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Social Media February 13, 2015

22 Twitter Growth Apps You've Probably Missed

I love finding social media growth, management, and automation solutions because they just keep getting better and more capable. These networks are backed by millions (often billions) of users, making them fairly stable as platforms for developers and startups to build apps for. You don't have to look far to find at least a few people who would be willing to pay for a "Better way to reach followers" on their preferred channels.

As such, entire businesses are built around making these social channels easier to use for individuals and brands alike but new solutions are popping in and out of existance faster than you can tweet about them. Here is a nice big list of fairly unknown (but sure to last) growth tools for Twitter. If you've heard of all of these I need to hear from you in the comments section...

Account & Campaign Management


Oktopost b2b social campaign management

Oktopost is a seriously powerful campaign management solution that helps measure your social ROI. Their platform can help you manage content and measure the true business value of your social media marketing through:

  • Monitoring all of your channels for engagement and creating a social "Inbox" to reply to.
  • Curating and scheduling content for all channels with complete control over the fine details.
  • Making it easy for teams to work on campaigns with tools for access control, approval management, and more.
  • Complete conversion tracking and analytics

Measuring social ROI is the primary value prop for me, as gauging social ROI is really hard, but there is something for every brand in their robust feature list.


Twibbon Social Campaign Creator

Twibbon allows you to create a micro-site for your campaign that contains multiple sharing tools. It's essentially a smattering of widgets for social engagement, sharing, and driving awareness to whatever primary campaign you're running. Allow interested users to add badges to profile images or completely deck out their own social profiles with your campaign branding to show their support. There are also Tweet and Facebook sharing templates to make the virality of your campaigns as frictionless as possible.

If your following consists of active social media users, this is a great way to let them easily share your campaigns with their own networks. One of the best parts about Twibbon is that you are controlling all aspects of the copy, imagery, and sharing methods associated with your campaign. You take the burden of branding away from your sharers, making their job entirely to support, share, and help your campaign grow. Ecommerce Social Media Promotion Toolbox is built for promoting your products on all of your social channels from one dashboard. If you run an Etsy, Shopify, or Storenvy shop, it's a wonderful way to automate and simplify your multi-channel promoting. They make it easy by automatically importing your products, descriptions, and pricing from your store and allowing you to schedule, tag, and automate multiple posts at once.

Even though most of the features are focused around your products, you don't do any product modifications from within the application but rather just use your product information to generate social content. This keeps things clean between your shop and your promotions and succeeds at being an excellent social accounts management solution that happens to be built for online shop owners. There's far more power behind the scenes than their features and "How it Works" pages suggest so I recommend watching their explainer videos and jumping into the free trial to get a real feel for it.


Pluggio Twitter and Facebook Management ToolPluggio is a Twitter and Facebook account management suite that allows you to curate, schedule, and analyze content. One of their most powerful features is the Twitter "Drip" campaigns. Essentially a queue of content / tweets that you setup to run on a schedule, these campaigns are the heart of your time-saving through Pluggio. 

You can also curate content via Twitter / blog searches as well as imported RSS feeds, from which you can edit the tweet, add to a drip feed, schedule, or post instantly. You also have the option to automatically respond to new followers with a DM, keeping your account active even beyond your schedules and drips.


Booshaka Twitter and Facebook Advertising Solution

Booshaka is a customer profile aggregation service that helps you run intelligent social campaigns targeted at your user segments. Sound complicated? It's not really. Setup is fairly straightforward as they have 1-click integrations with Shopify, Facebook, Magento, Mailchimp, and more. From there, you add your Facebook and Twitter advertising accounts to sync the data coming in from all sources into target audiences for your advertising.

Post Scheduling / Automation


Twitterfeed RSS to Social Media Automation

Twitterfeed is a utility that allows you to feed your content (for example, blog posts or any other content that supports RSS feeds) to twitter, Facebook, and other social platforms. It enables publishers to bring content to a wider audience and track the performance through real-time stats. While automating everything can be a dangerous game at times, if used responsibly, Twitterfeed can be an invaluable asset to link your distribution channels.


Freshpost Content Curation and Post Scheduling

Freshpost is a simple content curation and post scheduling solution that will automatically recommend content relevant to your business and help you post it to your social accounts. Choose a few categories that represent the type of content your audience would be interested in, they'll search the internet looking for great content to share with your fans, then post it according to your schedule. You can automate posts for up to a week in advance so just set it and forget it.


