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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / September 10, 2014

@Hexseedotcom - Website

"Fulfilling the Promise of the Social Web"

Product Description

Hexsee allows you to create private layers over any website where you can invite collaborators to join, surf together, and pin comments to specific page content. 

Invite your remote team to conduct a site review, perform collaborative research, or make design revision. When you're finished, create an actionable report of your "adventure" with a timeline recap of every move and comment.

Best Features

  • Jump to where your collaborators are with a single click
  • Multiple chat threads, each one right by the content you’re discussing
  • Seamlessly merges chat and browsing
  • Visibility of all resources visited

Who It's For 

  • Remote Teams
  • Collaborative Research
  • Design / User Experience Teams

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