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Marketing March 13, 2014

8 Apps to Help With Social Media Marketing

Today, digital marketing is an essential part of reaching out to potential customers across the globe. Businesses are exploring various avenues through the internet and smartphones to engage and stay connected with their target audience. As the networking world gets flooded with hundreds of apps, business owners are left questioning themselves as to which of these apps are here for the long run. What should you, as a business owner, invest in to market your businesses in a hassle-free way? We've cut through the clutter and brought you 8 of these amazing apps that have not only caught the imagination of business owners and entrepreneurs but also have contributed to financial success:


Hootsuite App Review

This app has earned the distinction of being a virtual personal assistant that effectively manages latest updates from the company – be it a product release or marketing campaign, advertisements, business related pictures and news, promotional offers and more through an automated process and instant feeds. HootSuite makes sure that your business reaches the right customers at the right time always!


Mention App Review

Now you can monitor and analyze the impact of your online business; Mention helps business owners in tracking their website performance, reply to posts via email or mobile and communicate instantly with their customers on the go.


LocalVox App Review

This is a great tool that gives you one touch access to all your internet marketing needs. LocalVox helps you manage your website, social media presence like Facebook and twitter, publish latest deals and announcements, business updates and email-newsletters, all from a single platform with the click of a button. One can also check their business ratings and reviews on popular sites like Angie’s List, Yelp or TripAdvisor etc. Get LocalVox to manage all your promotions, brand building tasks and give wings to your online presence!


Chirpify App Review

Chirpify’s simplicity will make you stop and think, “why have internet transactions always been so complicated?” Instead of hassling with logins, carts, and confirmation emails, Chirpify lets your customers buy your products with nothing more than a hashtag. For example, you can announce a new product on twitter, and anyone who replies to your tweet with #buy will automatically purchase that product. In addition to having Chirpify handle the payment, your new customer has just started a public conversation, which will lead to more publicity and more #buys!


Evernote App Review

Having a hard time keeping track of your ideas, thoughts for your business, voice notes and photos that might help your business somewhere down the line? Evernote is a very helpful app that allows you to organize your notes, share files and photos and keeps your innovative ideas safely within instant reach. Entrepreneurs, the world over, are increasingly relying on this note-taking application that not only promises to help them remember important things but also keeps adding new features to enhance its capability by the day.



TweetBot helps business owners and marketers to manage their Twitter accounts, especially the ones that attract heavy traffic and where the timelines get flooded all the time. Though this app is available only for Apple devices, the number of users is growing rapidly as it gives a friendly and smooth way to manage posts, add photos and text, manage multiple timelines and even send out messages without having to type manually.


Heyo App Review

Heyo is a Facebook app that allows businesses to sell their products and services on their Facebook page. Through video-sharing, promotional messages and links to products/ services, Heyo enables potential customers to make a purchase directly on Facebook thus reducing the risk of missed opportunities for your business. It offers a wide range of templates that helps the users to come up with attractive tabs, announcement on deals and coupons and promotional events etc. that will keep you connected with your customers.

Capturing the customers’ hearts and engaging them effectively is key to the growth of your business, especially with competitors vying for greater chunk of market share. Mobile apps and social media marketing help you stay ahead of the race and rapidly increase your sales potential and revenue. What are you waiting for? Go try them out and share your experience in the comments!

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