Beatrix Social Curation Tool

Beatrix is a curation, scheduling, and automation tool. Input some info about your company or clients target niche and it will help you find, create, approve, and schedule posts for your social accounts. In case you're at a loss for what to say in your tweets, it will also give you copy suggestions. 

You can schedule posts in advance to help top off your queue or publish on the fly but those are just the basics, as Beatrix is full of powerful tools to help you manage your social content. They just recently (Feb 11) put out Beatrix 2.0, which went through an awesome upgrade that includes 25 new features, making it even more powerful than ever.


Edgar Social Content Automation

Edgar is a neat automation tool that helps you both keep track of your previous tweets and re-use your most popular, evergreen content. Create a categorical library of posts sorted by type and tag, then define your posting schedule and what accounts to send to. 

Edgar tracks the posts, their engagement, and will automatically recycle your most popular posts. It has lots of other neat organizational features as well and allows you to manage all of your publishing from one location. If you're a heavy distributor of repeat content, this is a winning solution for managing and classifying your posts.

Follower Management


Followerwonk Twitter Follower Comparisons

Followerwonk helps you explore and grow your social graph through user filtered profile and follower searches. It helps you dig deeper into Twitter's analytics to find who your followers are, where they are located, and when they tweet. It also helps you to find and connect with new influencers in your niche and grab some useful analysis of their networks. I've used it primarily for influencer discovery through bio searches but you can easily do entire audience discoveries through the follower compare feature.


ManageFlitter Twitter Follower Management Tool

ManageFlitter is a powerful follower management and analytics tool for Twitter. With rapid following / unfollowing capabilities that are complimented by robust filtering tools, you can quickly and accurately target users to engage with. In addition to managing your following, you can also post using their optimized "PowerPost" tool. This analyzes your following for when users are online and lets you tweet at the right time to reach your users. Alternatively, you can schedule posts in advance.


SocialRank Twitter Follower Analysis and List Manager

SocialRank helps you organize your followers via sorting and filtering, then save or export them to Twitter & CSV. SocialRank pulls in all of your followers and their profiles and allows you to sort by a mix of reach, importance, engagement, and other filters. You can also target and pin-point your followers by keyword, geographic location, interests, activity, and verification. While you won't be doing any rapid follow / unfollowing with SocialRank, it's one of the few solutions out there that really does custom Twitter list development effectively.

Turn-Key Growth & Managed Accounts


MyTwitterManager Twitter management solution

MyTwitterManager is a fully-managed social media service that helps businesses grow their accounts faster and engage with prospects. They post fresh, quality content regularly to your account and engage users with interest relevant to your niche. This is a turn-key, account management solution that lets you define the overarchine campaign goals, industry, target audience, and similar users. Then the team at MyTwitterManagement creates a custom content marketing and conversion strategy based on the consultation.

Tweet Rocket

Tweet Rocket Managed Twitter Follower Growth

Tweet Rocket works by curating engaging content that's relevant to your niche as well as interacting with influencers in your industry via favorites, retweets, and follows. Everything is algorithmic, but you will have a real human behind the account tweaking it based on your defined campaign so you can be assured that if you aren't getting exactly what you want, they can adjust it for you. 

One of the great things about their service is that all engagement from users is genuine interest in your account or brand. Because you are creating a targeted, industry-specific campaign, results may be slower but are likely to be more genuine.

Fity Social Media

Fity Social Media Social Media Management Outsourcing

Fity Social Media offers a range of services for businesses and brands. While many other solutions offer only engagement, following, and unfollowing, Fity's solutions are true "complete" social account management. With all of their plans, you get a number of posts everyday between 2-5 channels, targeted engagement, and a host of other services that you can add on like ad management, profile design, and more. 

This is all managed by an account manager who is attuned to your brand, industry, and audience. If pricing seems steep, consider all that you are getting and how much time you will save on design, engagement, and management. What really impressed me was the "deliverables" section that details what comes with each plan; there's a lot you get for your spend. If you want turn-key social solutions done right, definitely give them a look.

