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Social Media March 5, 2015

35 Outstanding Tools for Facebook Marketing

Don't be that guy...

You know, the one that has no idea how to "get it done".

If you've been feeling overwhelmed, out-matched, or out-classed in your Facebook marketing efforts, you aren't alone.

Whether you're trying to generate interest in your pages, optimize your newsfeed, or are just searching for tools to make publishing your content easier, it can be a challenge knowing where to turn for solutions to those ambitious marketing goals you've set.

This big list of Facebook tools is sure to have something that can help you apply pressure and gain traction wherever you need it the most.

It covers 35 Facebook Marketing tools spanning:

  • Audience Targeting & Ad Management
  • Scheduling & Publishing Posts
  • Creating Apps & Running Contests
  • Monitoring Social Mentions
  • Curating Content
  • Analytics

There are some amazing apps in here that have the potential to greatly increase your engagement, reach, and ROI. 

Not to mention, they will save you a ton of time.

I won't drown you in information with a full overview of each solution; rather, I'll give a quick, one or two sentence synopsis plus a bit more context or a standout feature.

If you can think of any other excellent solutions I've missed, help out your fellow Facebook marketers by leaving them in the comments section below. Be sure to check out each app's profile in our app listings for more information!

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These Facebook advertising tools will help you target audiences, promote products, and increase your paid reach and awareness.

Common themes / features:

  • Campaign & bid management
  • Ad copy & image templating
  • Audience generation & aggregation
  • Ad scheduling
  • Conversion tracking & analytics

Kit CRM - Kit lets you manage your Facebook advertising and marketing through a unique text SMS exchange with an AI personal assistant. Use Kit to refresh ads, run your promos, and get sales numbers when you can't get to a computer.

BannerFlow - BannerFlow is an ad image and copy management / templating solution for all of your advertising channels. BannerFlow offers superior asset management and has templates and tools for creating and copying ads.

AdRoll - AdRoll is an immensely powerful retargeting platform that performs cross-device, cross-platform retargeting on the web, social, and mobile. One excellent feature is CRM integration to ad your emailed prospects to web retargeting; this way, even if those that aren't online or haven't been engaged in a while can still be served your ads anywhere.

Qwaya - Qwaya is a Facebook ad manager that gives you the the functionality you've always wanted from the FB Power Editor like: audience and ad A/B testing, ad triggers and rules, templating, organization, and more. If you find yourself struggling to stay organized and manage your ads with the Power Editor, Qwaya is a great solution.

Perfect Audience - Perfect Audience is a retargeting platform that allows you to perform dynamic Facebook, Twitter, and web retargeting. The dynamic product ads are really neat and operate much like merge fields in an email template and they can create cross-device profiles of users to advertise to them anywhere.

Kuhcoon - Kuhcoon is a Facebook ad management tool that performs A/B testing and optimization of your ad campaigns automatically. Kuhcoon is especially useful if you don't want to spend time setting up then hovering over A/B testing for audiences and ad copy, as it will algorithmically make adjustments until it finds the optimal ads.

Scheduling & Publishing

Even with a dedicated social manager, the task of managing all of the content for your pages can be daunting. Simplify, optimize, and automate the process with these publishing solutions.

Common themes / features:

  • Post scheduling & automation
  • Publish to multiple social channels
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Create a publishing workflow for your team
  • Content curation is often included

Post Planner - Post Planner is a suite of Facebook tools built for discovering, curating, and power scheduling engaging content on Facebook. You can buffer your posts into a queue to be shared at the optimal time, bulk upload posts, and can curate and re-share trending images and conversations in your niche.

Optlook - Optlook gives you control over your blog / web content's meta information that affects it's social and sharing properties. It's a great tool to use rather than fiddling with your content management system to get the desired changes. For many, Optlook may provide the first solution you've ever seen to a problem you didn't even know you had (but certainly is important) - social tagging, open graph editing, and sharing preferences for sites and content.

Gain - Gain gives your team a social media publishing and approval workflow. If you have multiple people touching pieces of social content and managing your publishing calendar, Gain helps to manage review, approval, and posting.

Sendible - Sendible is an all-in-one social management suite with some great publishing tools like: cross-channel publishing, automated posting via RSS, post re-cycling, and bulk uploads. Sendible has a social CRM, social inbox, and many more features and is really more of a full social management solution; but it happens to do publishing quite effectively.

