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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / October 7, 2014

@ReferralSnip - Website

"Add a refer-a-friend widget to any link. No code required."

Product Description

ReferralSnip is a referral program management solution that allows you to quickly and easily create referral snippets. Share these snippets with any link that you want to include in the referral program and get referrals; it's that simple.

It works like this:

  1. Design Your Referral Snippet
  2. Add Your Snippet To Any Link
  3. Share Your Link & Get Referrals

Best Features

  • Point and Click Snippet Creation
  • Customizable to match your branding
  • Social and Email sharing built-in
  • Link shortening, tracking, and analytics
  • Add your own gifts and incentives

Who It's For 

  • Small Business
  • Social Marketers
  • Individuals

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