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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / August 1, 2014

@SidekickHelps - Website

"Create Interactive Walkthroughs for any Website, Plugin, Theme or Web-Based Platform."

Product Description

SIDEKICK simplifies any web application with interactive, step-by-step guidance. It helps your users complete tasks inside your web application by guiding them through the steps in an engaging way. You'll learn by following interactive, step-by-step guides. It's like having an expert at your side, ready for whenever you need help.

Best Features

  • Sidekick Composer for building your interactive walk-throughs
  • Quicker user onboarding
  • Works on any platform

Who It's For 

  • Business with complex service
  • SaaS with user dashboards
  • Wordpress Developers
  • Resellers with clients

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