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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / September 29, 2014

@getsimplifyd - Website

"Centralize your clients, invoicing, estimates and sales pipeline."

Product Description

Simplifyd is an multi-functional web application that manages your clients, invoicing, estimates and sales pipeline. 

Reduce inbox clutter and log conversations and activity with their timeline view. You can send your clients files, messages, design proofs, photos or PDF’s from directly within the app.

In - Out flow of spend and revenue are available in their Money Dashboard view. Speaking of securing revenue, use the Sales Pipeline tool to update progress on projects and help take the complexity out of following your funnel.

There's also an integrated calendar!

Best Features

  • Complete client management solution
  • CRM, inbox management, metrics dashboards, and pipeline view
  • Web app - works anywhere, on any device

Who It's For 

  • Small Business / Teams
  • Relationship Managers

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