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Software for Niches January 16, 2014

5 Helpful Apps for Your Food and Catering Service

Tired of running from your office to your restaurant to vendors and back again trying to manage your food and catering service?

Most likely, yes.

Help is at your fingertips thanks to assorted nifty food industry apps! Some apps provide business owners with money and inventory management tools, while others help such professionals build their brand. Check out these five apps for your food or catering service and see if they can help manage and expand your business:

Feastly: Cook or Eat, It’s Up to You

Feastly App

This sweet, sweet app serves good stuff to cooks as well as those who wish to eat their food. Downloading Feastly gives users the opportunity to sign up for home-cooked meals, with meals taking place at chefs’ homes. It also allows chefs to promote their brand.

Let’s say you’re an awesome-sauce chef who quite literally makes awesome sauce. List one of your best meals on Feastly, share it with your various networks, and see how many guests want to sign up for your event. The more popular you become, the more your meals and brand will get noticed.

Whether you’re just starting out or want to expand your brand as a premier chef, Feastly offers a fantastic and fun way to network.

Foodstorm: Not an Actual Storm of Food

Foodstorm App

Described as software “built for food service,” Foodstorm is an ideal food and catering management tool. Pick from a variety of affordable plans depending on the size of your business, including those designed for production, distribution and catering.

Use Foodstorm to manage customer orders, streamline dispatch and delivery, track catering orders, and just about anything else you might need to keep your business running efficiently. The app also offers a free 30-day trial, allowing you to play around with it before making a final decision on what works best for your business.

Blackboxx: Selling Wine Online Just Got Easier

Blackboxx App

One out of four people are now purchasing wine “on the go,” so why not take advantage?

Whether you need this app for your food and catering service or simply want to sell wine online as a side project, Blackboxx has simplified the whole process. Based out of Calgary, Canada, the app is currently a big hit among Canadian and Australian wineries and distributors.

The app provides businesses with tools to create unique brand sites, allowing customers to buy directly from them. What’s more, Blackboxx offers brand promotion opportunities via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The app is also available in numerous languages and currencies. Pretty sweet, no?

Kitchit: Rent a Chef! Rent a Chef Now!

Kitchit App

Adding your food and catering business to Kitchit is definitely a cool and effective way to get you or your team noticed. Chefs create accounts, and then may be hired for assorted events of varying sizes, such as private family dinners, casual and formal cocktail parties, weddings, breakfasts and luncheons, corporate events and more.

Few would argue that Kitchit provides an awesome way to grow your business and build your reputation as a master chef—heck, it sure beats sweating it out on a restaurant prep line! It’s also an easy way for customers to enjoy delicious, customized meals quickly and easily. Chefs work in “any space” and bring necessary tools customers may be missing in their kitchens. Not a bad deal for anyone with a full time job, as sometimes the idea of cooking dinner is too exhausting to think about.

A “rent-a-chef” program, Kitchit is so far available in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area.

VinTank: All-in-One-Social Media Management

Vintank App

If you’re tiring of updating each social media site separately and looking over a bunch of different emails regarding traffic results and whatnot, try out VinTank. The app allows you to “seamlessly” manage all your social media accounts from one convenient place! It also collects all blog posts, check-ins, Facebook updates and anything and everything else that mentions your brand/business, and delivers them to you for review.

See what people are saying about your restaurant, winery, catering business… or talk to customers directly. VinTank also offers a number of other super-sweet features, including tools to help you find new customers.

Have you tried any of the above apps? Know of other food and catering service apps that garner “Sweet deal, bro” responses? Tell us about your favorites! 

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