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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / September 29, 2014

@SpharesDotCom - Website

"Connects cloud services that are not compatible otherwise."

Product Description

SPHARES directly connects to all services & handles communication between systems that are incompatible otherwise. Everyone in the group can continue use their favorite tools and collaborate effectively, knowing their data is kept in sync.

Sphares connects cloud services that are not compatible otherwise. 

Once all collaborators have joined a Sphare, everyone can go back to work, using their tools and services. Sphares keeps everything and everyone in sync automatically

Allows connecting of apps in categories such as files, calendars, tasks, contacts, and more. Sphares offers collaboration management across multiple channels in one location.

Best Features

  • Everyone on team can continue using their favorite cloud solutions
  • Data will be passed between and synced to otherwise incompatible apps
  • Doesn't save any data - Sphares just makes the connections

Who It's For 

  • Remote Teams / Single Professionals
  • Mobile Employees
  • Small Business / Teams

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