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Analytics Software Marketing March 24, 2014

7 Social Media Analytics Tools for Merchants

Whether you are the proud owner of a small business or a growing startup, you have to get on the social media marketing bandwagon and engage with your audience. This could be through launching marketing campaigns, digital advertisements, or even promotional offers - anything to attract potential and existing customers.

While you continue to invest your time and money in managing the various social media campaigns, take a moment to analyze just how successful and effective your online presence actually is. Are you closer to realizing your business objectives? Are you listening to your customer’s voice and improving their user experience? What type of traffic are your sales campaigns garnering and what are the insights you are receiving to improve your business growth? These are some of the questions you need to answer to make sure your business is on track for success online.

Gathering business intelligence can help you to predict market trends, understand customer preferences, monitor the popularity of your company and take remedial actions to correct your current course. The impact of your marketing and branding adjustments don't have to go unmeasured; there are now a number of tools that help business owners to increase their potential for success.

In this list we will focus on 7 simple Social Media Analytics Tools that can enable your organization to measure its engage online and better understand how your social media and marketing presence is helping you to grow your business!

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social App Review - Moblized

This versatile web application not only helps you monitor your connections on Facebook, Twitter, Gowalla, LinkedIn, FourSquare and other networking sites but also equips you with innovative real-time brand management tools, comprehensive engagement and publishing tools, contact management, a range of reporting tools and other business analytics like lead generation features, insights on competitors, custom branding and more. Its integrated analytics across social platforms, easy to use features and cost-effective flexi-packages make it one of the most popular social monitoring apps of recent times.

2. Mention

Mention App Review - Moblized

It’s a powerful and affordable iPhone and Android app that enables individuals as well as small to large enterprises to monitor keywords in real-time, access organized and prioritized information about their products and branding, competitors and opportunities, create alerts about their company and respond to posts and tweets within seconds. Report generation, statistical analysis and ability to share alerts and updates with team members are some of the other features that make Mention an effective tool in collaborative brand management. Mention’s basic version is available free of cost and you can choose from a variety of packages to suit your business needs.

3. Social Report

Social Report App Review - Moblized

Comparable with Google Analytics in terms of tracking and monitoring different accounts, Social Report goes one step further in providing information on the geographical distribution, education levels, employment, interests and other details of your customers that will help you in developing the best social strategy. You can analyse data and frame marketing initiatives that will engage your customers, improve your online performance thereby increasing your return on investment; watch your business grow as you use these powerful tools from Social Report.

4. Simply Measured

Simply Measured App Review - Moblized

Simply Measured lets you get an in-depth social media measurement across channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, YouTube etc. through insightful dashboards, quick reporting techniques that are integrated with Excel and PowerPoint, competitive analysis, benchmarking and detailed snapshots of your online presence. Features like Twitter audience analysis, Facebook competitive analysis, brand and hashtag monitoring and multiple profile analytics have popularised this tool with small to medium and larger brands as well. Now you need not waste time in organizing data on spreadsheets manually; Simply Measured delivers reports and attractive presentations automatically to make reporting easier and faster.

5. Cyfe

Cyfe App Review - Moblized

Cyfe is not just a social analytics tool but also brings together all of your business’s social media data under one single dashboard. Now you can track your Twitter followers, view Facebook and LinkedIn analytics, monitor marketing and sales channels, analyse SEO keyword rankings, top referring domains and other key performance indicators in real-time. You can export data in various formats like CSV, PDF, JPG etc. and share with your colleagues or customers, use pre-built widgets to extract data from services like Google and Salesforce and many other features, all under one business dashboard app with ease. While there is a free version that comes with as many as five widgets, you can get the premium plan that features the TV viewing mode, at a very attractive pricing.

6. Trackur

Trackur App Review - Moblized

Find out what’s making your brand hot or not with Trackur; an online measurement tool that guarantees quick, hassle-free results in less than a minute. It uses RSS/XML feeds, email alerts and Excel reporting to send organized data your way, monitoring a wide range of social media platforms from Facebook, Twitter to news, blogs and more. With Trackur’s insights, you can get a comprehensive coverage on your social performance, build and manage your reputation, conduct automated sentiment and influence scoring; all at an affordable cost.

7. Quintly

Quintly App Review - Moblized

Quintly helps you analyze your social media profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube and also enables you to improve your marketing performance. Benchmarking, engagement analytics, detailed fan statistics, automated reports and custom dashboard are just some of the features that help you save time and money in social media analysis. It surely is a one-stop-shop to measure your social presence effectively.


With the rapid boost in digital and social media marketing, merchants and small business owners had found it hard to compete with the larger players. However, today you can choose from a wide range of cost-effective social media analytics tools such as those mentioned above to monitor, measure and improve your overall social media performance and engagements, just like larger players with 10x the marketing budgets!

While you brainstorm with your marketing and management teams to draw up an effective social marketing strategy, don't forget that a good analytics tool will be necessary to not only make the information palatable, but also increase the responsiveness of your business and help you to give a holistic brand experience to your customers. 

Let us know your current favorite app to track your social media performance in the comment section below!

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