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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / October 23, 2014

@EverpresentApp - Website

"Social media automation made easy"

Product Description

Everpresent is a social media management solution for queuing posts that will go out at a later time or date.

With a tabbed design, you can quickly choose which social channel your post will go out on and schedule it. See all of your channels in the "Queue" tab, create custom schedules in the "Schedules" tab, and get insights on how your posts perform in the "Analytics" tab.

Everpresent is simple, with enough power and flexibility to make managing your social channels less of a headache but not too much complexity that you will get bogged down using it.

Best Features

  • Queue feed that shows which posts will be going out and on what channel
  • Set custom schedules and your posts will run automatically
  • Get analytics on post performance

Who It's For 

  • Solo-preneurs
  • Small Businesses

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