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Software for Niches January 14, 2014

Best Apps for Running a Spa

I’m not afraid to admit it, I love me a good spa. Whether it’s a day spa, nail spa, or medi spa, I love the smell of chemical peels and botox. You think I gets these boyish good looks just from genes? Running a spa can be as profitable as it is difficult, so it’s important to keep on your perfectly manicured toes. So as a special I offer to all of my favorite aesthetic engineers out there, a very special list of the best apps for a spa.

1. Virtual Makeover

Use a photo of your face or choose from models to check out make-up, hair accessories and hairstyles. You can see how you would look with different colors and shades of eye shadow, lipstick, foundation and blush. You can check out how a new hairstyle looks on you, without taking a risk. Available for Android, iPhone and iPad and Free for a limited time.

2. My Own App

Using facial recognition technology, this app assesses signs of aging by measuring the number of lines, wrinkles and age-spots on your face. It then compares your numbers to others in your age group to let you know how you are aging. This is a great way to show your clients just how important your products and services are in order to fight the aging process. Free on iPhone and iPad.

3. Pandora

No, seriously this is a great app to have at the spa. Jamie Plack of the Vein Institute and Medical Spa says “We try to play music that’s calm and soothing for our patients. We want our patients to always feel relaxed and peaceful. I love the Pandora app!” and Jamie’s not the only one excited about the Pandora app. This is a must have for your spa’s iPhone or iPad.

4. PhoneSwipe

PhoneSwipe is a great solution for massage therapists or any spa needing to process credit card payments. The Vein Institute and Medical Spa uses PhoneSwipe every year at their Open House and they absolutely love the app and device. Here’e what they say about it.

“Phoneswipe is an important aspect to the success of our open house events. Our annual open house held offsite from our medical spa office draws 500 women looking for a good deal on skin care, makeup and medical aesthetics procedures. Phoneswipe allows us to not only instantly process their credit cards for greater sales, If we ever have any questions, the customer service is always very efficient and helpful.”

5. Instagram

This is truly an essential app for your business. I guarantee it will increase sales if you add pictures to this app on a consistent basis. Here are some ideas of what to post: before/after pictures, videos from your events, and some behind the scenes shots so your customers can get to know you better. Once you get going more ideas will pop into your mind.

I hope you find this list insightful and perhaps it will help you run your spa in more efficiently using the mobile technology available on your smart phone or tablet. If you have any ideas on how to keep my skin tight, please shoot me an email at

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