Buffer - Buffer is an scheduling and publishing tool for all of your social accounts. Great for managing multiple accounts at once and publishing to many accounts at a time, it's the queueing tool of choice for a ridiculous amount of individuals andteams. Buffer also recommends content for curation, though I recommend adding your own RSS streams in there to sift through. - is a publishing automation solution that focuses around linking your RSS feeds, social streams, and other custom inputs and then publishing them across channels via schedules, rules, and automation. will auto hashtag your posts in addition to automatically posting them, so you can get back to engaging rather than posting.

OnlyWire - OnlyWire's primary functionality is to post to multiple (up to 50) different social networks at once. This happens either via RSS, automation, or developer API access. Try using OnlyWire to syndicate content from your specialized niche social accounts to your primary distribution channels to show how diversified your engagement is.

App & Contest Creators

These are your all-in-one page generators, lead capture, and interactive engagement tools. You'll likely be creating polls, surveys, contests, or promotional pages with these solutions.

Common themes / features:

  • Import media from Youtube, Twitter, & Instagram
  • Capture leads
  • Run contests & sweepstakes
  • Offer promotions & coupons
  • Create micro-sites & landing pages

AgoraPulse - Offering more than just contest apps, AgoraPulse is also a powerful moderation, monitoring, and analytics tool for your Facebook and Twitter streams. Create and run quizzes, polls, as well as create micro-pages with their 10 app types. The moderation (for your pages) and qualification (for the apps)  tools are powerful and they will auto-moderate your pages when you aren't around.

Tabfoundry - Tabfoundry is a complete, drag-and-drop tab builder for your Facebook pages. Create entirely customizable pages with custom fonts, forms, images, and imported feeds. Their tab editor is one of the best I've ever seen and really gives you the creative control you need to quickly and easily create promotional lead capture pages on Facebook.

WooBox - WooBox is a very complete contest app and tab management solution. In addition to having 13 interactive promotion types, you can create and manage static tabs as well as promote and run Facebook ads that interact directly with your apps on WooBox. What's more, everything is analyzed together, so you understand the ROI of your ads on your promotions' engagement numbers.

Heyo - Heyo is a drag-and-drop contest builder for Facebook. Easily create mobile-optimized campaigns that run in your timeline and newsfeed or create unlockable promotions based on engagement (you can even add purchase buttons via PayPal). 

Kontest - As the name might suggest, Kontest is a contest solution. With 33 promotion types that include the standard quiz, survey, and enter-to-win, there are also interactive apps and games to give your promos even more virality than before. One of their best features is that Kontests are embedded within a micro-site for your promotion, which is then shared anywhere; rather than being built "Facebook-Native" your promotion is web first, then ported to your channels of choice. This is advantageous as you have more presence and information surrounding your contests. 

PageYourself - PageYourself brings you their "F Site". Essentially, a website embedded within Facebook that you can use for anything from a fully functioning and independent site to contests, landing, or about pages. With a drag-and-drop editor and professional templates, you can create your complete or mini-site in no time.

Pagemodo - Pagemodo is a hybrid page and post design tool meets publishing solution meets contest app and tab creator. It's really a full suite of Facebook management tools; because of this, running a contest from within the same branding, publishing, and design solution gives you a consistency across promotions and profiles that is second-to-none.

Social Monitoring

These solutions automatically scour the web for your brand name, keywords, and targeted mentions on social media as well as blogs.

Common themes / features:

  • Linking multiple accounts
  • Responding to mentions from the app
  • Sentiment analysis (positive posts vs. negative)
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Keyword & hashtag tracking

Sprout Social - Sprout is a social inbox and monitoring solution that focuses primarily around 2 things: one, allowing you to see and engage with conversations and two, reporting. Sprout also acts as a social support / ticket creation and management system for your team. The reporting features are what really separate Sprout for me; their presentation and metrics aggregation are excellent.

Firehose - Firehose is a social monitoring solution for Facebook and Twitter that allows you to see mentions across your streams. See full conversations and context and get alerts in the mail about pending / unresolved messages. The absolute coolest feature of Firehose is the integrated, custom knowledge base that you can add social conversations / questions / answers to directly from conversations. You can then allow users to search this subdomain for relevant questions, answers, and topics on which you have been involved and have saved.

