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Billing Software March 27, 2014

5 Top Recurring Billing Apps for Your Business

Whether you’re a one-man operation, a huge corporation or somewhere in between, dealing with recurring billing for your customers is part of the job many would rather forget about. Luckily, there are plenty of software products available that makes the process easy enough that you can practically forget about them. In order to help you cut down on the stress of recurring billing for your customers, here is a breakdown of some of the best software tools.


Recurly App Review

Recurly is one of the leading recurring billing platforms, with an impressive client list including LinkedIn, Groupon and Fox News. The service provides fast and simple subscription and billing management for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Recurly automates complex business procedures such as invoicing, adding new plans, upgrading/downgrading customers and routing payments, allowing business owners to focus on the growth of their company instead of the busywork. It’s highly customizable and offers a ton of flexibility, especially when it comes to mailing lists, variable pricing and dunning management. With a clean, professional and user-friendly interface topping it all off, you can’t go wrong using Recurly to help manage and grow your business

Pricing: $99/mo for small business, $299/mo for large business, plus 1.25% of revenue + $0.10 per transaction + $1.00 per invoice.

Platforms: Web


Chargify App Review

Vying with Recurly for the position of most popular recurring billing software, Chargify provides many of the same great services such as automation of routing payments, mailing lists and refunds. While its interface isn’t quite as amazing as Recurly’s (though it’s no slouch), the big feather in Chargify’s cap is its mobile app for iOS, which does a great job of providing a quick and organized glance at how your business is doing. It lets you know how many customers have signed up daily, your total customer count, and revenue by the month and year. The app, coupled with features like detailed analytics and support for multiple businesses, makes Chargify an easy piece of software to recommend for managing your business.

Pricing: Ranges from $65/mo to $459/mo, depending on the size and demands of your business. For a detailed look at price plans, click here.

Platforms: Web, iOS


MoonClerk App Review

Designed to integrate with online payment processor Stripe, MoonClerk helps with accepting one-time and recurring payments online. While Stripe is designed with developers in mind, MoonClerk adopts the opposite goal of making it easy for non-programmers to accept and manage payments. The service isn’t an all-encompassing suite of features like Chargify or Recurly, but it isn’t aiming to be. MoonClerk integrates well with small businesses, but is ideal for freelance occupations like music teachers, tutors, therapists and babysitters. Users create a checkout form online, and MoonClerk then provides an embed code for the site and a link to the form to share on sites like Facebook and Twitter. The service also allows users to send automatic receipts, download customer info and collect surcharges.

Pricing: Depends on volume of sales; $9/mo for $0-$1000, $15/mo for $1000-$2000, and so on. A full list of pricing is available here.

Platforms: Web


ChargeBee App Review

With a feature count falling between services like Recurly and MoonClerk, ChargeBee helps automate recurring bills. It provides a dashboard to give users an overview of their user base, and allows for configurable price plans, invoicing, automated email notifications, retry management and developer-friendly APIs. A functional, easy-to-use service with a fantastic support team, ChargeBee is another great solution for your business.

Pricing: Free for 10 invoices/mo, $49 for 200 invoices/mo, $149 for 1,000 invoices/mo, $249 for 2,000 invoices/mo

Platforms: Web

Space Box

Space Box App Review

Like MoonClerk, Space Box is designed to make Stripe payments incredibly easy to manage for non-technical users. Boasting incredible design and a simple interface, Space Box lets you set up payment forms, or “spaces,” in order to accept payments from clients. The service is about as easy as it gets when it comes to collecting money, but the only downside is that it currently doesn’t offer much more than that. If your main goal is to collect recurring or one-time payments, Space Box is a fantastic solution.

Pricing: Space Box is free for your first two “spaces,” and includes auto emails for receipts and notifications. The Pro plan at 1% per transaction offers unlimited spaces; the Premium plan at 1% + $12/mo adds digital delivery; the Platinum plan at 1% + $29/mo adds recurring billing.

Platforms: Web

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