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Ecommerce February 5, 2015

27 Awesome Apps for Etsy Sellers

Like many Etsy sellers, your craft is likely where you spend the most time. 

Where does finding the right software and services fit in when you're busy getting your hands dirty running and stocking your business?

If you've been searching for a better way -- be it to manage your social marketing, track expenses and inventory, or just to better sync your Etsy store with your other online efforts -- then give this list of 27 Awesome Apps for Etsy Stores a try.

Social Media and Marketing


Kit CRM Icon

Kit is really cool... Kit CRM is a social sales and marketing assistant that lets you automate product promotions via SMS triggers. Whether you're a crafter or a distributor, you are likely in and out of your workspace more often than most. When you want to run a promotion, update your fans on social, or get a sales report and you are away from your computer, you know how frustrating it can be to try and navigate those smaller screens. 

Using Kit, you interact with the artificially intelligent operator who will, in turn, perform marketing, advertising, and social posts on your behalf! It's as simple as a few text messages.


Lumiary Icon

Lumiary let's you apply best practices that keep customers happy and lead to sales growth for your business. It gives you actionable recommendations, reporting, as well as marketing tools, so that you can manage all of your customer interactions in one place.

Integrated with all of the top Ecommerce platforms and marketplaces, you can compile data from anywhere. Plus, they're adding more integrations every month, so you can expect the connectedness of the service to grow with your business.


Fanchimp Icon

Fanchimp is the social media marketing tool for your Etsy business needs. It integrates your favorite blogs and recommends the best content to share with your followers while allowing you to schedule those posts as well as integrate posts about your products.



MySocialPig lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts so that you can post your Etsy products and promotions on all of your social channels automatically. 

Once you have connected a number of accounts craft a message, choose how many times, set the frequency, and starting at what date you would like each post to go out. You can subscribe to a monthly plan for unlimited posts and scheduling or buy a pack of 100 posts for $5, which is great for those occassional promotions where you may need heavy repeat posting.


Referral Candy

ReferralCandy is the refer-a-friend webapp that increases your sales through word-of-mouth. Our app is designed to help make online store owners more money. It works by making it super easy for sellers to conduct their own customer referral programs.


Shopseen Icon

Shopseen a simple, modern workflow to help merchants and sellers sell better. 

The platform gives businesses an easy workflow to sell more in a scalable way: 

  • Sell more by reaching more people through social and paid media
  • Sell efficiently with a streamlined workflow - no copy/pasting, just add, post, and ship
  • Sell scalably with automated inventory management and syncing with other marketplaces 
  • Sell from anywhere with a mobile and tablet friendly UI.


Tailwind Icon

Tailwind is built for Pinterest marketing. As visual selling is key on Etsy, your store is probably on Pinterest as well. Since Pinterest and Etsy are incredibly complimentary, it makes sense to have a solution for analyzing your efforts on the channel. 

Tailwind is that solution; get the same high-level and post-level metrics that you would on Facebook or Twitter. With sentiment scores and pin management, you get a comprehensive solution trusted by thousands of top brands.


Iconosquare Icon

Iconosquare gives your Instagram account the metrics and management it deserves. As a visual seller, Instagram compliments your Etsy account in the same way that Pinterest and Facebook likely do. Get your total number of likes received, your most liked photos ever, your average likes and comments per photo, your follower growth charts, and more.


Hootsuite Icon

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management platform at this time. From monitoring yours, custom, or competitor feeds to scheduling and publishing posts to your Fan Pages and other social channels, Hootsuite is a major player in the space. 

Since it is one of the most capable solutions in terms of integrations, you can sync up your alternative social channels on which you promote your Etsy shop. With its own app directory, you can find lots of ways to help manage the promotion of your shop and monitor the competition.



IFTTT is a cloud app integrations solution. IFTTT stands for the logic phrase, “If This, Then That”. If this isn't familiar to you, then that shouldn't stop you from giving IFTTT a go. Automate posts on social media when you post new items to your Etsy store, send an email to a list, and many more possible tasks. 

Just set up a trigger, define what you want to happen, and IFTTT will run in the background — syncing your data between services that otherwise would have had no connectivity and automating your Etsy promotion / workflow.

Ecommerce Integrations

Stitch Labs

Stitch Icon

Control your Etsy inventory and integrate it with Shopify, eBay, and Amazon. Central inventory, purchasing, shipping integration made simple. Stitch Labs simplifies commerce, decisions, and life for retailers and wholesalers with a beautiful, intuitive, and centralized platform.

Easy Social Shop

Easy Social Shop Icon

Easy Social Shop is a great solution for importing your Etsy store into a Facebook Page. What's more, it easily allows you to create Facebook ads for items, quickly boosting your sales and integrating your Facebook shop management with advertising; all in the same dashboard. Setup is simple too, just authorize the Easy Social Shop app, enter your Etsy shop name, and start promoting; Easy Social Shop will automatically import your store and run the ads once you select the products to highlight.


Merchpin Icon

Merchpin is a self-service merchandizing platform allowing brands and marketers to target, promote, and sell their products on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogs, and other Websites.

