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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / October 17, 2014

@NeedNudge - Website

"Grow the Right Business Relationships, One Nudge at a Time."

Product Description

Nudge is social selling, simplified. Combining a CRM, News Feed, and Email Templating solution with intelligent recommendations, Nudge aims to bring the business world closer together, one Nudge at a time.

They believe that to keep a Business Network strong you need to know:

  • Which relationships are important to spend time on
  • How long it's been since the last contact
  • What is interesting to that individual that makes now the best time to reach out

Nudge will help you decide on the:

  • Right Person
  • Right Time
  • Right Content to Share

Best Features

  • Combines 3 Types of Feeds: People, Content, and User Activity
  • Makes recommendations on who to reach out to and with what content / conversation topics
  • Keeps notes on Contacts for easy recall when reaching out
  • Ability to plug pre-defined business value props / templated notes

Who It's For 

  • Relationship Managers
  • Sales Teams
  • Small-Medium Businesses

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