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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / October 17, 2014

@Canva - Website

"Amazingly simple graphic design for blogs, social media, and so much more."

Product Description

Canva is a robust, feature-rich and user-friendly online graphics creator that is designed for anyone. If you are a busy entrepreneur who wants to create professional quality graphics in a fraction of the time, Canva is a great solution.

With templated designs, page layouts, and photo filters, you are able to create stunning images for social media, blogs, presentations, flyers and more.

The best way to fully appreciate this tool is to try it out yourself; and the nice thing is, it's free.

Best Features

  • Super simple UI with drag and drop controls
  • Web-based - collaborate with anyone
  • Templates, pages, and many other useful, intuitive features

Who It's For 

  • Creative Non-Creatives
  • Small-Medium Businesses

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