Mention - Mention scours the web for references to the filters, keywords, or @accounts that you specify. Choose which channels to include in each filter and what social accounts to associate with those alerts. You can respond directly from the app and from any of the associated accounts. Mention is a great way to filter and stay on top of your social engagement without getting lost in the noise.

Trackur - Trackur gives you some pretty high-level insights on your brand mentions and conversations surrounding your products and channels. What sets Trackur apart is that it really does emphasize filtering conversations at a high level so that you know who it's important to engage with based on Klout, sentiment, and influence rankings.

Brand24 - Brand24 provides keyword tracking, filtering, and reporting. Get automated PDFs of conversations surrounding your brand, sentiment, and data groupings. Keep a 2 week historical archive of data to help analyze trends and build more in-depth reports.

Content Curation

These solutions help you to curate the best content from your favorite sources to share with your social circles. Most will also allow you to publish directly from the app.

Common themes / features:

  • Integrate, filter, & group multiple sources into streams
  • Find new content to share
  • Post to multiple accounts, social channels, & RSS feeds
  • Perform searches to find feeds

EveryPost - EveryPost is a combination publishing and curation tool. Set up RSS feeds to be imported, search YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, and Pinterest, and then post or schedule the content across your channels from one interface. The mobile app is a great mobile publishing solution as well. 

Curata - Curata is one of the most complete curation solutions around. It combines custom streams, automated filtering and tagging, along with publishing to either your CMS, Buffer, RSS, or socials. With a machine-learning algorithm that algorithmically adapts to your curation / approval style, you will find curating becoming easier and easier every day. - is a custom content curation solution to help you find content that meets your exact format and length desires. Filter by piece length, content type (infographic, podcast, video, presentation) then either schedule or place into a list for export for further processing. One of the really cool aspects of is that it performs analysis of the entire source piece for length, keyword density, and other analysis. Your custom algorithm is tweaked by their team to create an incredibly intelligent curation process.

Swayy - Swayy is a two-part content curation app and personalization platform (platform is more for developers). On the curation side, it analyzes your profiles to see which tags apply the best then recommends content that is a great fit. In addition, get share analytics and create multiple dashboards. One of Swayy's strongest features is their tagging and attribution features in the publish box - easily tag the author and add relevant hashtags in just one click. - is a curation / micro-site generator with lots of features. Create topic-based content boards and streams, tag content, schedule, and create complete content campaigns from your dashboard. One good use of the service would be to create a curated topic where you want to become a thought-leader, then share that resource-rich page with your networks.


Social analytics is a tough beast to wrangle, especially where ROI is concerned. Use these solutions to get a better understanding of how your efforts are paying off, where you can improve, and how you stack up with competitors.

Common themes / features:

  • Audience breakdown & segmentation
  • Content & posting time recommendations
  • Engagement numbers
  • Competitor research
  • Historical analysis

Facebook Page Insights - It's easy to recommend 3rd-Party solutions but you really should consider making full use of Facebook's Page Insights in addition to (if not before) jumping to another solution. You can get some solid information on engagement numbers, ad performance, demographics, and when the best time to post is based on your following. This said, it's clearly not everything you could ever want or there wouldn't be so many additional services out there...

EdgeRank Checker - EdgeRank Checker (now from SocialBakers) is a competitor and post analysis tool that gives you optimization recommendations is "Plain English". That's to say, you will know exactly what to do next after getting a recommendation. Learn when to post, what types of content and sources perform the best, and analyze your negative feedback to see what went wrong with a post.

SumAll - SumAll is an incredible analytics platform for generating reports and comparing data between your multiple channels. You can connect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and dozens of other (non social and social) accounts to then create beautifully easy-to-use line charts. SumAll is a great solution to derive meaningful relationships between your datasets rather than just have vanity metrics and reporting.

True Social Metrics - True Social Metrics combines nearly every social channel you are likely on into one dashboard, showing metrics side-by-side and in graph format. Analyze trends and perform content, audience, and competitive analysis on your social channels.

Fanpage Karma - Fanpage Karma provides post, audience, and competitor analysis for multiple social accounts. Dive deep into your post and engagement metrics with their full-featured dashboard. One way that Fanpage Karma differentiates itself is by helping to analyze the ROI and results of your ad spend on the channels.

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