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Software for Niches January 15, 2014

6 Great iPad Apps for Hairstylists

We have hundreds of hairstylist as clients, and we want them to succeed. So I thought I’d offer some suggestions for iPad apps that could help with that.

Hairstylists tell me it’s important to keep the record of their clients and the previous services they’ve paid for. However, that’s easier said than done when you’re in the middle of a busy day. You can’t waste in finding client’s data from files. If you have an iPad, you will be able to do this job, quickly and easily. iPad offers a large number of applications, which will facilitate you in managing your work. Here are the best iPad apps for hairstylists I’ve found:

1. StyleSeat

This apps syncs with a free online appointment booking website for your business. Your customers can login to your page and schedule an appointment, share the pictures you upload on FaceBook and Twitter, and a whole lot more. To make this app even more enticing new clients can search for a hairstylist in your area and find you through the StyleSeat website. On the mobile app you can see when clients set up an appointment, track their contact information, store pictures, send text message reminders. This app is definitely worth checking out. You can learn more about this service on their website.

2. MyChair

This app is fairly easy to use. It really helps in keeping the customers’ data on finger tips. You can keep the record of customers’ histories, appointments and contact information. You can keep the record of the clients’ last visit and can send them email or text messages if they did not come for services from last few months. This application offers much more for the hairstylist, and is really helpful in record keeping. The price of application is not much if we compare it with the features. It is really one of the 10 best iPad apps for hairstylists.

3. Vagara Pro

This app attempts to provide everything you need to operate the customer side of your business. It allows for very flexible appointment setting and tracking, text message reminders and includes a detailed customer database. On top of all that allows you to run credit cards on your iPad inside the app. This app also syncs with a website that allows your customers to schedule appointments online or even through your Facebook page. However, there is a cost of $25 a month for this app. If it’s as goos as they promise it’s worth it. Learn more on their website.

4. IGORA Educator HD

The developers have stated a goal they want to accomplish with this app, “our goal is that every participant has an enjoyable, and above all else, an educational experience, leading them to a higher standard of hair coloring and hair-styling.” So there you have it, if you want to learn more about your craft and improve the results of your work then this app is worth checking out.

5. PhoneSwipe

Want a simple way to accept credit cards on your iPad? This is the app for you. PhoneSwipe makes it easy to get started right from your iPad. This secure app is password protected and no credit card data is stored on the device. The app lets you calculate sales taxes or discounts, and customers can add tips to a bill. PhoneSwipe calculates the tip amount for the customer based on a percentage they enter, or it can accept an amount. You can email receipts or print them out. PhoneSwipe even integrates with cash drawers if you take cash if your business. You can set up customized inventory list to make sales fast and easy for you and your customer. Multiple devices can be linked to your account so there’s no limit to the number of transactions you can process. You can swipe cards or enter card numbers manually, and you get a complete report of all transactions.

6. Pandora

Hip music and hairstyling seem go together. Make sure your clients leave feeling energized and positive by choosing a stream of music that matches the vive of your salon. Simply install the app on your iPad or iPhone, plug it into a stereo and you’re off and running. The musicologist at Pandora know what there doing. As a result, they make the best playlist available anywhere.

I would love to have recommended more apps but the ratings were so poor for the other one I reviewed I just couldn’t list them here. If you know of any apps I missed pleas list them in the comments below and I’ll update this list.

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