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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / September 8, 2014

@open_soon - Website

"A better way to sell your product / service to restaurants."

Product Description

An online directory of upcoming restaurant, bar, cafe, nightclub & food truck openings in the US, OpenSoon is a powerful lead generation tool for restaurant suppliers. Every week, members receive access to hundreds of new listings for upcoming openings.

Opensoon focus exclusively on finding businesses that are at pre-opening, the stage where they're searching for and establishing their supplier relationships, and are ready to spend money.

Best Features

  • Filter by location, market segment ( fast casual, fine dining .etc ), concept ( bar, restaurants, nightclub .etc ) and keyword.
  • Exclusively pre-launch - restaurants that are searching to establish their supplier / vendor relationships
  • Weekly notifications of new listings

Who It's For 

  • Service providers / vendors
  • Software distributors
  • Advertisers

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