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Marketing April 18, 2014

5 Ways WhatsApp Can Help Grow Your Business

Networking platform that’s revolutionized the very concept of messaging services. While WhatsApp’s powerful features - like instant messaging & sharing, automatic contact addition, and WiFi operation - had already popularized it with the masses, its recent acquisition by social-media giant Facebook has made it the most talked-about mobile app around the globe. An end user needs only a smartphone and internet service—either your mobile carrier or WiFi—to use this innovative cross-platform application that instantly connects them to friends and family.

WhatsApp and Business

The versatility of WhatsApp Messenger enables businesses and start-ups to market their products and services, interact with customers, promote deals and close sales. Many small and medium-sized companies are enriching user experience and effectively engaging with their customers to increase visibility across a wider audience. We’ll help you discover how you can use this amazing tool, to improve business. Here's how:

1. Customer Service & Loyalty Management

Customer Service & Loyalty WhatsApp - Moblized

With a user base of 450 million and growing, WhatsApp truly is the front-runner in the instant and free messaging tools available in the market. Once you have your customer’s phone number, you can use this application to create mobile promotions targeted specifically to loyal customer or repeat uses, and provide quick customer service. You can also share information on latest deals, discount coupons and  reward loyal customers through special WhatsApp offers. Unlike the traditional customer service & support techniques, with WhatsApp you can offer immediate customer attention and in a one-to-one basis that creates a personal touch too. Moreover, it’s free, easy to use and accessible from any part of the world!

2. Digital Marketing & Customer Engagement

Digital Marketing WhatsApp - Moblized

You no longer need to send out bulk emails/SMSs that are anyway often ignored by customers or end up in their spam folders; WhatsApp gives you a powerful platform to connect with your potential customers and maximize conversion rates by leveraging the power of the smartphone. Read more about how small companies are increasing the profitability of their business through WhatsApp and Facebook in this popular article featured on Economic Times.

Now you can also unlock the power of viral publicity and engage directly with your customers. Along with Facebook promotions, you can use WhatsApp to post updates on business information, latest news on your products and services, advertisements, share videos and pictures, organize events etc. Delight your customers with lively engagements, initiate discussions and conduct business with greater return on investment.

3. Strengthen Team Communication

Team Communication WhatsApp - Moblized

One innovative way, that surprisingly most folks haven’t caught onto yet is to use WhatsApp for internal team communications. You can manage your salesforce and marketing teams, whether they are local or off-shore, in a simple, cost-effective way via WhatsApp. Communication is instant and you can form groups to interact, discuss issues and share customer updates, no matter what your geographical location. Since WhatsApp works via WiFi, you can cut down costs on lengthy mobile calls while your employees are traveling. Your teams need not be restricted to email notifications on customer meetings, lead follow-ups etc; you can effectively use WhatsApp to get instant updates, alerts and other important business communication right on their mobile phones.

You can even make use of WhatsApp as a cost-effective tool to motivate and strengthen your sales teams to boost their performance. Send them a cheerful image or motivational quote each morning. It’s simple and effective!

4. Enhance Mobile CRM Applications

Mobile CRMs WhatsApp - Moblized

When you think of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), you visualize a business application running on your desktop or laptop. With the advances mobile technologies we now have Mobile CRM. With WhatsApp, you can enhance the features of Mobile CRM by sending out quick updates on lead follow-ups, addressing customer queries, sending out proposals and finalizing deals. It also gives an easy way for customers to reach you directly and with WhatsApp’s plans to add voice functionalities, talking to your customers one to one free of cost will soon be possible!

You can closely track opportunities, collaborate with team members to close deals quickly, exchange important information such as pricing, customer requirements and other insights for effective lead management and conversion.

5. Brand Management

Brand Management WhatsApp - Moblized

Smaller businesses typically do not have huge budgets for branding and online marketing. That is when WhatsApp comes to the rescue—paving the way for effective user experience and helping them stay in touch with the customer’s changing preferences. With simple interactive messages and surveys, you can keep track of what’s clicking for your marketing campaign and what’s not. You can integrate WhatsApp services with your overall branding strategy for effective brand positioning and management.

You can see how other businesses are integrating their marketing strategies and making them more and more effective with the use of WhatsApp in this article on Whether you are an entrepreneurial start-up or an emerging business, you can unlock the potential of WhatsApp’s powerful features to develop profitable customer relations and increase your business efficiency. With instant and free messaging services, sharing of videos and pictures without any data restrictions all via the convenience of the internet, WhatsApp enables you to reach a larger customer base easily.

It provides a unified platform for a new-age marketing and sales strategy. So, go ahead and explore the unlimited world of possibilities this simple, yet powerful, application open ups for you.

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