Social Monitoring & Brand Management


MarketMeSuite Social Inbox for Facebook and Twitter

MarketMeSuite is like your favorite mail client but for social media. It essentially takes your social channels, listens for keywords, mentions, and brand engagement and then classifies those posts into smart inboxes. It's almost a social CRM but not quite, as you don't actually retain your contact profiles in MarketMeSuite but rather, it combines that contact's social metrics and your engagement history for a real-time (and historical) view of the relationship. In addition to this, you can perform filtered, real-time network searches and integrate RSS feeds for scheduling content across all of your connected accounts. It's a powerful dashboard that will quickly become a tab you keep up at all times in your browser to manage all of your social engagement from one place.

Little Bird

Little Bird Influencer Marketing Platform

Little Bird is an influencer marketing and social discovery platform. What does this mean really? It  gives you an impressive suite of search, filter, and analysis tools for narrowing your sights on those perfect users to engage with. What's more, the goal is to help you analyze the ROI and effectiveness of those influencers once found. It's primary function is to build lists for targeting, exclusion, engagement, and more. 

Little Bird is built for larger sets of data and brands that require serious influencer discovery and analysis of their networks. If you're a SaaS businesses or retailer with ecommerce aspirations, you need to think on a more grand scale than brick-and-mortar operations. Little Bird gives you access and control over that type of scale.

Colibri IO

Colibri IO Social Media Listening, SEO, and Monitoring

Colibri IO is an awesome social listening tool with loads of features for SEO, marketing, and competitor research. Colibri IO is centered on tapping into relevant and high value conversations surrounding your brand, competitors, and niche. Their sole function is getting your brand visibility, which is, ironically far more complicated and diverse than it sounds. 

They break their features into three categories:

  • Social Media Listening - which is mostly about keyword / brand monitoring on social channels.
  • SEO Monitoring - focused on SERPs, competitor research, on-page grading, and other optimization fixes
  • Digital Media Monitoring - which is essentially content curation, influencer discovery, and the aforementioned conversation sniping (on blogs, forums, etc)

It's an enterprise-grade solution that fits the budget of small teams and even solo-preneurs. For the price, the features are quite remarkable.

Link Management / Bookmarking


Favatron Twitter Favorite Automation Tool

Favatron is really cool. It's a perfect example of a service built on top of a platform that expands your workflow possibilites endlessly. The concept is this: use Twitter favoriting as a bookmarking service then either read later or automate any number of tasks via and RSS export and available API. 

What's more, if you have a prefered reader / save-for-later service, Favatron integrates with the more popular ones to deliver your starred content to that app. When you favorite a tweet, if it contains a link, it will automatically parse out the link, create a preview, and you can then access it via your RSS feed or the dashboard.

Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet Twitter Promotion Tool

Click to Tweet is a simple service that gives content publishers (bloggers, news pages, and more) the ability to add a "Tweet this" link directly into their content to facilitate social sharing. Click to Tweet is much like a link-shortening service where you have a dashboard and can manage links / destinations / see engagement except that rather than pointing to a location on the web, the shortened link points to a Twitter post popup with your desired share content. It's a simple concept with great execution. 

You can manage everything from one place, organize links into groups and categories, and update the link at any time. Plus, you won't lose that link HTML code that you keep copying and pasting into your WYSIWYG editors. (If that last sentence didn't apply to you, you've likely never run a blog!)


Linkredirector Link A/B Testing and Redirection

Linkredirector gives you un-paralleled control over organizing and making the most out of your links. The product hinges on the ability to change the destination of your links and use the same link to send to multiple locations based on criteria. You can also associate multiple links with the same redirect, so if you wanted to have 5 vanity URLs pointing to 5 locations (but pass through the same filtering) you can! 

I've never seen a solution that does quite what Linkredirector is capable of. From A/B testing based on device to targeting only first time or returning visitors to complete link analytics, you've likely never thought your links could do so much. I can think of at least 10 different uses for this technology in my marketing efforts and they all end with me wanting to change every link I send to one of these.


Hive Link Shortener and Manager

Hive is an excellent social marketers link management solution. One of the really neat (and in my experience, unique) aspects of their link shortening is the ability to add a custom loading or splash page during the redirect process. 

Example: I shorten a link and give it to you and you click it. At this point, normally it would blank out, load for a few seconds, then dump you on the destination URL. With Hive, that "Blank Out" would be replaced with a branded message, or splash page. 

Can you say subliminal marketing? In addition to this sweet feature, Hive is complete with link grouping, customization, password protection, and engagement analytics. Definitely worth checking out (as it's free to try).

All of these apps are available for further review in our App Marketplace! Check them out, compare them against one another, and check out screenshots on their profiles.

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