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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / November 5, 2014

@ChatGrapecom - Website

"Communicate efficiently."

Product Description

ChatGrape is a communication solution for startups and small/medium-sized businesses that replaces Email for company-internal communication.

You can have different rooms (aka groups) for each department / topic and easily include certain members within each. Furthermore, you can connect and integrate relevant external services, like GitHub or Google Drive. These will then be available from within the chat.

This does two things: First, it allows you to see what everyone else is working on with one glance. Plus, ChatGrape's Autocomplete helps you to reference and attach issues and files - so that you'll never again lose time searching for documents. This way it also erases one of the main sources for communication based misunderstandings.

In short, ChatGrape helps your team to communicate more efficiently - and get more stuff done in less time.

Best Features

  • Useful, Deep service integrations like GitHub, Trello, Google Drive, and an Open API
  • Intelligent mentioning of team members and files
  • Conversation summaries

Who It's For 

  • Any Type of Remote Team
  • Small - Medium Business

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