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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / September 18, 2014

@Trialfireinc - Website

"Behavior analytics, in just a few clicks."

Product Description

Trialfire is a behavioral analytics tool for your website that has a unique "point and click" setup. Use your site the same way that a user would, all the while tagging and highlighting the actions, clicks, and flows that you want to measure.

Trialfire lets you retroactively evaluate usage data so you don't need to know what you want to track before you get real, measurable information. Set up your flow, gather data, and then refine the tracked elements (and get the data from those elements without waiting for new users to come through). 

All of this without ever needing to talk to your development team.

Best Features

  • Super easy-to-use "point and click" setup of metrics
  • Collect every user action but reports on what you "Pin" - allows you to set new pins and collect data even before new users pass through the new tracking setup
  • Integrates with your favorite dashboards / analytics tools
  • Ranking system for the importance of each type of click, action, or task to monitor

Who It's For 

Trialfire is for anyone who wants to visually set up their analytics without having to go through a developer and who wants the ability to collect information fast.

  • Site Managers
  • Web Developers
  • Small Business Owners

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