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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / October 3, 2014

@Paraglideio - Website

"Offer Employee Perks and Perks Programs"

Product Description

Paraglide is an employee perks solution that makes managing and offering incentives to employees easy. Help to reinforce (or create) your company culture with unique perks and improve employee morale. 

By allowing your employees to choose from a curated selection of offerings, you can empower them with perks that they will actually want to work towards. 

Develop your own program where you can reimburse / comp employees based on criteria you set to help encourage certain behaviors that benefit both the employee and your company's standards.

Best Features

  • Invite as many employees as you wish - Pay only for seats you use
  • Curated, desirable perks or custom perks
  • Create a rewards program to encourage employees

Who It's For 

  • Business Owners
  • Small - Medium Businesses

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