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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / October 17, 2014

@Newsle - Website

"When your friends & colleagues make the news, we make sure you know."

Product Description

Newsle cuts through social chatter and finds references to your network in real articles. 

Sit back & stay informed. With one click, you can follow everyone you know. Newsle notifies you about important articles, seconds after they are published.

Follow anyone. Stay up-to-date on your CEO’s achievements, your competitor’s latest projects, and explore articles on your favorite thought leaders and trendsetters.

Best Features

  • Super-effective at avoiding social noise
  • Separates feeds based on the network you choose
  • Joining Linkedin - Prepare for a massive expansion of features / functionality in the near future (think more business-related)

Who It's For 

  • Professionals
  • Small Business

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