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Advertising April 14, 2015

7 Essential Tools for Online Advertisers

Online advertising complements your marketing efforts through a variety of channels, models, and methods. The steady increase in businesses advertising online has spawned hundreds of collaboration apps and ad management solutions that aim to help marketers and advertisers work better, faster. and smarter.

With so many apps available, it can be difficult to know where to invest time and energy. 

This article will help you find a solution to take ideas from concept to publication quickly and easily. Whether you're using display, social media, or native advertising, a seasoned advertiser or a rookie in the field, you’ll find a solution to fit your needs. 

I've divided the list into 2 different categories: Creation and Collaboration and Publishing and Distribution.

Apps for Ad Creation and Collaboration

Building an online advertising campaign often involves a range of different people, from team members, to external individuals such as freelancers or clients. It can be a difficult task to manage all the different people involved in a project, as well as their time and resources available. 

Without a good collaboration tool, you may find your efforts slowed or even halted. Luckily, there are dozens of tools out there to help you collaborate and build campaigns quickly, regardless of your company size or requirements.


A good place to start for a collaboration tool is with Basecamp. Basecamp is an incredibly popular project management tool that is jam-packed with useful features such as wiki-style documents, messaging, and really anything else you could image to make an advertising project run smoothly. One notable thing about Basecamp is that despite the tool having a lot of powerful features, it remains clean and simple even while tracking everyone's changes and activity that's happening on the projects.


Trello uses a "cards" system to help with collaboration. It's like a super-charged post-it note. On these cards, you can organize anything from copy to mockups for your advertising projects and shuffle them around quite easily. One of the more useful aspects of Trello is that you can define steps in the production / approval process where things need to be approved before moving on to the next step. There’s a handy progress bar in the app so you can always see how building these campaigns is going and at what step you're on. What’s more, Trello is free to use.

Flatsies removes the excessive attachments that advertising-oriented emails are often plagued with. It allows you to host your advertising projects' assets in one place so that you can show clients without sending a dozen versions of files in the same thread. There are plenty of practical features such as password-protected project and a mobile app, which makes perfect for advertisers who are trying to reach clients on the go. 

They have recently closed signups and implemented an invite-only system for new users (that's how popular and useful Flatsies is). If you're interested in using the solution, you'll have to reach out in whatever way you can.


BannerFlow lets you build and manage large amounts of HTML5 banners quickly and easily. It automates large amounts of the display advertising production process such as building new sizes and adding various translations. 

In the same way that Flatsie offers freedom from the back and forth of asset transfer with clients,  BannerFlow offers a consolidation of your templates, files, and final assets into one place. This in addition to a complete ad builder and publishing tools. BannerFlow also includes other markup and collaboration features like commenting.

Apps for Ad Publishing and Distribution

Publishing your ads is obviously an important step in your campaigns. Not only is it important to choose the right app for the type of advertising task you are doing, it is also important to choose an app that will reach your target audience through their partner networks.

Display advertisers are blessed when it comes to the amount of apps for publication. Using apps to buy online advertising inventory has become the norm through advertising networks, exchanges, and programmatic advertising platforms. 

Some of the farthest-reaching networks and exchanges include the Google Display Network and App Nexus for example. However, if you’re advertising a niche product, you might consider looking for a specialty network so that you can reach a more targeted audience rather than go unnoticed in a less targeted ad stream.

Try these solutions for publishing your ads.


AdRoll, is an app for retargeting, a technique for bringing back website visitors who have visited your website but haven’t completed a purchase. You can use AdRoll to publish your display ads on websites, Facebook, Twitter and these ads can carry across platforms to mobile. It's an excellent solution for cross-device advertising as well as hitting all of your social channels with one tool.

Stumbleupon Ads

For native advertisers, Stumbleupon Ads is a really solid way to advertize your content. If you aren't as familiar with the concept of Stumbleupon, it's a website that lets users randomly find interesting websites and articles based on their interests. 

It is possible for advertisers to utilize their ad solution to promote your native content as an advertisement. You can take advantage of Stumbleupon’s powerful targeting features in order to get impressions on your ideal audience based on characteristics such as age, gender and interests. 

If native advertising is your thing then Stumbleupon ads can be a great way of getting your content out there to an active, engaged audience.

Twitter Ads

For those looking to advertize on Twitter, their ads really are an excellent investment. There are over 240 million active Twitter users and the ease with which users can engage your content and share it gives you incredible reach.

 Twitter not only allows you to create engaging ads that include media such as embedded images and video, you also have access to a range powerful targeting functions. They allow you to reach a specific audience and create the most relevant ads possible. What’s more, the ads appear just like any other Tweet in the viewers timeline and are often some of the first things people see when they open their feeds.


The apps above a just a snapshot of the types of advertising tools that are available online – there are many more out there and the number is always growing. 

Key things to keep in mind when looking to invest in advertising apps: 

  • Choose an app for each part of your workflow that's built for the type of task you will be doing. There are many "all-in-one solutions" that do too much -- and none of it as well as a specialized solution. 
  • Find apps that make your workflow simplified and easier, not more complicated.
  • Invest in apps that will help you drive the results that you want. Look at outcomes, not features -- the best apps will offer an outcome rather than a set of features.

Looking for More Advertising Tools?

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