Some neat features:

  • Product Targeting via Rules you Define
  • Automatic Import + Price Sync
  • Create Campaigns, Launch Affiliate Programs
  • Cross-sell and Upsell
  • Reclaim Abandoned Carts


StoreYa Icon

StoreYa is an ecommerce storefront lets you either sync up your existing ecommerce store or create one from scratch. With an Etsy integration, it's easy to extend your established online shop to Facebook, giving you an extended ecommerce presence. With a full suite of social marketing tools like coupons, exit intent popups, and referral programs, StoreYa is a very complete solution with a ton of useful features and customizations.



ShipStation Icon

ShipStation is for all sizes of businesses, whether you're shipping out a few things to thousands a day. ShipStation will import your orders from wherever you sell (including your 3dcart) and their time-saving app will help you manage your orders so you can ship them out quickly! Set automation rules & filters to save hours everyday.


ShippingEasy Icon

ShippingEasy simplified: save money and time when you ship your handmade or vintage creations. Savings up to 46% with the best USPS rates available. An easy to use, design driven application that doesn't leave you scratching your head when setting up

Inventory Management


Sellbrite Icon

Sellbrite is a comprehensive solution for creating and managing listings, inventory, and reporting on the Etsy marketplace. With templating features, bulk uploads, and more, you can reduce the time wasted on manual product entry and management. No custom setup or integration, Sellbrite is built to make import and multi-channel connectivity as simple as possible.



Manage your handmade business: know your incomings and outgoings and keep track of your stock levels with Craftybase. With a focus on spend and materials tracking, Craftybase is built for Etsy shop owners who also produce their own product. Easily manage your material stock, monthly spend, profit, and even get recommendations on how much to charge for your products.


EtsyonSale Icon

With Etsy On Sale you save time and energy so you can focus on creating your next masterpiece or scoring your next vintage find. Etsy On Sale offers three easy-to-use, yet powerful Etsy shop tools. Sales Event Manager - Easily create automated sales events! Tag Tool - Edit all your Etsy tags at once! Auto Renew - Automatically renew your shop listings!



SellerActive offers e-commerce software for smart repricing, inventory management, and order fulfillment. SellerActive’s e-commerce tools help you manage inventory, orders, and pricing for online marketplaces like Etsy.



Ordoro helps you organize all your Etsy inventory and offers super-easy shipping label printing. This means you don’t have to waste time switching between different applications for your back-office tasks. if you’re also selling on Amazon or eBay marketplaces, then Ordoro will automatically sync the inventory levels between your them and your Etsy store.

Finance / Accounting


Kabbage Icon

Kabbage's fast, flexible business line of credit is always there when you need it. Draw against your line as often as once a day for anything you need to grow. Banks take weeks to decide if you qualify.

Kabbage has built the world’s fastest platform to provide capital to small businesses, funding companies within 7 minutes. Kabbage leverages data generated by dozens of business operations to understand performance and deliver fast, flexible funding in real time. Data sources include eBay, Amazon, UPS, PayPal, shipping analytics and many others.

ECC Cloud

Ecc Cloud Icon

Whether you're starting a new Etsy business or trying to grow your existing one, you don't have any time to waste! Tedious tasks like individually entering orders into your accounting software take time away from growing your business. eCC Cloud integrates your online store with QuickBooks Online or Xero so you can seamlessly sync your Etsy transactions with one click.

Wave Accounting

WaveApps Icon

Wave's smart online software for help with invoicing, accounting and payroll. Your Etsy sales appear automatically in Wave, so you’re always organized and up to date. Do all your accounting and bookkeeping, quickly and easily, and never pay a cent. Wave gives you double-entry accounting that actually makes sense to non-accountants.


Wishpond Icon

The easiest way to run social contests and promotions on Facebook, Twitter, websites & mobile - no design or coding skills required! Access 12 types of social campaigns in one suite, including sweepstakes, photo contest and group offers! The easiest way to run ads on Facebook. Just create the ad image and text, and Wishpond’s Ad Buddy system selects perfect target audience to your ad to. And works directly with Wishpond’s Social Campaigns, letting you you track ad views clicks, and conversion without any messy tracking codes.

Email Marketing


SocialGluApps Icon

With 3 different Etsy / Craft-selling apps, Social Glu makes it super easy to post to instagram, connect MailChimp and Ebay, and send newsletters right from your Etsy account. CraftMonkey in particular lets you connect your mailing list with your Etsy shop for sending out newsletters with ease.

All 3 apps are highly interconnected to your activities surrounding craft selling / Etsy selling (includes eBay - another huge market for crafters). If you are looking for some simple, useful solutions, give these a try.


Aweber Icon

The Etsy Aweber app has two features: first, you can automatically add customers to your Aweber account, allowing you to keep in touch with people you know are interested in what you have to offer. 

Second, you can drag your Etsy products right into your messages, allowing you to quickly and easily point your subscribers back to your Etsy shop. Aweber is a more full-featured / platform agnostic solution that integrates and works with most everything. So if you find your Etsy shop scaling rapidly, it's a solution that can at least take you to the next level in your mailing list automation and integration with other apps.

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