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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / November 4, 2014

@BizMetrics_io - Website

"Essential and powerful metrics for your business"

Product Description

BizMetrics helps provide SaaS businesses with a powerful analytics toolkit specifically tailored to the online service space.

It helps track metrics such as:

  • Lifetime Value
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue
  • User Churn
  • Annual Run Rate
  • Net Revenue
  • Total Fees
  • And many more...

With one-click setup connectors for Braintree, Paymill, and Stripe, BizMetrics makes connecting and analyzing your key metrics quick and easy.

BizMetrics is committed to helping you to understand and grow your SaaS business. With a "pay-as-you-can" model, their service is free until you scale enough to need their paid plan.

Best Features

  • Track your key SaaS metrics in one place
  • Digest dashboards, email reports, and intelligent alerts and events.
  • Intelligent events and alerts to help monitor business health
  • Self-hosted or Cloud-based options

Who It's For 

  • SaaS Businesses
  • Small-Medium Business

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