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Point of Sale Software February 13, 2014

5 Apps to Tune Up Your Auto Repair Shop

Running a successful auto repair shop requires wearing many hats, from shop promotion and advertisement to overseeing repairs to hiring employees to paying employees and much more. Help yourself run a more efficient and successful enterprise by utilizing auto repair shop apps designed to improve customer service and increase business. Check out some of the best options and see if they can’t help you:

Shop Boss Pro

Helping Customers Love You More Than They Already Do

Shop Boss Pro App

Shop Boss Pro offers auto repair shop owners access to all kinds of nifty features, including sending customers email and text alerts, photos of work needed on their vehicles and repair orders for approval.

Other features include the soon-to-be-released “customer follow-up system,” which helps increase customer satisfaction through maintenance and oil change reminders, messages about current specials, and more. The folks at Shop Boss Pro have also customized pricing packages for large and small businesses, including free options for smaller ones. Now that’s good business.

MaxxTraxx Pro

It Provides, Well, Everything

MaxxTraxx Pro App

Another fantastic auto repair shop app, MaxxTraxx Pro makes it super-easy to manage your business, whether taking inventory or providing customers with appointment times and repair order histories. The app covers pretty much every aspect of the auto repair shop industry, as features are broken down into sections, including “Service Counter,” “Parts Counter,” “Marketing,” “Parts Management,” “Accounts Payable,” “Time Clock/Job Clock” and numerous others.

Each section offers many helpful options for running an awesome auto repair business, including tracking parts sold over the counter, providing customers with quotes and ‘work in progress’ reports, inventory and restock tracking, follow-up marketing options, and much, much more. Nice.

The Auto Repair App

Ensuring Repeat Business Just Got Easier!

The Auto Repair App

The Auto Repair App is an affordable option that’s all about landing new customers and maintaining relationships with old customers. Help people see the (auto repair shop) light and realize they don’t need to go anywhere else for car service with this app. Features include logo and branding elements--simply send your logo info to the app creators and they’ll size it to the app perfectly. Other features include creating a customized service menu detailing everything your business offers, and a unique QR code that adds the app to any smartphone when scanned. Use the code on your auto repair shop website, business cards, carrier pigeons and anything else that features your shop’s name. If business isn’t quite up to proverbial snuff, this app could be the answer you need.

Auto Service App

Manage Store Locations, Appointments and More

Auto Service App

Throw out your old planner that’s had coffee spilled on it 15 times and instead opt for this virtual one! Auto Service App allows users to manage any and all appointments, as well as any and all shop locations. Edit and change shop hours, addresses, emails and phone numbers, or manage the coupons you’re looking to send customers.

Other features include listing all default services for easy customer access, including oil changes, brake and tire inspections, and drive belt replacements, or use the app to view info about customers. This includes how many vehicles they own, address, estimated mileage and desired services. You can of course update everything as you go! Awesome.


Real-Time Tracking Of Labor and Other Stuff

Shop-Probe App

This auto repair shop app loves tracking things in real time, including labor and job costs. Keep a weather eye on employee hours, including those paid hourly, by commission or flat rate--with this app, you’ll never have to deal with annoying double entries ever again.

Other sweet features include up-to-the-minute details on cost and profit, printable work orders, invoices, job profitability reports, and purchase orders. The app also allows the sending of purchase orders to vendors via fax or email. And these are just some of the cool things this app does!

Have you found any of these apps helpful to your auto repair shop? Does one or more stand out as particularly awesome? Leave a comment and share your thoughts! 

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