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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / August 14, 2014

@ContactMetrics - Website

"A form builder that tells you more about your customers"

Product Description

A hosted form building service, ContactMetrics helps you to gather customer data. When forms are submitted, you'll get analytics that would have otherwise been missed such as:

  • Your visitor's location, 
  • What pages they visited 
  • How they found your site

With A/B Testing tools, you can test out layouts and copy to find the form that converts. Get valuable insights using our natural language processing tool to mine the gathered data. Find out what keywords your customers are using and easily evaluate customer sentiment.

Best Features

  • Analytics for each user
  • A/B Testing of forms
  • Data mining for keywords and sentiment

Who It's For 

  • Site Optimizers
  • Web Admins
  • Small Business

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