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By Robb Lejuwaan / @robbnotes / October 27, 2014

@ProjectBeegit - Website

"Content-first project management solution for large and small teams."

Product Description

Beegit helps content teams work more efficiently by providing customizable workflows, @mentions and creation metrics to help you understand how your content team works & how it can work more efficiently. Think of it as Trello + Google Docs.

It is a centralized hub for all of your content. It lets you keep everyone on the same page while giving you unparalleled visibility into how your content projects are progressing.

Best Features

  • Collaborate on different writing projects with your remote team in the cloud
  • Awesome "Creation Metrics" help monitor contributions from the team and gauge how efficient you are being
  • Split-view editor to visualize how your basic text will look with markup

Who It's For 

  • Remote Teams
  • Publishers & Bloggers
  • Small Businesses

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