by-side “flipbook” allows you to compare their favorite picks, and you can easily share photos with friends.

5. The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner (Free)

Brides be usin’ The Knot boy! I’m telling you the average time gap between the engagement and a new The Knot account is in the milliseconds. Chances are you’ve learned ways to utilize The Knot website as part of your own client services strategy, and if that is indeed the case than installing The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner app is a no-brainer. With the app, you can access all the crucial tools from the website — everything from your client’s checklist to their budget tools to their list of ideas.

6. iWedding Deluxe ($5)

Although Wedding Budget has a lot of great features for a Wedding Planner, those looking for an app that includes everything in one, then iWedding Deluxe is a great option. The app offers guest list organization, multiple to-do lists, easy budgeting tools, gift trackers, and a seating plan chart — a one-stop shop for all the details you need to juggle.

7. Brides Wedding Genius 2.0 (Free)

There’s no doubt that the premier magazine for brides-to-be is Brides Magazine. Every bride-to-be is reading the magazine and is most likely coming to you, their wedding planner, with ideas for their wedding pulled right from the pages of the magazine. From the ultimate magazine for brides comes Brides Wedding Genius 2.0, a simple, easy-to-use app that allows you to browse dresses, explore jewelry options, and search for incredible honeymoon destinations.

8. Pinterest (Free)

Being able to supply your bride with creative ideas adds extra value to the experience of working with you, Pinterest is a great place to find amazing wedding ideas. According to Kelly McWilliams of Weddings by Socialites: “[Pinterest] has changed everything. Basically brides and grooms are taking ideas from Pinterest and just putting a unique or personal spin on it.” Using the Pinterest App can help you get the creative juices flowing and help your clients have a beautiful and memorable wedding day.

9. Instagram (Free)

With the advent of the “Vine killing” video feature, Instagram has solidified its dominance in the memory saving and sharing app space. Kelly McWilliams offers this advice to wedding planners not already using the app: “Instagram is going to be huge in weddings this year. Planners who hashtag and GPS map well will see big benefits.”

We salute you Wedding Planners for being willing to take on the ugly, painful, mind numbing details for couples that just want to enjoy a happy long life together. If you have any questions about these apps or need any other wedding advice in general, shoot me an email anytime at

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